10 comments on “Diversity Chronicles: ISIS Forming Cells…In Greece

  1. Just this week a plot in Australia was foiled.
    Their plan was to randomly take people from the street and behead them.
    Also to attack parliament house .

  2. And none of this is gonna make news in the mainstream Greek media. Right now, they are all busy mourning over an idiotic rapper (who himself advocated violence against Xrysi Avgi). And of course, not a peep about Manos Kapelonis or Giorgos Fountoulis.

  3. Not all all coincidences, it has been planned by the same tribe that controls the world today,it is done according to the Protocols.

  4. excellent article. ISIS needs to be destroyed in Greece, in Europe, In The World. The American brothers of Golden Dawn stand with our brothers and sisters in Greece.

  5. The diaspora Greeks have all gone home after vacationing in the country’s beautiful islands, but Greece the motherland is left with this grave problem at hand. And if next year things are such that there will be no vacations to Greece, is there going to be a lot of crying and wailing?

    • Good point Stevan. Unfortunately many Greeks in the diaspora either dismiss the Greeks as lazy and responsible for the economic crisis, or believe that the Economic Crisis is exaggerated and everything is fine. Also, I noticed how quickly people are to believe Golden Dawn is ‘Neo Nazi’ and ‘Fascist’ and has ties to ‘Germany’ and “Hitler’. It’s impossible getting through to these people. I also have had people remark that – because Golden Dawn Leaders are in jail – they MUST be guilty otherwise – they wouldn’t all have been arrested. When I explain to them ‘That’s what they want you to believe’ – they think I’m mad.

      • Yes true.
        Dont forget though that we are fed western media bias in most cases,so many have fallen victim to this mis information.
        The Nazi slander has stuck im afraid and is going to take some doing to change this perception.
        This has stolen the limelight and switched the mainstream of.
        We must move on from that.

        Set the agenda.
        Dont let the nay sayers do that for us.

        Talking about other policies and offering a positive outlook may counter bad publicity some what.

        First and foremost we have to win the hearts and minds of the voters.That is Greek citizens.
        We have to project the message well, clearly and professionally.

  6. Well Israel shot down a Syrian government fighter jet over the Golan heights so do you think Israel will let Isis go away when there fighting the Syrian government for Israel? Ali Assad said when there done with Isis they with deal with Israel over them shooting down there fighter jet.
    will wait how long that takes.

    Isis = Israel Israel

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