6 comments on “A Centuries Old Struggle- Judaism In The Hellenistic Period

  1. Unfortunately this book is not accurate. Jews are not Semites.
    They are not descendants of Shem. They are not the descendants of Jacob.

    “Strictly speaking it is INCORRECT to call an Ancient Israelite a Jew or to call a contemporary [modern] Jew an Israelite or a Hebrew.” (1980 Jewish Almanac, p. 3)

    H.G. Wells states – “… the Idumeans (Edomites) were made Jews, and a Turkish people (Khazars) were mainly Jews in South Russia, The main part of Jewry never was in Judea and had never come out of Judea” (The Outline of History, 3rd Edition., p 494)

    “The {MODERN} Jewish religion is from the Pharisees. The Talmud is the most important member of that literature.” – Universal Jewish Encyclopedia, Volume 8, page 474

    “from then on Edomites constituted a part of the jewish people, Herod being one of their descendants”, The Standard Jewish Encyclopedia, 1966 Doubleday & Company, Inc , Garden City, New York, Pg. 592.

    Read your Bible.

    Did Jews ever become many great nations?
    Where did the Apostles go on Christ’s instructions?


  2. Jews claim they were abducted into Europe by the Romans, when in fact only about 30-40 jews were captured and enslaved after a rebellion. Josephus is the main source cited for the 95,000 number, but he was a jew. The reality of the ‘jewish diaspora’ is that the jews were invited into european countries to be bankers and tax collectors, etc., by the ruling elite. The notion that the jews were ‘slaves’ who were forced into Europe is pure apocrypha.

    It’s great to see GD elucidate the difference between antisemitism and anti-judaism, as the jews like to hide behind the former when in fact people despise them out of the latter; judaism is a choice and set of values. The jews try to claim they’re being ‘discriminated against’ for something they can’t control which is why they decry ‘antisemitism’ all the time. That way their choices and values can’t be scrutinized and judged, at least in their minds.

    But the true liberators of Europe know better.

  3. GTRman says:
    September 4, 2014 at 10:01 pm
    This one’s for you, Joan:

    “I DID Survive, Oi Vey” (revised)

    “First I was a shade, I was thus deified
    I knew my Tribe and I could never thrive
    without this massive lie

    I spent Oy Vey so many nights
    plotting how to do Goyim wrong
    and I grew strong!
    My rotten flesh would carrion!

    So now Im back! (disco beat)
    Eternal jew
    Im still that fucked-up bitter twisted
    whining phoney ass hebrew

    I learned to cut my stupid locks
    and hide my tell-tail beany hat
    If you’d have known for just one second
    I was a kike
    You’d smell a rat

    So, let’s ignore
    and all the millions of non chosen cattle
    killed in jewish wars

    I was the one you tried to save
    through Jesus Christ
    But I am of my foul father and
    so it’s no fun being “nice”

    No, I wont go,
    Im here to stay,
    as long as I can fool the Goyim
    I will prey and pray
    That they dont wake up from the slumber of the dead
    If they knew for just one second what Ive done

    It took all the guile I had to tear your world apart
    Kept trying’ hard to fuck the White race and to break their heart
    And I spent oh so many nights
    Just feeling sorry fore my skin
    I used to cry
    But if its anal, then I’m in!

    Can you see me, some whiney jew
    I’m still that hook-nosed little pervert counting shekels ,
    taxing you
    And so you felt like saying “NO”!
    And just expect me to be agree
    Ive got news for you Goyim
    “Over my dead body!”

    I DID survoive, oy vey, kvetch, whine, etc, to fade ”

    Inglorius Gaynorm – I DID Survive

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