13 comments on “Australia: Leftist Rich Kid Alex Kakafikas has Chinese Sweatshop Family Business

  1. Excellent article guys! Exposing all these completely hypocritical pieces of human excrement is easy when you just scratch the surface ay?! Well done! Spread the word people. Hail!

  2. Hilarious, great work XA New York.

    These phony leftists are nothing but a joke, absolute hypocrites. I’d actually respect them if they’d drop the socialist rhetoric & just say what they really are – greedy opportunists who abuse capitalism to fund their degenerate lifestyle.

    How do you think Alex would react in real life if he came face to face with a real Golden Dawner? Plenty of guys in Melbourne who would be happy to meet him & discuss his daddy’s sweatshop.

  3. DEGENERATE is spot on, in fact the whole family look like a bunch of degenerates! That piece of laughable shit, whats his name, ALEX KAKAFIKAS is a joke. Do people (morons) actually follow this excrement stabber….!

  4. I’ve had a good 5 minutes thanks to this article… I’m still chuckling while I’m writing these few lines! Here in Spain we get the same phenomenon: spoiled sons and daughters of rich men who have worked hard all their lives to give their children the opportunities and lifestyle that they never had when young. These young and not so young brats feel awkwardly ashamed of their wealth, they study bohemian careers or don’t study or work at all, they believe themselves Marxists but still want to live lavishly while their own kith and kin have nothing. It’s ridiculous.

  5. Anyone know the exact address of this low life? People want to discuss Chinese labor Issues with this capitalist pig.

  6. Hahaha, this is the greatest post.
    The part about ”congratulating himself”, is hilarious. The pictures are priceless LOL
    …Anyways, it’s now time to FURTHER expose the hypocrite Kakafikas.
    Kakafikas has tried to ‘expose’ or ‘name and shame fascists’ over facebook.
    He also says Golden Dawn should be banned, partly, because he says that Golden Dawn are supposedly violent.
    Well let’s continue to expose this hypocrite:
    The face of Melbourne Antifa (Anti-Fascists), Alex Kakafakis believes Golden Dawn is violent and anti-democratic, therefore should be banned. In the picture below, Alex is clearly condoning his own anti-democractic violence. In the picture, Australia’s main Antifa Anti-Golden Dawn activist, Alex Kakafikas, is taking part in a riot in Greece, trying to smash the offices of a democratically elected party, that being Golden Dawn. Why? Simply because Golden Dawn has a different opinion to him.
    Alex Kakafikas, who believes Golden Dawn is supposedly violent, therefore should be banned, himself clearly condoning his own anti-democratic violence. On the page which Kakafikas runs, ”Australians Say No To Golden-Dawn”, Kakafikas the hypocrite is promoting violence himself, as we can see in the picture below:
    On the other page which Alex Kakafikas runs, called ‘’No to Golden Dawn in Melbourne’’ page, Kakafikas AGAIN is proudly displaying the Antifa Anarchist’s smashing of the offices of a political party, that being Hellenic Dawn/Golden Dawn – Simply because Kakafikas has a different opinion to Golden Dawn.

  7. If pictures don’t show up, is there anyway of fixing it? The pictures can still be viewed by looking at the links by the way.

  8. Alex Kakafikas, you tried to ”name and shame” so called ”Fascists” over facebook, simply because some people have a different opinion to you. Well God sees all, and has now punished you, you hypocrite.

  9. Lemmy
    Alex Kakafikas lives somewhere in Coburg, Melbourne.

    If Alex Kakafaggot and his Anarchists mates are anti-Golden Dawn, because they are opposed to Golden Dawn’s falsely alleged violence against illegal immigrant criminals, why do his anarchist mate’s during their anarchists riots smash up and loot innocent people’s shops, and have even killed 3 innocent workers when they petrol bombed the Marfin Bank in 2010 in Athens? Why do they do they smash up innocent people’s shops and loot them for?
    Is it because these junky anarchists are jealous of the fact that these shop owners actually work hard for a living? Unlike these drug addicted, anarchists junkies who live off welfare or their parent’s money.

  10. Oh you don’t like the fact that your being exposed now Alex Kakafaggot?? Well don’t hate us for it. As you’ve told Golden Dawn supporters before on facebook, ”Don’t hate the player, hate the game” haha.

  11. Does anyone else find it hilarious that Alex has the balls to light a garbage bin on fire with a crowd of anarchists backing him up (yeah, real ‘tough’ guy) but would undoubtably leg it if he came face to face with a real Golden Dawner?

  12. Lets see how this “anarchist” stands:

    -Bitches about inequality and capitalism when he himself is a rich, spoiled little shit? Check.

    -Claims to be fighting capitalism but ignores the real ones including the conservative elite and instead spends his time fighting innocent and selfless nationalists? Check.

    -And as Sydney Supporter puts it: “…has the balls to light a garbage bin on fire with a crowd of anarchists backing him up (yeah, real ‘tough’ guy) but would undoubtably leg it if he came face to face with a real Golden Dawner?” Check, check, check.

    And voila! You have a living embodiment of the average anarchist. Is this the best the opposition can come up with?

  13. HAHAHAHA! This was a great one, Golden Dawn. Not only was it extremely humorous with the text and images, but you guys did a real nice job in exposing this hypocritical douche. I love how you guys are really on the ball with exposing the opposition. Golden Dawn is a breath of fresh air for the Greeks and all European Nationalists!

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