22 comments on “VIDEO: BLATANT HYPOCRISY Tsipras the Atheist goes to Mount Athos to pretend to support Orthodoxy!

  1. Well I’m going to have to agree with Mr Tsipras that the average greek is a complete moron it’s been proven over and over to us in the past years..unfortunately Tsipras will win the national elections, and then the Greek religion will be totally dismantled, that is what his visit to mount Athos is all about…religion, language ,flag ,history anything Hellenic will be wiped out……thanks to the majority of RETARDED VOTERS. the disease has to be cured from the inside out… for Greeces’ outcome it’s not only our sell out politicians, and ZIONIST jews,, that did the damage to our nation the biggest blame falls on the Greek population or voters…

  2. I agree with Kon . How can you respect a voting public that only a few yrs ago voted like 40 something percent for George/Jeffrey Papandreo(stein) ?

  3. Ah, isn’t it wonderful that Tsipiras all of a sudden saw the light of God? Truly amazing timing! Especially considering that they posted a picture of Mao shattering a cross with a hammer a few years ago.

    And to the two people above me, yes we have a large amount of foolish voters in our nation. Going back further, they are the same people that also voted in the yes-men of ND that gave us all the wonderful pensions which they never explained the cost to. Then after a brief break with Pasok, they voted the same sons of whores back in.

    But lets not insult the entirety of the Hellenic voting mass. After seeing both their children and themselves starving, many have learned a thing or two and are now rightfully seeing Chrysi Avgi as the last best hope for Hellas. Lets also keep in mind that not all the voters are Hellenic at all, as many treacherous parties have forced multiculturalism into our nation. Take the the Greek communist party for instance (KKE). If you have ever seen their rallies, they are composed almost entirely of middle eastern trash! There leaders are of course Greek but their ranks are filled with Pakistanis.

    But as I have said before I will say again: the difference between Chrysi Avgi and other parties is that members of our party are devout and strong willed. Parties like New Democracy and Pasok are fast fading away, Syriza is an abomination of a coalition party, and then shit like “To Potami” are just another dumb political fad. None of these parties could have survived the onslaught Chrysi Avgi went through (and is going through).

  4. He’s not only pretending friends with the supreme sacred people of Orthodoxy (Ayio oros monks) now, but he’s been trying to build good bridges of communication and show unexpected surprising sympathy to the Greek police and the army lately as well!.

    It is well known that the far deep hypocritical and irrational expression of Europe’s organized left now a days with the name “Syriza” in Greece, has not been afraid to show open opposition to “old” and “outdated” “idiotic” faith in the Christian God and religion and also tremendous discomfort and hatred to the armed authorities of Greece, such as the cops, army, any defense mechanism of the Greek society to preserve peace,safety, law and order.

    Now Tsipras apparently gets instructions from the Zionist filthy pigs in the U.S. to play the game differently, embrace the church, the army, the cops etc. to collect the last votes from the typical conservative patriotic average Greeks..who still wouldn’t trust to vote for Golden Dawn and they are not sure for Tsipras national defense and religious feelings.

    Pfff. The well organized Judaic system is showing the “symptoms”. Elections are coming in Greece soon

    • MK. “Tsipras gets instructions from the ZIONIST filthy pigs in the U.S.” TSIPRAS MY DEAR AGONIST HE IS A JEWISH COCKEROACHE …

      • Tsipras is a Jew by blood? Interesting.
        I always thought he has the face of a Greek garbage trash traitor “magkas” piece of shit in the most vivid ways by family tradition, but if you say so… you must know something better.

        Let me tell you. I heard that his father , Tsipras the older, has worked in the past for Papadopoulos regime , the so called “junta” as it was labeled by the leftist “democrats” who occupied and bankrupt our country since 1974.

        His father, Tsipras the older, was a civil engineer and worked under Papadopoulos reconstruction of the country. His father made a toon of money, benefit by Papadopoulos generosity and disciplined spirit to establish a strong productive independent nation.

        Now the son all of the sudden suffers of amnesia for all the above…and joined the revolution of the left and the “supreme morality” of leftist anarchism…lately he decides to be more of left-central, understanding that the church and the police/army are important and necessary aspects of the Greek people’s society, worth of attention and respect.

        If hypocricy, immorality and hateful deceit had a face and a name, that would be Tsipras by all means, Jew or non Jew.

        Not meaning to sound that violent..i’m not really like that as a person, but I truly believe he deserves public execution first.. as an example of what the fate will soon be for all the others for national treasury.

  5. Dear Golden Dawn NYC.

    We today published a comment from a greek living in Sweden, that claims that he is a former member of Golden Dawn, and now a member of “Patriotic Front”.

    He made a comment at our webpage two days ago that got some notice on Swedish forums etcetera. Maybe you could read it and write a response?

    For instance he makes these claims:

    “This rabid and destructive type of chauvinist nationalism has finally led to the rejection of a collaboration with Alexander Dugin with the premise that he is an ally of Turkey, instead chose GG to cooperate with the psychopathic half-Jew and Liberal Democrat Zhirinovskij, reason? Because he at least wants to take over Turkey and establish Constantinople as an orthodox model and ‘wash their boots in the Black Sea’.”

    Here is the article (it translates good with google translate): https://www.nordfront.se/insandare-en-annan-syn-pa-gyllene-gryning.smr

    Here is a google translation of the article: http://pastebin.com/CbBFzYq5

    We would ofcourse feature your reponse as an big article on our webpage.

    Best wishes from Sweden

    • This is certainly a very interesting claim this Greek from Sweden is making. We have never heard of a Group in Greece called “Patriotic Front” that this man supposedly belongs to. Perhaps it is a bad translation.

      In any case, we would have to look at the person making these claims with suspicion. First, he is claiming to be a former member of Golden Dawn without giving details of who he is, all we can do is look at his opinions and claims to try to get a picture of his true political motivations.

      While none of us have been to Sweden here in Golden Dawn New York, a few of us have heard things about Greeks living in these countries, particularly Scandinavia that they become poisoned with some of the same type of leftist ideology poisoning scandanavians. The combination of that with living relatively comfortably in a social welfare state makes Nationalistic minded Greeks coming out of these places extremely rare, much more rare than in New York.

      That in mind we have heard that some of these leftist Greeks in places like Sweden and Germany make company with Turkish and other immigrants and become friends, they begin to develop ideas and behavior that we find disgusting and treasonous.

      Reading deeper and judging by what this person is claiming, leads us to believe that this is one of these types of people and that he was never a very active or hardcore member of Golden Dawn, assuming he was a member at all.

      His claims also lead us to believe that he comes from a Greek communist background, in Greece unlike in Sweden many communists see themselves as “Patriots”. And it is likely in Sweden he has a few Turkish friends who he believes are not bad people (easy to think when you live well in Sweden and make good money as a leftist).

      It seems he wants to tailor his ideology to fit his own lifestyle in Sweden which is why he rejects Golden Dawns position on Turks. He makes two claims which lead us to this conclusion.

      The first claim is that because some Turks on the western coast of Turkey were or still have some Greek descent, we shouldn’t attack them just because they are Muslims today. (Athiestic/Communist Greek opinion) The second is he mentions the Greek army’s attempt to take the lost Greek homelands on what is now the western coast of Turkey was wrong and in fact a sort of “capitalist conspiracy” backed by foreign powers. (This was the Greek Communist party’s position during that time)

      His claims about what Golden Dawns position is on Russia are inaccurate. He also wrongly compares Golden Dawn to Svoboda in Ukraine which is not very close to Golden Dawns Ideology at all.

      Golden Dawns main goal is to open up relations with Russia in order to open up alternative sources of energy and trade that Greece has been repeatedly cut off from due to the US and Israel controlling Greeces policy for decades. Golden Dawn has never openly backed one Russian politician over another, it has merely reported on it’s talks with Russia on those issues.

      So, we hope that this clears up and sheds light on what this “Greek Patriot” in Sweden is claiming, now that you can understand more about the political realities of Greece and Greeks living abroad.

  6. Hmm. Last comment came out strange. I try again:

    In the pastebin link it says anti-semitism when it actually should say anti-turkism. This is the correct translation:

    “but it is anti-TURKISM and Turkish resistance against the Turks who had been the party’s most important propaganda”

    Google translate messed it up a bit


      • There are actually people fighting the zionists here in Sweden. We got this puppet regime of Bilderbergs that are flooding our country with immigrants and a totally kosher media.

        We have some 10 — 15% of the population (somewhere around that) now making resistance by voting against massive immigration. Non-jewish alternative media is also on the rise (bigtime).

        So yeah. I know that Sweden has a bad reputation, but you should realize that not al of the population is liberal retards. 🙂 We have supported Golden dawn very much since the struggle against international jewry is a global one.

        Best wishes.

  7. I think the group itself is fishy. It sounds like one of those CIA ops used in the Ukraine to mask American-Zionist schemes under the banner of “Eurasian Nationalism” As for the comment from I think the *xaameriki* moderator that he probably comes from a communist background (if he exists at all in the real world) I’d like to remind us that many Greek Nationalists , including prominent ones , have come from that but through introspection and research come to their own conclusions on their political ideology. A belief system is not something thats necessarily inherited, although in the parochial society in Greece its often the case that one adopts his parents and grandparents party loyalty–to PASOK/Papandreo, ND/Karamanlis, the Venizelos/PASOK/Greeny left etc etc. Here’s an interesting TV inerview where Γιώργος Γερμενής admits that his own family were not only communists but that his granpa fought in the mountains as a communist! Yet he managed to convert his entrie family to Nationalism: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3_Ka1dCEog0

  8. demons and traitors like tsipras and others must be charged for treason selling their countrys sovereignty to the imf

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