4 comments on “Meet Dogiakos: The Prosecutor Against Golden Dawn Hand Picked by Samaras!

  1. Don’t mean to sound perverse, but I am inclined to think this latest gaffe by an already practically dead government, can only truly mean its days are numbered.
    Is anyone here aware of the latest farce of a Euro football qualifiers match in Belgrade, between Serbia and Albania, last Wednesday? Basically half way through the match a remote controlled mini drone appeared emerging into the stadium from above, carrying with it a flag of “Greater Albania” attached by kite strings! It is to my knowledge Golden Dawn reported attacks or other hostilities in northern Epirus, in what appears to be a wider conspiracy resultant from that particular act of provocation right in the middle of the Serbian capital, in front of the eyes of the whole nation.
    So whose provocation really was it? Put it squarely into a sequence beginning with the infamous “Nuland Tape” leak (as if from nowhere yeah right) flatly revealing direct US involvement in toppling the Yanukovich government of Ukraine almost a year ago now; then followed on by the Turkish government tape revealing a covert plan to force the hand of Turkish military intervention in Syria by staging a false flag attack on a Turkish exclave there (Suleiman Shah tomb, Kobane); then a spate of new attempted “Maidans” in the Balkans and elsewhere in southeastern Europe, then flight MH17, then ISIS and now this high school style drone prank in Belgrade right on the eve of Putin’s state visit to Serbia for world war 2 commemorations..
    The US led west is blatantly going to great lengths to try to provoke Russia into a major reaction of some sort, even going as far as causing the shelling and torching of churches in what remains of eastern Ukraine, by the arms of the Nato directed Kiev junta. In the attached article below it is revealed America’s chief geopolitical tactic currently being deployed against Russia, is in fact Sun Tzu’s dictum of – ‘supreme excellence consists in breaking the enemy’s resistance without fighting’. The Russian government knows this and is taking the utmost meticulous care to master control of any upcoming crisis situation crafted by the enemy. The recent unprecedented economic deals sealed at the top levels of state between Russia and China, will certainly result in a massive global power shift upon implementation, but anyone who has a basic knowledge of US reputation knows this won’t be allowed, which is exactly why we are now witnessing a climax of war and horror in and around the geostrategic Eurasian orbit, it is all designed to provoke Russia, Iran and China respectively, into some sort of a fait accompli.
    Either Sun Tzu’s tactic of psychological warfare works for the US led west and the Russian government collapses under the pressure, or else provocations like all the ones listed so far will only continue and become even more brazen and comical in dimension, until a reaction is finally forced out.
    So far the Russians have masterfully kept their cool, but what and where will be the next scene of provocation? For a possible, plausible answer to that, just take a look at the map diagram contained within the article below, depicting the so called “Eurasian Balkans”, the area which is classified as the “zone of instability”. I await your thoughts, but just a small hint we Serbians and Greeks are yet far from being protected by our natural and existential ally, Russia..


  2. Excellent comment and your last comment has a hint of truth, Russia says will help out but doesn’t go ahead. Hopefully when push comes to shove they will take action!!!

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