3 comments on “We Salute The 4th of August!

  1. Thank you for remembering to honor this great man! Without him, victory on the Hellenic/Albanian border would have been impossible! He prepared us for a mighty conflict and said something so simple yet so brave, something our current our spineless and treacherous politicians would never be able to muster the courage to say in a thousand years: “OXI!”

    Of course, the supposedly good powers of the time were sadly undermining us. In addition to the lies being made about this great man from our own nation (which the article here mentions), we must also point out the devious minds of the British Empire who likely assassinated him just to get us to fight for their perverted cause. For those of you that don’t know, Metaxas was always interested in staying neutral. If he had lived, we would have made peace with the Italians and avoided a conflict with the Germans. We may not have exactly joined them in the conflict against Communism (though I would like to imagine that we would have), but we could have at the very least not weakened the Germans in their struggle against the true evil of the USSR.

    But the British would not have this. They likely murdered Metaxas just so they could replace him with someone willing to fight on their side. Yet another example of the selfish nature of the British Empire.

    Metaxas is one of the few truly good leaders of our history and he earns himself a spot alongside the likes of King Leonidas, Kolokotronis, Bouboulina and many others! But the same people who try to distort the facts of the 4th of August would never admit this. Hell, if any of these great people were alive today, they would probably just scream and freak out about how they dare to love their nation and call them Neo Nazis.

    But so long as true sons of Hellas live, and we always will, the truth will never be erased!


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