5 comments on “Legal Bribes: Greek Government Gives Massive Salary Increase To “Independent Judiciary”

  1. Exactly what’s going on…I’ve did mention this before..crooks and thieves are always a step ahead… that’s exactly how they are going to try eliminate GD…..I ASK CAN’T PEOPLE OF THIS NATION SEE WHOS RIGHT AND WRONG FOR THEM????? I THINK ITS A LOOSING BATTLE THE MAJORITY OF THE VOTERS ARE RETARDS, AND THERE RIGHTS FOR VOTING SHOULD BE REVOKED …

    • Kon, as I’ve mentioned in previous comments, there is a large majority of the Greek population who are easily brainwashed by the corrupt media/government etc and who have easily forgotten their past and history. In conclusion some neo Greeks have gone ga ga!! Unfortunately. Thankfully, others such as myself included have woken up from this nightmare we have been living for the past 40 years!

    • I sincerely doubt that these things happen in another country. The very known Langard list with thousands of politicians and citizens that have tax evated and funneled millions of $$$
      ( off shore banking ) and the financial political scandals before our eyes………… are still pending. !!
      Old Democracy has been ruined and definitely lost.
      Where is our Justice system ?
      To have a correct and fair Justice system we need:
      A full indipendency and release of our Justic system from the governmental tangles – whims and wishes.
      We can not have Judges selected and appointed not based to their experience but appointed according to their political views and ideologies.
      Judges elected not according to the old Archaic – Athenian principal electoral system.
      Today because of this present social inequality and injustice of well leaving between rich and poor ……..nobody trusts believe our Justice system.

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