11 comments on “Artemis Mattheopoulos Released From Jail!

  1. Like cracks in a damn, the pressure is starting to build on the Samaras-Venizelos Junta and soon they will be too numerous to fix. Can you all imagine, how foolish… well how much more foolish they will look when it comes to light for all (not just to us, the most devout of nationalists) that the accusations, the arrests, and the “defense of democracy” by New Democracy were all just a sham! Maybe they can hide this first one for a time but as the the lies against the movement as a whole are revealed, what will the state run media do then? How will they ever be able to explain how the supposedly evil Michaloliakos and his “criminal organization” are not guilty of anything but loving and guarding the country? This has been a difficult year for Chrysi Avgi, but once the government’s little charade is over, we will have the last laugh.

    And to quote the gentleman above me: “ΖΗΤΏ Η Η ΕΛΛΆΣ, ΖΗΤΏ Η ΧΡΥΣΉ ΑΥΓΗ”

  2. I hope that they are all released soon but from what was revealed in the Baltakos tapes it seems Samaras also wanted the jailings in hopes that voter support for GD would fall and his party will pick up those “votes on the right” Its amazing that regular Greek citizens have not protested the jailings of elected MPs for the past 7-9 months now. Even in third world countries I’d have imagined a protest from common citizens or for citizens to take to the streets. Also the fact that a majority in parliament voted to violate the constitution. Isn’t there a “supreme court” of some sort in Greece gov’t to challenge the legality of such a move? What would happen if the majority in parliament just votes that any non-white in Greece or any non-white that could sail in or crawl in becomes an instant Greek citizen with voting rights? What then? Anything is possible there it seems?

  3. Congratulations! Well deserved release after a long, false imprisonment based on false charges and hollow evidence. The article did not state the appellate court’s reasoning behind the release or whether the charges have been dismissed. Could you supply these? If the release was based on a lack of evidence, all charges should likewise be released as should the charges against all imprisoned GD members. Best wishes. Free the remaining falsely imprisoned members of Golden Dawn!!

  4. Good news indeed patriots, the conspiracy is starting to unravel..No news in the “controlled” press about this is to be expected but you can be assured that the filth, the controlled editors of those rags, are starting to soil there underclothes…!

  5. With the breaking news of yet another American celebrity committing suicide or drug overdosing . this morning news broke out all over the Western world, comedian actor Robin Williams committed suicide. It seems XA is the last and only contingent living for something beyond money and going to jail for its beliefs.

  6. Goerge Orwell once quoted “People who vote for a corrupt government are not victims … they are advocates and supporters of them.” (i.e. these corrupt governments)

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