9 comments on “PHOTOS: Thousands of Golden Dawners Gather in Athens and Thessaloniki

  1. Heart warming and must give the many Greek people hope that this nightmare, perpetrated by the controlled criminals in power, will end soon…..!

  2. God is with us. We Hellenics are ever determined to fight for our right to exist and not be destroyed by greed and corruption. This is a tough fight but one we are proud to fight.

    They fight Chrysi Avgi like this because they are afraid. They are afraid of the truth. Afraid of our popularity. And afraid of their end. I believe the worst has already passed (or soon will pass). Soon we will take the political fight to them.


  3. Just wondering, since there is no where on the internet but here to get real information, is Michaloliakos still in prison?

  4. I was there (the Athens rally) it was like coming home! And I sorely miss seeing & hearing our imprisoned fellow members live.

  5. God bless Kamerad Michaloliakos and the brave soldiers of Hellas Golden Dawn.

    We will beat the Satanic jew because we have to…!!!

    History proves it.


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