4 comments on “PRESS RELEASE: The Absurdity of the Dogiakos Recommendation

  1. “any citizen who possesses a baseball bat is considered a member of a criminal organization”

    And yet, this is exactly the kind of logic that will be employed by the captured/corrupted Greek courts to railroad Golden Dawn’s elected representatives. This is after-all … NOT a “legal prosecution” … but rather a “political persecution” … like we see in dictatorships from Saudi Arabia, to Egypt, to North Korea, and throughout many 3rd world cesspools. Modern day Greece is mockery of the ideals of Hellenism, representative democracy, and a sovereign nation.

  2. This alien from outer space, Dogiakos, may blurt out stupidities but he is a well paid government instrument. Of course the situ has gone OTT with him in the chair, where do they find these weasels !!!

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