8 comments on “Proposed “Anti-Racism” Bill Does Not Include Denial of the Greek or Armenian Genocides

  1. Absolutely ridiculous! The Holohoax didn’t even happen while the other genocides did! Another example how Jews and their shills flip the truth upside down!!

  2. More and more as time passes it becomes obvious that the Jewish “Holocaust” story is changing. The legends of Jews being made into soap, lamp shades and steamed alive like lobsters have all been dropped. Basically, all of these laughable false allegations were presented at Nuremberg to make a case for “genocide” And after years of investigation the Jews have stopped talking about these ridiculous and laughable allegations. I guess this is how Greek schoolchildren today waste their time listening to tall tales about Jewish suffering. Oi Vey! lol! Don’t laugh ! The teleprompter says “CRY!” for the Jewish suffering of 70 years ago or go to jail today in the new EU or E-Jew.

  3. The ever acerbic Jews manage to put anti-Israel activism under the “Holocaust denial” banner. The Samaras crack down to come on anti-Israel flyering in central Athens is not far behind. Greek “democracy” under the new anti-racist bill must mean whatever David Harris of AJC and Abe Foxman of ADL and billionaire Ron Lauder deem kosher on their visits to Greece. Greece:
    The future Miami beach for Isra-HELL: http://www.jpost.com/Opinion/Columnists/The-Gaza-war-and-the-new-Holocaust-revisionism-369579

  4. The reason they need Holocaust denial laws is because the Holocaust has already been proven to be at best wildly exaggerated. For now , the laws have been implemented strategically in places that are vital to investigation as to what really happened in WWII (Germany, Poland, France, etc), but one day they will use the state to crush all skepticism about the Hollywood-created atrocity propaganda of people being put in ovens alive and Zyklon-B (which was a standard issue de-lousing agent on the US-Mexican border before WWII) killing millions.

    Jews have the money and influence to crush anyone opposing them. But is it wise for us to defer power to the kind of people who praise and apologize for the actual murders and ethnic cleansing of women and children? These are sick people who shouldn’t be anywhere near the levers of power, much less monopolizing it.

    • Edward, true so true. Their Hollow Cause also is used as a rallying call for mass non-white immigration and even “gay liberation” (!) Its also used to brainwash Europeans in Europe and around the world to feel ashamed to be Nationalist (!) The Croatian-American intellectual Tomislav Sunic said it best, basically the post WWII EU is built on the ossuary , in other words the ash-tray of Aushwitz “On the ossuary of Auschwitz, few indeed were willing to rave publicly about the romantic ideas of 19th century poets and princes, whose idyllic escapades gave birth, a century later, to an unidyllic slaughterhouse.” (THE DECLINE & SPLENDOR OF NATIONALISM by Tomislav Sunic)

  5. I also shared this news on social media of what the so called tolerant criminal Jew lobby is attemtin to foist on the beautiful country of Greece which gave us our Western civilization thanks to heroic deeds of great soldiers like King Leonidas Mank thanks to Golden Dawn for exposing this criminal proposition

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