8 comments on “Golden Dawn MEP General Giorgos Epitideios Files Lawsuit Against Greek Chief Of Police

  1. The distribution of leaflets about the persecution of Golden Dawn is not an illegal act, it is a legitimate political activity of a legal political party.

    I distrust all these politicians in our Parliament covered with masks that their political parties through their huge scandals brought us in such a financial mess and indebtedness all these years….( the rich and corrupted through their offshores became richer and the poor people became poorer ) and today persistently manipulate our Justice system.
    They are definitely agents of foreign powers like European Bank – Bilderberg group – Trialateral Commision – CFR – DAVOS – NATO – Rotary – Lions and pseudo philanthropic lodges – NGO’s Soros e.t.c under the very well known umbrella of New World Order and globalization of poverty.
    There acts and truth intentions and actions must apocalyptically…. be revealed these agents must be crushed despite their perfidious art and the masks, which they always assume.

  2. Is this the beginning of the end for these “controlled” money worshipping, country destroyers… The Greek police force HAS to have a paid traitor at the top, otherwise much of what is happening in your country doesnt make sense! The Chief of Police,,,, now that does make sense….???

  3. Off-topic question: does anyone here know of any Golden Dawn “headquarter” in the city of Thessaloniki? I will be going there shortly and would gladly like to visit any GD shop or likewise.

    Thanks in advance!

  4. Dear Potts,
    It’s not really that hard to tell. Things i’d say are rather simple in this.
    The police, the army, the supreme courts and all kinds of authorities in a regime thats acts and behaves in this way, getting orders and following them by foreign powers and centers along with the current Greek government, are ALL connected and tied to each other, cooperating and forcing to all states in the west along with many other countries whatever these foreign powers wish, the Zionist Jewish lobby that is.
    The police, the army and justice system are ALL tools and the machine of force of the government, utterly and completely controlled by it.

    The government, the state in other words, is not a seperate ruling authority than other authorities of rule, order and justice such as the chief of police or the courts could be as it SHOULD be in a truly democratic country they ve been preaching to us in a massive scale of”democratic” propaganda for years and decades throughout all of the western “democratic” , pseudo-democratic by all means of course..world..
    It is obvious that the police, the justice system and the army are not individual seperate machines that work for the good of the society and force restoration of justice, transparency and law to the corrupted govenment, as it should happen in a truly control- free elected democratic country of national interest only.

    Do we see this happening?? Of course not.
    On the contrary, they work for The same goal. To force whatever decision is being made from the outside powers, through the government and transform the whole nation progressively into a society of enormoys radical change and decay, (wont say nation since we know by now that’s not whatsoever what the Jews want), a society of psychological sickness, moral pervesion, poisoning of blood with no social and national identity, a mass of human working numbers with no memory of historic and civilization background.

    It is very bright obvious and its becoming even more every day that they have absolutely placed puppets and people of their own in every authority, have no doubt about that, the chief of the police, the high generals of the army and the supreme court are of the same masonic cycle and very connected with the very same people who run the government, its all so disturbingly filthy and deeply corrupted in a regime that its crystal clear it has absolutely Nothing to do with a free democratic transparent state that operates for the national interests and good of the country,
    but has everything to do with the defition of the word junta.

    A full in power hypocritical as hell dictatorship that operates under the International Judaic lobby for the International Jewish plans covered with nice sounding pseudo-moral virtues of homo rights, democracy, law of justice, preserving of sensitive social groups, minorities, equality, freedom of speech etc…it makes you want to laugh ironically while puking.

    Its like those supposedly 3 virtues the whole French revolution was framed from back at the 1700’s, liberty – fraternity – brotherhood, another orange revolution to replace the aristocracy of Europe the Jews as usual organized and backed up, almost all changes, turmoils, revolutions and wars in Europe were carefully planned and orchestrated from the Jews, in order ALWAYS to replace the rulers and authorities of white European countries into people of their own, using nice sounding humanitarian words and virtues like that..to convince the “sheep” (people, civilians) to willingly and without knowing take part into the change of power into the hands of masons who work for the Zionist world order.

    It is all lies lies lies. .terrible evil hypicritical lies. The ultimate betrayal and deceit of the European people..
    Any kind of social or national or political power/party that disturbs the global Zionist hidden operating power and has Managed to stay pure, independent, free and fully awaken to the terrible deceit that is happening to the world from the very old times and decided to act to preserve its own people from the Satan and evilness of the Jewish interests must be either sold out….or destroyed.
    And Golden Dawn is one of it that denies to sell the truth and the right of people to live freely and decently under a truly free and independent sovereign nation that cares, wants to protect and loves its people, this is why we see all these irrational prosecutions and arrests, absolutely illegal that they never make sense I suppose.

    What is really surprising though, is that it has finally gotten so far, their means of national and even global tyrrany and control of every aspect of living has begun to be felt deep, that they must be really terrified of people waking up and finding the strength to aside with nationalistic political parties ! Be it Golden Dawn in Greece, maybe other similar genuine nationalistic parties in Europe or Europeans sympathizing with Golden Dawn’s words of truth !!
    They wont allow not even leaflets and flyers of a legal political opposition party such as GD being handed to tourists who visit Greece, informing them about what is really happening in Greece and they proceed to arrests!
    This is really amazing…they must be really disturbed and terrified!

    • Sir, you made an excellent point. Disturbed and terrified they may be and as long as GD is a deterrent to their evil ways and corruption … we have some hope!

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