7 comments on “Family Members of Victims Murdered by Communists Blocked From Paying Their Respects.

  1. I’m just pissed, clearly the local ZOG is attempting to paralyze GD support by showing that GD has no power. No offense but GD should focus on this incident and organize a major rally where they WILL force themselves through ZOG troops and honor the dead. must do it by force, symbolically bleed for Greece. You can’t let ZOG shut you down, you’ll enter the trash bin of history.

    • I think that the Government set the bait but there were no bites.
      They would be bitterly disapointed im sure.
      They would be itching for another excuse to crucify GD espeacially as there may be an early election coming up.
      A quiet vigil at church would speak volumes.
      What are they going to do ? Ban people from going to church ?
      GD must keep cool heads and play it smart.
      Set the agenda and try to take the initiative on positive policy discussion.

      The immigration issue has taken over the media headlines for quite some time and must give way to other areas of policy while at the same time hammering home relentlessly the Governments failures.
      The anger and frustration we all feel must be controlled and funnelled into a smart campaign.
      GD will not win enough votes by forcefull violence.
      It will play into their eager filthy hands.

  2. Thank you for keeping the world informed of these extremists posing as legitimate political leaders. Be strong, as you have always been, and true and decent Greeks will prevail.

    • “The Cause of World Unrest” { based to the excellent books of Mrs Nesta Webster} like many years ago and Today also.

      The Press controlled by Them…prevents the real facts from being known….W.J.Bryan.

      A blunder in politics is worse than a crime ( Talleyrand )

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