20 comments on “Anti-Racist Bill Criminalizes Ideas, Not Actions

  1. Just looking at that photo of those two disgusting controlled conspirators must make the blood boil of many many Greek people who see whats in store for them if these people are not stopped and brought to account….In my once safe and Great country the horrors are starting to manifest themselves in that in JUST ONE TOWN ALONE, called Rotherham, over 14 hundred children of eleven and upwards have been gang raped, drugged, torchered, threatened with being set alight, trafficked and murdered and the utter filth such as THE “ESTABLISMENT”, BBC, MPs (LABOUR SPECIALLY) COUNCILLERS, POLICE HAVE LET THIS HAPPEN BECAUSE THEY DIDNT WANT TO BE THOUGHT RACEST AND NOT POLITICAL CORRECT!!! SICKENING UTTERLY SICKENING….Ive left out the people in the background who are pulling the strings, but we all know who “they” are….!!!

    • Good point. If you can please read Richard Littlejohn’s “Britain” and “13 years of labour madness” it all sums it up !

  2. This is upsetting ; B’nai B’rith International has issued the following statement:

    B’nai B’rith International commends the Greek legislature for passing a law strengthening the country’s anti-discrimination laws and making it a crime to deny the Holocaust. This decisive action by lawmakers comes at a time of need as the rise of the neo-Nazi Golden Dawn Party has sparked anti-Semitic and xenophobic crimes throughout the country.

    The law was passed by parliament on Sept. 9 after a year of debate. It increases jail time for offenders from two to three years and sets the fine at $26,000 as the maximum penalty for “inciting acts of discrimination, hatred or violence” based on religion, race or disability.

    This change in policy, updating anti-discrimination legislation passed in 1979, is a positive and necessary step toward tolerance and inclusiveness in Greek society. http://www.bnahttp://www.bnaibrith.org/press-releases/bnai-brith-commends-greek-legislature-for-passage-of-new-anti-discrimination-lawibrith.org/press-releases/bnai-brith-commends-greek-legislature-for-passage-of-new-anti-discrimination-law

    • So now it’s a crime to “deny the Holocaust”. Which Holocaust? Here’s a newsflash for B’nai B’rith: Jews don’t have a monopoly on suffering. The Palestinians can testify to that fact. B’nai B’rith’s entire statement is an Orwellian abuse of language:

      “anti-discrimination” = discriminatory policies against indigenous Greeks
      “anti-Semitic” = anyone wise to the Zionist-plutocratic agenda
      “xenophobic” = patriotic
      “inciting acts of discrimination, hatred or violence” = advocating the preservation of the Greek people
      “based on religion, race or disability” = yet we are constantly told “race does not exist”
      “positive and necessary step” = tyrannical and forced decree to protect the Zionist-plutocrats
      “tolerance and inclusiveness” = White genocide

      We see how “tolerant and inclusive” these hypocritical bastards are when it comes to Palestinians. But the Greeks should submit to their own genocide via a non-White immigration invasion, in the name of “tolerance and inclusiveness”. Yet when it comes to the Jews, they commit genocide and have the chutzpah to call it “self-defense”.

      Of course, the new law doesn’t make sense, but the Zionist-plutocratic dictatorship ruling Greece isn’t interested in “making sense”. All they care about is reducing Greece to an indentured Third World hellhole, so they can exploit it for every penny it’s worth while wiping out the Greek people, and their plan is to use the labels of “racism” and “anti-Semitism” to squelch and imprison any patriotic resistance to their genocidal, bloodsucking schemes.

      Here is something that can be thrown right in their hypocritical, traitorous faces:


      It’s designed to expose these genocidal, anti-White scumbags for what they are.

  3. Marxist commie bitches whine when they think they will have any disruption to their Goyim gravy-train. Listen to the kosher banker moan over Scottish Independence; and it was Rothchild jews that created the depression in 1930s.
    Great Depression
    In other developments, Deutsche Bank’s Mr Folkerts-Landau said it was “incomprehensible” that Scotland was even contemplating withdrawal from the UK.
    The chief economist compared a potential “Yes” vote to the mistakes which led to the Great Depression of the 1930s.
    “A ‘Yes’ vote for Scottish independence on Thursday would go down in history as a political and economic mistake as large as Winston Churchill’s decision in 1925 to return the pound to the Gold Standard or the failure of the Federal Reserve to provide sufficient liquidity to the US banking system, which we now know brought on the Great Depression in the US,” he said.
    Deutsche Bank’s global strategist Bilal Hafeez also said independence would bring a depression to Scotland and possibly the rest of the UK.
    He told Radio 4’s Today it was “very, very difficult” to make a case for Scotland flourishing as an independent country.
    “Essentially the issue is that if Scotland was to break away from the Union, but retain the pound… Scotland would lose control of the pound, it would have to accept whatever monetary policy was set for the rest of the UK. It would not have control of the money supply in the country.

  4. Nothing can stop the will of the Greek people, or of the europeans generally, who Golden Dawn leads in their struggle for liberation.

    Free Europa!

  5. SDU: Salute to the European youth

    A Declaration of War From the Youth of France English subs) YouTube


  6. The Crisis of Civilization – Full Length Documentary Movie HD

    European Nationalists FIGHT for freedom!!!

    The Rise of European Nationalism

  7. Typical ND they’ll sell their soul’s to the devil to keep themselves in power.. this not about bullshit equaility this is about the threat of Golden Dawn.. But the Greek people aren’t stupid people this is blessing in disguise for GD because ND have shot themselves in the foot once again and Tsipras??? He’s an atheist..Didn’t he also have campaigning posters written in turkish at one stage another sellout anything for votes anything victory. ..GD would never take a turkish vote to win they would rather lose.Golden Dawn is the future for Greece they are for the Greek people time will tell..God bless

  8. Is it true the real objective of this ridiculous piece of legislation, is in fact to help rubber stamp building of a plethora of new mosques all over Greece, to serve as centers of organised crime, and especially for mass recruitment and even vetting of fighter volunteers, to be sent to fill the ranks of ISIS in Iraq and Syria?

  9. Good comments here.

    Never ever let this conflict with judea twist our minds or thinking. I am mad as hell too, as many are, and have a right to be. Something you don’t hear about much, but is of the utmost importance: How are we going to clear the millions of turd-world invaders from not only HELLAS — but the whole of Europe and North America?

    Shylock is clever indeed. For thousands of years he has studied race, made money in slaves and gold. While we whites fought and killed in war after war after war, Hymie’s power increased his cash mountain. I have heard estimates of Rothschild wealth standing at $500 Trillion. Sounds about right. At the end of WW2. “Rothschild Banking Trust” money was half the world’s wealth and I recommend a pdf download of ARMSTRONG’s book of the same title. No wonder they were able take Palestine in 1948. The biggest traitors of the 20th Century were Wilson/Truman.

    We, the jew-wise of the blog know there was NO HOLOCAUST.

    A quick read through Richard Harwood’s book proves it along with many many others as the Zundel trial in Canada put one of the last nails in the Holohoax swindle.

    For all the reasons we know are true and too numerous to state here, we can only extend a huge middle finger and point it in the direction of JewYork city to the satanic HQ of the cabalistic cockroach hive that is the NWO Illuminati and scream “Fuck YOU JEW!”

    But as I said before we will need much logic and patience to defeat the architecture of fear. The ADL budget (seen –not the Swiss bank number) is over 60 million a year. Dos kikes iz swimming in shekels, while most of us are starving. B’nai B’rith knows that if it keeps flooding our land with shitskins we will even forget what white is. I feel that I’m one of the last to remember… a white neighbourhood, a white church, grocery store or even street. When I was a kid, you could shop in a mall with almost 100% white –with the exception of a few jews and mestizos, and believe me the spics were always pissed off we had the upper hand. Whitey was so nice too; that’s the thanks we get for being so accommodating…they spit in our eye.

    It going to take huge amounts of blood to defeat (yes this will be the race war) and even kill the millions of nigger/camel-niggers that have flooded in. How? I do not know because it takes crack troops of steel to fight a war…any war. So, we do need anger and a lot of hatred and millions of men strong enough to fight; maybe even our own police and army as they label us “terrorist”

    Finally, I know the German Wehrmacht question is a sensitive one in Hellas and even with some of our Nationalist comrades and I do understand, but know this: Stalin was a brutal cold-blooded white hating crypto-jew who understood one thing–POWER. If Hitler had not destroyed 6 million Russian soldiers and thousands upon thousands of tanks and kosher communist guns we Whites, would have seen the One World Messianic government of Rabbi Reichhorn’s funeral Oration; Judaism, in every capital of Europe by 1950.

    We can all thank God that men like Hitler and many others gave their lives and us a chance to live a few decades more thanks to a shattered Soviet Union. It did not take long for the Hook-nosed Hebrew tyrants to steal the H-bomb secrets thanks to American kikenvermin… No wonder they speed far and wide, like a plague, and the infection is here stronger than ever. One thing is certain: If the khazar jew enemy is ever on the ropes again as it was In 1941 when Hitler could have destroyed Moscow and bought enough time to finish the A4 rocket programme and advanced jet fighters to crush the Judaic Yankee Army/Air Force and knock Britain out of the war, the advice is KILL or you will be killed. John Kennedy learned that lesson telling Ben Gurion that Israhell could NOT have nukes…now they have 900 nukes.

    These are dark times.

  10. Sometimes I think we Greeks are out own worse enemies! Some have forgotten their history and glorious past and allow themselves to be duped by these rotten government coalition.
    Well done Sweden for gaining 13% majority in recent election !

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