21 comments on “Zionist newspaper: The “Anti-Racism” Bill Took Too Long – Now Golden Dawn Can’t Be Dealt With

    • I love truth, and relying upon your experience and loyalty…..I invite you to express your opinions with absolute frankness and without any regard to my own convictions……

      The strongest supporters of Judaism cannot deny that Judaism is anti Christian ( The Jewish World.March 15 – 1924.)

      The Jews detest the spirit of the nations in the midst of which they live ( a Jew Bernard Lazare…”Antisemitism” )


      • “The strongest supporters of Judaism cannot deny that Judaism is anti Christian ( The Jewish World.March 15 – 1924.)”

        When a Christian or Muslim prays, (unknowingly) does the act of prayer deplete them of their psychic energy, which in turn feeds the Abrahamic God and strengthens his chosen people, the Jews?

  1. For once I agree with the Jews. It is indeed too late to silence a revolution. All the efforts of their puppet have only slowed down Golden Dawn, not stop it. This law is laughable, the purely political reasons for its implementation is disgraceful, and the idea of punishing people for past actions that weren’t crimes at the time is insanity.

    At the end of the day though, it will just be another law that we will write out of the books later on.

    • Hating a race because of one idiot and calling them ” niggers” is quite retarded….my friend you have a brain of a pea, with all due respect..i only judge. you by your dumb comment. What if he was white that said that???? Stay on topic the true enemy of all human races JEWS. And GOLDEN. DAWN IS NOT RASCIST. IF YOUR INTETIONS ARE TO BE RACIST FIND SOME OTHER SITE.

      • Maybe you need to do some reading (on another site)

        Like the FBI stats for NIGGER crime against whites in the USA.

        You think being civil will wash the blood away? Tell that to the victims…of nigger crime.

        God you sound like a white liberal…only niggers say nigger? Lol.

        Jews brought these feral Apes to Hellas and the world — but no don’t call them Nigger..you would prefer?

        Wake up. America is (was) white.

        Chinks goods spics and spooks move into a neighbourhood and watch poor whitey run.

      • While you’re busy with telling white people they are RACIST, (FYI…the correct spelling) have a look at New Nation website:


        Maybe you just landed; I will fill you in: ITS NOT ONE–ITS IN THE MILLIONS.

        Tell me how to forget nigger savages as they torture, child rape, mutilation, hacking cutting etc.?

    • The majority rapes and killings of elderly. Citizens in hallas are done by whites .such as Albanians Romanians and other white illegal aliens,yes and Pakistanis and blacks…that’s the society the jews promote… by the way if you want to get technical America is not white it was native indian. jews my man feed on anarchy hate,mixing and hating of race,

      • Correct, they are the most racist of all. In Greece, however, murders and rapes have not been reported to have been committed by blacks.

  2. They can go to hell.If i could i would reach into this device with a steel fist i would smash their skulls.
    As far as Austerity goes it was all for nothing , epic failure.
    These criminals must be held acountable.
    A class action launched by the Greek people must be launched against this gross incompetent bunch of financial illiterates.
    All the suffering for nothing.

  3. The day GD governs Greece the Greeks will have taken their first step towards freedom. The struggle to rid the country of its enemies of within and its alien enemies will have just begun. Keep it up lads! You’re on the right track!!!

  4. Gee does,nt that make you feel just awful????? HELL NO Fuck them lying Faggort loving Jew bastards, now Golden Dawn can take the steps needed to make real reform and pursue Golden Dawn Justice against those who attempted to “Diversify” the land upon which American principles of true freedom were founded upon. I like Greece so much because many of aour rights were based upon the beautiful country which founded Western Civilization due to the herois actions of the Spartans & Greeks coming together to save Beloved Greece from being “Culturally enriched” by savage foreign non-European hordes, Golden Dawn will do the same for Greece in which Europe will surely follow their shining example…HAIL GOLDEN DAWN…bringing light to a darkened world

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