19 comments on “The Greek Diaspora and “Democracy” In Greece Today.

  1. “In North Korea or Saudi Arabia, Illegal Aliens are not permitted to run around raping, robbing and selling goods in broad daylight untaxed while police sit there staring at them drinking coffee. Political oppression of citizens in these countries may exist but law and order exists across the board. No illegal activity of ANY kind is permitted in these countries. Greece is probably the only country on the planet where the state ignores just about every illegal activity you can imagine while at the same time behaving like an oppressive dictatorship when it comes to a LEGAL political party like Golden Dawn. All of a sudden with Golden Dawn the police put down their Greek coffees and magically decide to act like North Korean police ordered to arrest at once anybody who speaks against the regime.”

    The late Sam Francis called it anarcho-tyranny. Of course It exists in somewhat more disguised form in US, Western Europe and Australia.

  2. Another brilliant article. Well Done. The picture – as a Greek and a Greek woman horrifies me! How did this happen. It has been 10 years since I have visited Greece, before that, I had spent a year and was lucky to work as a teacher at a frontistirio and had grown to love Greece dearly (despite the difficulties of actually living in Greece). I think of my hard working students and am angry at how the so called ‘Greek’ government has betrayed them. The situation illustrates that Greece is not controlled by Greeks – I say this to people all the time and they look at me incredulously. But it isn’t. Please keep up the good work!

  3. Good article, George.

    I don’t know about North America, but in Australia, most Greeks have no clue who our community ‘leaders’ actually are. If you asked a Greek-Australian who was the head of AHEPA, Australian Hellenic Council etc, they would have not only have no idea who they are, but would of never heard of these associations in the first place.

    Yet these so called ‘community leaders’ are supposed to represent us and speak on our behalf. They’re nothing more than greedy Zionists shills who some how think their wealth qualifies them for the role of community leader. Just money hungry prostitites, they’ll sell their own mothers for a quick buck.

  4. George, an article of passion written from the heart! We, the europeon people really must wake up soon before this zionist cancer destroys our countries and our childrens future, there end game does not bare thinking about…!!!

  5. As a Greek born in New York I applaud the existence of Golden Dawn and its New York presence. At last there is a group that speaks for us. The Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America has for decades been controlled by a money hungry cabal with Father Karloutsos pulling the strings acting like a mafia don taking orders from the plutocrats in gov’t in Greece and by its rich Jew puppet masters. The “Greek lobby” ? A self serving bunch of American rich men who hob nob with rich Jews, inter marry with rich Jews, and are invisible to common Greeks and a failure on all fronts regarding Hellenic National issues. What you wrote about the lost generation of Greek-Americans is so true.

  6. I also wanted to tell our Australian brothers that likewise the average Greek on the street in America has no clue as to the names of our so-called “Hellenic Leaders” here in America. What a joke, a true leader is never self-appointed or in their case self-annointed. Who died and made them king in other words? lol

    BTW, I came across a recent establishment news article that admits to a dramatic increase in illegal border jumpers into Greece this year. What they omit is that this time period is almost parallel to the gov’t arrests of Golden Dawn in Greece.

    “Figures show a clear growth trend. In the first seven months of the year, Greek authorities arrested 15,104 undocumented migrants trying to enter the country via Turkey, marking a 143.6 percent increase over the previous year.” : http://www.ekathimerini.com/4dcgi/_w_articles_wsite1_1_02/08/2014_541909

  7. Another great article guys!

    Here in New Zealand, a modern nation built almost exclusively by white europeans, we have a general election next month. Here are 2 pictures showing disgusting election signs for “New Zealand” politicians that are going up all round my city. Many of them are like the first where English is obviously shown as a second language in smaller type.

    The National Party led by JEW John Key (his mother is a full-blooded JEW) has been steadily selling off public assets & allowing large private holdings, especially the largest farms, to all be sold off to China during its last 2 terms in government. The Act party says it will sell EVERYTHING off as “the government has no right owning any assets” – guess who the buyer will be?! We are in the midst of a massive chinese takeover in this country as they have been the largest number of immigrants allowed in by both the 2 major party governments over the last decade. Chinese now make up the vast majority of home buyers in the largest city Aucklnad & elsewhere. In order to make sure they win bids on houses they simply outbid all other home buyers even if that means paying more than the house is worth and hence hiking up the average house prices so that “average New Zealanders” can’t afford them. Most European New Zealanders are blissfully unaware of the situation and buy completely into the multicult BS they are constantly fed even when half the signs going up in parts of their cities are in chinese with some English if you’re lucky. Yes, our sheep are as brainwashed as any sheep in European countries!!!

    • In Australia we dont hear much news at all from Greece.Except some time ago when G.D made it on the news.
      Infact most wouldnt even have a clue about G.D either , its not really on the radar.Same goes for the issues facing Greeks in Greece.
      We do have some good Greek festivals that always have a good turn out of Greeks.
      It would be good to see a G.D. set up a stall to raise awarness to the real problems facing Greece and gaining more support from Australia.
      Maybe even distribute flyers if it is allowed by organisers.If not , just place them on parked car windshields, under the wipers.
      Just some thoughts.
      Onward and Upward G.D

  8. It is both a tragedy and a disgrace what has become of some of the Hellenic Americans. My family are fairly recent compared to some of the other immigrant families and it shows. Now there were definitely good ones of course but many of the early Greek immigrant families treated us “new arrivals” like shit. They acted like smug, rich assholes and didn’t acknowledge any of our shared history. Apparently for some, a pile of green paper is all it takes to forget the Patrida. Most of them at this point have betrayed there blood and turned to none Hellenics. Though I suppose it is fitting that those of a corrupted and discarded loyalty also mongrolize and destroy their genetics. To truly be a Hellenic, one requires not only the pure blood but a unwavering devotion to their race and their nation.

    It is a tragedy but there is a glimmer of hope, a reason for all this. Natural selection is known to kill off the weak and undesirable, the parasites and the disloyal. To be the race we are today, many of our kin had to die. Weakness was constantly being removed. The mongrolizing we witness is yet another step of that. Those that choose to mix will be identified and separated from the true Hellenics. Those that stay loyal to the blood of their ancestors will be the future of the race our ancestors fought to the death to preserve and strengthen. Let the snakes that lead the so called “Greek-American Organizations” have this day. We are the tomorrow. No amount of Dollars or Euros will save them from their race suicide. Or the hell that awaits them later on.

    • In New York there is a very strange phenomenon where some Greeks here only hang out with other Greeks, belong to some kind of Greek society, try to only speak Greek at home. Participate in parades and cultural events, it’s like they go out of their way to be “as Greek as possible”. Yet they are against Golden Dawn and only interested in their business and money connections.

      This is really really baffling, because they go through all the “hellenic community” exhibitions and everything, way more fanatically than any Golden Dawner saying they want to preserve tradition, yet it seems they want to preserve everything but Greece itself.

      • I can identify with some of what you say because i saw that when i tried once in participate in the organized greek american community. my only explanation is that they try to isolate themselves and perhaps think of themselves as microcosms of the plutocracy in Greece. In fact, if you dig deep you will find that many of the parade organizers etc are dually party activists/supporters of ND, and a smaller contingent is pro-PASOK. On the other hand, and I don’t mean to be offensive or disrespectful, it seems very hard to become a member of Golden Dawn. How do you go about it?

  9. Anastasis, thank you for your comments. I have a young family and we live in an apt in a neighborhood where many of the old Greeks are multimillionaires and own apt buildings and give their spoiled kids expensive cars etc YET they treat us a family thats racially pure like shit. Meanwhile, their spoiled kids are marrying and disgustingly interbreeding with filipinos , mexicanos, and dominicanos. Go figure. But like you said “hell awaits” them, they are all getting their just desert through their mongrelized descendents. They can have slantey eyed and shit skinned grad kids who they brag can recite the “pater emon” but are as they know deep down genetic shit.

    • Hi. It is very sad to see so many Greeks mixing with non Europeans. Here in Australia we are seeing many Greek men bringing their little orientals to Church with their children, but it is not the children’s fault. I feel sorry for them to be honest with you. It seems to be assimilation is doing more to destroy the Greeks than 400 years of Turkish occupation.

      • In the West, the Greek diaspora is in bulk lost to assimilation and post-modern attitudes towards racial miscegenation. Meanwhile, the Greek diaspora who lived racially intact for centuries in Islamic countries like Egypt or Turkey had to be genocided or pushed out.

        In Greece itself, only a decade ago it was rare for Greek girls to walk hand-in-hand in the street with their Negro mates, now its more common and we even have the phenomenom of Greek girls in Greece marrying urine-colored Egyptians, Pakis etc and converting to Islam. One particularly disgusting case is this one where she even got fawned over by the vile Mega channel and she married a well known , butt ugly, Egyptian muslim activist in Greece. (Check out GREEK LADY CONVERT TO ISLAM W/ ENGLISH SUBTITLES:

        Some may recognize this Greek lady’s Egyptian Muslim husband –he is often on Greek Tv as a Muslim activist. He’s well known for inciting a Muslim riot in Athens a few yrs ago against Greek police for their alleged tearing of a Koran in search of illegal drugs. ( Check out Muslim Riots in Athens, Greece w/ this same Muslim activist making allegations against Greek police)

    • First, I want to thank both you and the moderator (xaameriki) for your responses and apologize for this late reply and I do hope you will see this.

      @xaameriki: The only Greek culture they want to preserve is saying “OPA” while marketing Gyros and Greek yogurt to foolish tourists at festivals. I myself have never been to New York (I am on the west coast in California) but I did get a glimpse of what it was like a month or two back when you revealed the truth about the cast of the “documentary” by Richard Ledes.

      @Hellenic Nationalist: As I said, I live in California and I have seen Hellenics waste their good blood on many varieties of scum, but it is predominantly Mexicans that they choose. I will never understand what they see in those spics. I have seen (and now I understand you have seen) what this oh so wonderful multiculturalism results in and it is more or less how you described it: they are trading in their beautiful almond eyes for hideous squinting ones and our white but bronzing skin for a mud colored abomination.

      But what really got to me was the video you posted. I have seen and been disgusted by the interbreeding that we both just mentioned but that may be the most depraved of them all! Our ancestors fought to the death to be free from Muslim savages and yet here this poutana is CHOOSING to join their idiocy and waste herself on a piece of dogshit, barbarian scum! And she is such a beautiful woman! For the love of god, why?!?!

      I am thankful that you posted the video as we all need to understand the genocide that is being perpetrated against us but my god I still feel like I need to throw up.

      • @Anastais, Yes it is disgusting but thanks for watching the video and pls let other Hellenic Nationalist know of it–we cannot be the proverbial ostrich with its head in the ground. As vile as it is , the cancer is spreading fast.

  10. Well I can see how it works with many people because I see it here in New Zealand – I call it “fake nationalism”. In this country everyone is encouraged to be supportive of everything the country does “in the name of NZ” but for most it means simply supporting your national sports teams and for others it means competing as a NZ businessman on the world market. It’s really just a fake modern form of identity that is encouraged in place of REAL Nationalism (with a capital ‘N’).

    To continue from my last comment here is a really great little picture & article that just popped up on 6 Aug 2014 that is a perfect example that at least some people here in New Zealand know what’s REALLY going on. Please check out the picture as it’s funny as hell –


    Under the picture it says –

    “New Zealand’s Jewish prime minister, John Key has had one of his billboards in Auckland defaced. John Key is the leader of the so called “National Party” who’s policies include flooding New Zealand with non European immigrants as well as selling large amounts of farm land to the Chinese.”

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