11 comments on “A Picture Worth 1000 Words: Samaras and Venizelos in Summit with Turks

  1. There’s only one word for these low life’s traitors!
    No Hellenic people should or ever be friends or talk to Mongolian turk trash!
    Plain and simple!

  2. I hate the Turks just as much as anyone, because of their past crimes, yet I believe that this “story” (which is not even a real story) is exaggerated. If the nationalists ever come to power in Greece, I believe that they should always have good relations with their neighbors and even do commerce and trading. Doing these things would only economically benefit Greece as well as yes, Turkey…
    And EVERYONE wants a good economy, be it nationalist, democratic or communist.

    However this doesn’t mean that we would have to have immigration and racial mixing with them! NO WAY! NEVER! Doing business is one thing, fraternizing and mixing the white Greek race with the non-white Turkic race is and should always be a big NO NO! So don’t get me wrong but I see nothing wrong in this meeting as long as their conversations are limited ONLY to business and trade between the countries.

    • You don’t seem to be curious about the fact that, they do these “business and trade” deals right after Turkey continuously violates our sovereign border, both militarily and through trafficking.

      What I’m curious about is if you are stupid enough to believe that “business and trade” should go on while the country your doing it with is openly hostile and deliberately pumping in boatloads of Islamic immigrants?

      I’m curious, are you simply a moron? Or do you have some other motive for saying this?

      • Turks are problematic for Greeks, but I doubt that Greeks should have any war with the Turks. The Turks are a much more numerous people than Greeks. They have always been. Turks in the Ottoman Empire and in the Republic of Turkey always had a much larger birthrate than Greeks did. Greek or Hellenic population did not grow as fast. There are 80 million people in modern Turkey and only about 17 or 18 million totally around the world. You could get Cyprus, but Greek people do not have the numbers to defeat Turkey in any open war. Also, Turkey got modern weapons, F-16 and F-15 and all. And modern tanks from NATO.

      • There are 80 million Turks and about 18 million Greek people totally in the world. You cannot win any war against Turkey with such Turkish numerical demographic superiority.

    • Keep in mind the aggression here is the invasion of waters and airspace by armed military vessels and armed military aircraft. That, if the shoe was on the other foot this would be considered a declaration of war.
      That the aggression mentioned here to seize Greek and Cypriot natural resources.

    • It seems Mr Curious that you are pretending of not seeing what is happening around our shimmering and beautiful planet and also ignoring of what presently is happening in the Aegean sea.
      And its obvious that the answer of Xaameriki was simple and clear.
      It seems that you don’t see this umbrella and the role of these organizations that instead of working for the benefit of the countries and their citizens they are actually working toward a rampant globalization of poverty and the establishment of the dogma of the New World Order.
      From the book of David Rothkopf Inside the Story of the National Security Council…Running the Wold …i quote a few ..
      page 28: “In the remarkable period of institutional creativity that followed the Second World War, not only did we create global institutions such as the United Nations, the World Bank, the IMF, the International Labor Organization, the seeds of World Trade Organizations…and international courts of justiceplus great military alliances like …..NATO.”
      page 260: George H.W.Bush..September 11, 1990 speech.
      “We stand today at a unique and extraordinary moment……..Out of these trouble times…..a new world order …..can emerge…a new era – free from threat of terror, stronger in the pursuit of justice, and more secure in the quest of peace. An era in which the nations of the world, East and West, North and South, can prosper and live in harmony…………….A world in which nations recognize the shared responsibility of freedom and justice…………A world where the strong respect the rights of the weak.

      For me My Friend based to all the above UNRELIABILITY the only thing clear to me is that THEY ARE BULLYING US….and deceiving us. !!

    • Let me tell you something = The Hellenic people never count the enemy ! They just destroy them!
      As for trading and doing business with dirt bag Mongolians
      Here’s my answer !
      We can trade bullets that’s about it lefty !

  3. I am a northern european, and so my people haven’t struggled to defend Europe from these nomadic parasites. I can only say the turks are among the worst in the world, in my experience, and that I’m thankful the Greeks – Golden Dawn – stand strong in the face of their imperialism.

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