11 comments on “Golden Dawn MEP, Giorgos Epitideios, Interview with Diaspora newspaper “The National Herald” (English)

  1. I do appreciate his realistic attitude in the interview. He is right in saying that syriza is in a strong position. And their lead is fairly daunting.

    That is no reason to be dismayed though. For one thing, syriza winning would (and will) spell doom for the current occupation government (Pasok/ND). And when they win, they will finally have control. And when they have control people will then be able to see them for what they really are: a radical mess of ideologies that will more than likely fail to come together.

    Seriously, read up on the parties that they are composed of and you will start to wonder how anything effective can come from them. For the sake of elections, sure a coalition appeals to a wider voter base. But when push comes to shove, who the hell knows what they will do. It is a large party but not in a solid sense. They are a patchwork abomination of conflicting ideas. Combine that with the fact that they aren’t entrenched like New Democracy has been and they will be, if anything, easier to defeat than the current government.

    But most importantly, when the the illegal persecution against Chrysi Avgi falls apart with the occupation government, we will be at full strength once more and ready. For when the fetid corpse of New Democracy can no longer hold back Chrysi Avgi, it will be Syriza that will have to face the fiery of Hellenic nationalism.


    • It may seem like that on the surface, in reality at this point in time the most dominant forces inside the party are pro-memorandum. That being said, they are basically what we call “PASOK 2” now because they have attracted both former PASOK candidates and cater to disillusioned PASOK voters who are still hoping things can start going back to the way they were in the 90’s or early 2000’s.

  2. It pains me to say this, but I think the Greek people need to get a taste of Syriza to see through their lies.

    Goldman Sachs considers Tsipras one of ‘their guys’. There is nothing ‘radically socialist’ about this party at all, they are just as caught up in mixing with international capitalists & big banks as PASOK was. The Greek people voting for Syriza in hopes they will pull Greece out of austerity need to see first hand that these are lies, and only Golden Dawn can deliver on such a promise.

    Just my own theory- Another benefit of Syriza’s eventual win will be a possible softening to the persecution of Golden Dawn. Samara’s doesn’t want to compete with the Nationalists, he is throwing everything he has to have them gone. Syriza on the other hand need to divide & fragment the conservative vote. With Golden Dawn still in the picture, they will probably think ND will never be able to round up all right wing voters to threaten Syriza electorally. This is a possibility, but I still wouldn’t rule out continued political persecution either.

    • Exactly, Syriza is the Greek publics last stop on the fantasy train. The fantasy being that they can sit and drink coffee and vote their way back to the way things were before.

      After that is over with, there will be a state of shock and confusion.

      • The problem with Golden Dawn is that it can only win about 10% or 15% of the votes in the polls. But Syriza has a 36% rating. Golden Dawn needs to expand, and also the rival nationalist “Independent Greeks” party would be a major block to any rise of the Golden Dawn.

      • PASOK just a few years ago used to get 36% in the polls, and look what happened to them. Syriza is the last fantasy for the Greeks who have been accustomed to way things were the last 30 years.

        Syriza already is going to go along with the memorandum and will not deliver on its promises. When that happens, the country will begin to go through major changes realizing their “democracy” is a farce.

      • You might be correct. But then if Greeks turn to Greek Nationalism, they might turn not necessarily to Golden Dawn, but the more moderate Independent Greeks ANEL party. Nationalist vote in Greece continues to be divided. ANEL Independent Greeks still have some power, still some 8% or 10% of Greeks might vote for them. Golden Dawn would get from 12% to 15%. But Independent Greeks might rise too. Lack of unity among Greek Nationalists is a serious stumbling block.

      • ANEL aren’t nationalists, they are New Democracy rejects who are pissed off that Samaras took their money away, and Kammenos is their leader. Kammenos talks about all these terrible conspiracies against Greeks, but he didnt have a problem with those things when he was in New Democracy, nor did he speak about them. Most nationalists see through that so thats why his popularity already declined, however there are still enough ND rejects to give him a few percentage points.

  3. Thank you for this English interview with a member of Greece’s Nationalist Party.

    Clarification of position, rebuttal of slanders, and a strong, virulently opposed stand against the Deicides and the Hagarenes on the one hand, and the Marxists and the Sodomites on the other, is what America needs as well. I pray that Golden Dawn be victorious, and that her vision of a national party in every European/White Land in the world, take root and flower.

    Many years.

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