3 comments on “Fighting Back In The Education System: The National Teacher’s Front Stands Up For Hellenic Students

  1. I truly hope you guys gain ground. My younger cousin who lives in Hellas claims that they teach more British and French history then true Hellenic history in these schools! I, in my personal reading time, have probably learned more about our history than the average Hellenic student. You may not believe it but many people would have a confused look on their face if you asked them who Kolokotronis or any of the other Hellenic heroes were!

    In addition, please work to remove bullshit political correctness from the classrooms. Be sure to remind both the students and the teachers that our excellent victory in the 2nd war was due to Metaxas, what these braindead fools would today label a fascist and that the 2 greatest times in our modern history were times in which the politicians who sell us out now were not in power. Let the youth know the great truth of our heroes and not censor or even skip it just because some mongrol Turk boy happens to be in the room. This is our nation and invasive species should not be dictating the course of a proper Hellenic classroom.

    With that said, it is, as always, not going to be an easy fight. I do not know really anything about the union that currently runs rampant in Hellas but I do not doubt anything you say about them. Here in America, the teacher unions are perhaps less nefarious but just as corrupt. In California at least, you HAVE to be part of the Union.

    I undeniably had good teachers, don’t get me wrong, but I also had more god awful ones then i should have. These people, who wouldn’t even be qualified to teach spelling to first graders, are instructing kids during the most crucial years building up to college and are protected by tenure! And nothing can be done even if the school board tries. All an awful teacher needs is some years of work under his/her belt and she is backed fully by a corrupt team of unionists and lawyers. All of this thanks to leftist unions.

    I know i kind of went off track there but the point is that these corrupt Greek Unions are not going to come down easy. Indeed, if there is one thing these organizations are good at, it is entrenching themselves as a cancer and using every dirty trick imaginable. They will have to be uprooted.

  2. I read this article with much interest. The facts are so spot on I can’t elaborate any more! Thank you for these updates.

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