12 comments on “Diaspora Poison: Examining Anti-Greek Propaganda from Abroad

  1. George, with all due respect, while I agree that more pressing issues like social deviancy are left in the freezer by conservative and right wing forces in Greece and the diaspora. Those National Issues are about very real every day threats. George, is it not XA parliamentarians that fight to expose Turkey’s modern campaign for an autonomous Thraki ? Was it not XA activists led by Panayotaros that broke up the Bulgarian/”Skopjian” so-called “Macedonian” dictionary lecture in Athens by Victor Friedman years ago? Did not the XA Leader Michalolaikos before being imprisoned lead rallies about IMIA (murder by Turkish Mongols) ? How about the issue of Greek Genocide recognition? Another National Issue that XA champions then and now. The issue of the daily occupation of the Greek island of Cyprus by Turk Mongols is brought up regularly by XA parliamentarians.

    I think the problem with the so-called “Greek Lobby” i.e. AHEPA, Hellenic Initiative, HALC et al. is that they water down these issues and use them not as a point of Nationalism. Who today remembers the murder of Greek pilots by Turk Mongols in IMIA ? Nobody in America, right?

    The issue in Greece is not that the threat by Turko-Mongols and Slavo-Mongols does not exist any more, its that the traitors in Greek Media, gov’t, education have been brainwashing the Greek populace into believing that it doesn’t exist. Luling them to sleeep with Turkish soap opera. Meanwhile remember it was Turk-Mongol leader Turgut Ozal who predicted back in the 1980s :”To finish with Greece they send a few million people out here.” It was Turkey that invited every Muslim in the world to go to Turkey visa free knowing that withn hours they would be jumping over the border in Evros.After all, most Greeks think those days of the enem pouring in on horseback waving an Asiatic scimitar and making mongols sounds are long gone….right? ))

    • Indeed you are correct, these things are very real threats and of course Golden Dawn takes a strong position on them. But in theory anyone who is not mentally ill, or an extreme leftist should hold a similar opinion since these are National Defense issues..

      There are still many in Greece however who agree with Golden Dawns position on those issues, many would even pick up a gun and fight such an invasion. Yet these same people refuse to support Golden Dawn because it’s “fascist”. Instead they vote for New Democracy again and again.

      This is the kind of “xoriatiko stupidity” rampant in Greece and to a lesser extent abroad.

      These “Greek Lobbyists” are not simply watering down the issues, they are deliberately preventing Greeks from making them an issue, that is their role.

      The subject of the National Threats to Greece is well documented and written about. The tactics and deception of these propagandists abroad is a relatively untouched subject which is why this was published.


  2. Thanks for the clarification George. I agree with all the other points you make. It is indeed ironic that the “Xoriates” and essentially “vlahofatses” that still vote for New Democracy yet claim they care about these issues should actualy go on you tube and look up the speeches in parliament. Consistently the most outspoken voice in just the past two years and so far more outspoken than all the parties have been in decades has been the XA. Its XA that still remember Cyprus in Parliament and I would venture to say XA alone. It’s been decades that New Democracy spent any time making even a few minutes speech on Cyprus. Thats something that is for sure lost on the faces of that Hellenic Initiative video you posted. One of those faces is super wealthy Cypriot leftist businessman and lobbyist Nikos Mouyiaris-
    its Mouyiaris that is the money behind Hellenic Initiative and HALC and Greek American Foundation and various other “Hellenic Leaders” projects. If he really wanted Greeks to be living in Cyprus than why is he so ape sh*t over attacking a democratically elected party in Greece that fights against the Turkish occupation of Cyprus more so than any other party in Greece. I guess Mouyiaris’ anti-XA agenda and “Hellenic Leaders” agenda has some hidden agenda??

  3. “The most dangerous enemies are not even the hordes of illegal immigrants, or even the Zionist Jews, the most deadly are the traitors of our own race. Without these people and their treachery, virtually all of the threats we talk about today would not exist. They are the ones who either through their propaganda or outright selling out the country open the floodgates for all of these other problems to slowly destroy us”.

    “In reality the people behind Hellenic Initiative are the propaganda wing for the Samaras-Venizelos Junta, trying to deflect as much focus on what is really going on in Greece as possible ”

    “Never forget than an internal enemy that destroys your ability to resist is far more dangerous than any outside force”.

    Excellent i definitely agree to all the above.

    But its not only that…since we have proof that they are constantly trying by putting puppets in the right place they are persistently are trying to modify our History.

    This internal enemy is gradually insisting to destroy the walls of the fortress of our Intelligence – Memory and Conscience.
    And as Rev.C.F.Wishart said ….the World Government leaders are pagans !!

    Nominally we “govern ourselves”….actually, we are governed by an oligarchy of a branch of members appointed by the different forum { Bilderberg group – Trilateral Comission – European Bank – IMF – CFR – WJC } and International Bankers.

    The Government is the camouflage behind which decision makers money kings of the world have hitherto hid their economic warfare upon the masses.
    { Greek Hypocrisy: Destruction of the Constitution, Collapse of the Rule of Equity Law e.t.c }.

    Whoever observes and thinks………sees the peril !!

  4. Appalled to see Paparizou not just pushing lesbianism but race mixing. Won’t be listening to her music again. Mind you, when I was in Greece some ten years ago, I was appalled to see the amount of hard core pornography being sold openly in newsagents on the streets for old and young to see. that would be inconceivable even in Australia which is, as far as I’m concerned, a pretty secular country. So why do the left want Greece to ‘move forward’ (into more degeneracy) when, as far as I’m concerned, the country was saturated with degeneracy everywhere I went even back then! But I guess it can sink even lower as is clearly happening now.

  5. You know, I have been thinking long and hard about these traitors. Indeed, the article is correct. The greatest threat comes from our own race. It is a tragedy, yet another atrocity committed by the jews and they will pay for it in time. But though it is sad, we must not fail to see for what they are. They are the enemy now. Despite their great origins, they have bought into the lies of media, the disgusting beliefs of race mixing, and other degenerate acts. As they choose negros, turks, and other such mongrols as their bed mates, they will be lost anyway. It is for this reason that I believe we must now fully distinguish ourselves from these traitors.

    We have since ancient times referred to ourselves as Hellenics. Our ancestors, called our home Hellas. They NEVER called themselves Greeks or their home Greece. This was a foreign invention, something that we would never call ourselves. And yet now we accept it. And we shouldn’t. It is an insult to our origins and our ancestors. The word is terrible.

    But I believe it can have a use. The members of our race who have shunned their origins and sold out to the barbarians of the world, the non Hellenics, should proudly adopt the barbaric title of “Greek.” All those who would breed with non Hellenics, who choose Marx as their god and multiculturalism as their faith will be marked as Greeks while those who have stayed pure to our ancestors can fulfill their destiny as Hellenics.

    This needs to be done. I can no longer put myself in the same camp at all as these decadent, sick minded traitors. We need to distinguish who we are now to save our race. Maybe this idea will come forward, maybe it won’t. But I urge my brethren here please, henceforth refer to the sellouts as Γραικός(Greeks) in our tongue and ourselves as Έλληνες(Hellenics). You would be amazed what a single difference in a name can do.

  6. Whats disgusting still is that κυπριακά γαϊδούρια like Nikos Mouyiaris prostitute the word “Hellenic” as the name of their traitorous group. The word Hellenic belongs to the EPIC people whose history and achievements are known as Hellenic. This Cypriot has a so-called “Hellenic Initiative” and its director of the board is Muhtar Kent, –he is not just any Turk Mongol, he finances the Turkish Lobby groups that produce materials denying the Armenian and Greek Genocide. An Armenian-American article writes of his efforts to deny the 100th centenial of Turkey’s responibility for the Armenian Genocide of 1915:The Assembly of Turkish American Associations (ATAA), a Washington-based group founded in 1979, has prepared a “master plan” to “respond to the Armenians’ claims on every front.”
    The Turkish campaign, which will include “both proactive and reactive responses,” will be introduced to all Turkish groups that will be invited to Washington in September.
    “Proactive” measures include the forming of “activist committees” who will visit lawmakers in each state, conduct social media campaigns, keep in touch with traditional media outlets, prepare ONLINE COURSES and organize countrywide networking meetings for Americans.
    One part of the initiative consists of the organization of at least 20 “day-long conferences” in partnership with LOCAL UNIVERSITIES and with the participation of famous Turkish-Americans like Dr. Mehmet Öz and Coca-Cola CEO Muhtar Kent.”

    (SEE: Turkish Americans Announce ‘Master Plan’ for Genocide Centennial

  7. This is an excellent article that cuts to the quick about the sneaky underhanded propaganda you have delineated so clearly, Bravo.

  8. “is not flooding into Greece on horseback ……singing a bulgarian song..”

    True. The new bulgarian invaders flooding into greece are bulgarian prostitutes. We have many thousands of them already…

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