11 comments on “Are They Changing Our Flag?

  1. This is no news…its been in the works for awhile… Instead of complaining about it what are we going to do about it?????? I’LL TELL YOU NOTHING ABSOLUTLY NOTHING……WE WILL SWALLOW IT JUST LIKE THE REST OF THE BULLSHIT……YOU KNOW WHY???? BECAUSE WE DO NOT POSSESS THE BALLS OF OUR ANCESTORS…. SIMPLY REALITY.

  2. I’m not even Greek and I’ve developed a deep respect and I guess an odd attachment to the flag of Greece . Samaras, Soros & Co. might as well replace the cross with the sign equivalent of the greek ‘dollar.’

    • Or the Star of David. Same thing at the end of the day.

      As for the topic itself: I actually encourage them to change the flag. It will make it all the easier to single out the traitors who have adopted the standards of a sellout government while the true nationalists wave the flag of our fathers. And when they are at the end of their power, they won’t be able to hide even under false patriotism. When the time for justice comes, they will try to claim that they too love the nation, at which point we will point at their false flag and say “You betrayed our nation long ago.”


  3. If the Greek government intends to “homogenize” the Greek flag by eliminating the cross, why does it need a national flag at all – just fly the same multicultural clown picture of Ronald Mcdonald that will appear in all European countries.

  4. On further hearing Soufaniakis claims that the separation of church and state requires a national flag without a cross as happened in the US, England, etc. The American revolution was a new flag which arose out of a post-Medieval, secular revolution so it never bore a cross. The English flag has two (2) crosses – the Saint Andrews and Saint George crosses overlapping one another. The French flag may not nave a cross but many national emblems bear the fleur de lis (the iris) which is the symbol of the holy trinity. The flags of all Scandanavian countries bear the cross – Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland. What is this man talking about?

    • I suspect it’s because one of the greatest enemies of global Jewry is Christianity and traditional faith into the Christian God and Christ himself as a cultural standard that defines a nation.
      Why do I say that?
      Some years back, a liberal “democratic” central – left party called Pasok was ruling Greece. The prime minister under Pasok was a cryptoJew with the fake surname “Semites” (I know it must sound funny, the surname he picked up actually means a Jew in Greek, his real last name was totally Jewish).
      He managed by continuous literal force and without people’s affirmation or without even asking weather people would like, that or not to completely change our national id card and take out the section referring to the religion status which was and still is very homogenic and by 95% Orthodox Christian to a country of 10million people.
      He made no other changes and by the time this happened this was a huge issue in Greece for the following reasons:
      1. Because Greece and throughout the whole threat of islamization of the 400yrs occupation from Turks was always a quite religious and strongly homogenic country with a very strong Christian identity and a very active role of its church to its national challenges against asian and middle east enemies,
      2. There was absolutely no reason to erase the religion status of these people’s identity out of nowhere…like as if that would serve the need of freedom expression and cultural comfortness of the very few immigrants who lived in Greece at the time and were not Christian and Greek had to declare faithless so these foreigners can feel comfortable living in Greece and being “different”.

      As the wide known filthy vicious Jew-American,Kissinger, once said:
      Greece is a hard country to deal with and Greeks are hard to control due to their anarchist free and strong in culture nature. Therefore the way to make them sell out themselves and control them is to hit and gradually eliminate the 3 substitutes that hold this country together throughout the years, which are homeland, religion and the concept of family. If we start shaking and eventually destroy these 3 factors that glue&keep their society together, we will manage to cobtrol and destroyed the whole country.

      Now all these massive biological and cultural changes the filthy Zionist multimillion Jews and their various employees are trying to bring not just to Greece of course.. but every and each country globally, financing and putting them in massive dept on obe hand , and putting their own people for governors on the other cannot happen as rapidly and abruptly as they would wish, cant happen overnight, but it takes time to socially engineer these changes to countries and especially white Christian countries they absolutely and utterly hate, so now rumors still have it that they are planning out of nowhere to take the cross out, not far in the future they will probably attempt to actually ban the national flags in eu countries and force them to use the common eu stupid flag, as an attempt to globalize us and alienate us even more to our very own national , racial and religious identity.

      • You know it. 2 thumbs up. when are the rest of the idiots come to understand what’s happening?

    • Sure they will hire illegal aliens , very very cheap with no benefits no proper working conditions..EXPLOITATION ….JUST LIKE THEY DID FOR THE 2004 OLYMPICS….. NOW ITS THE PERFECT TIME TO DO THIS…. THEY WILL POCKET MILLIONS….

      • They have changed everything modified everything mutated everything inside – out …a new establishment…the same perennial clientelist style ruling class we always had.
        7.000 suicides
        1,500.000 unemployed
        Employees of the public – private sector salaried with no more than 900 $euro.month
        50% of shops closed
        By the year …2015 we will have in our country more than 6.000.000 refugees.

        They swept statesmen, politicians and journalists all on one side and issued their orders with the imperiousness of absolute monarchs……( since they have imprisoned the 3rd nominal party of the country ) who new that there was no appeal from their ruthless decrees.

        and they proceeding in destroying our last Historic pride through the modification the last country’s symbol …….The Flag !!!

        Definitely There must be a reason for all That !!!

        …..Socialism’s true origin, intent and purpose

        ……The Fabian Society’s links to subversive money interests

        …….The Fabian Society, the Labour Party and Fabian control of the working classes

        Rothschild, Rockefeller and allied interests were the primary moving force behind liberal (i.e., left-wing) initiatives like “free trade,” “world peace,” “universal brotherhood” and “world organisation

        ……….The Fabian Society and World Government


      • Kon the worst of all is that some already suspect it and they know. .but they just don’t care. As sick and heartbreaking as it sounds.. They lost that “pride” and ethical devotion of wanting to be and be called Orthodox Greeks, proud descendants of their ancestors. As long they have good money and a good job and the state takes care of their needs, whats so wrong and sinful to live in a multicultural faithless world with no borders?..

        Others are insanely stupid and unbearably enough idiots to think that it all happens for pure financial reasons in this world! I hear Greeks in Greece trying to preach to me everyday, saying that EVERYTHING in this world happens for financial reasons and can be always justified finamcially and nothing other than that.
        Culture, heritage, history background, especially faith to God and anything healthy that keeps a certain country alive and strong within its own identity and individuality means nothing to them. Those are the typical modern-“democratic”-socialist thinking Greeks.

        They will start suspecting and getting really weak and annoyed eventually!!! Especially a good amount of the younger Greeks..they will face their socialist tolerant parents mistake in a harsh way, and not just in economy..that is happening already,..but in all scales.
        Everything will be in tension, sensitive and like a boiling volcano, looking for reasons to erupt…
        And that’s when the times will be mature enough for drastic and strong changes to be taken..in a whole european level and not just in us in Greece.
        But before that it will take time and more time.
        Its like in an abusive relationship..once the abuse destroyes one’s character and personality, there is nothing to keep you there and bare the wrongs and damaging mistakes of the relationship.

        That’s what I think it’ll be like personally.

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