3 comments on “63 Percent of all inmates are foreigners! Do you Suppose… Racism is to Blame for this?

  1. I wouldn’t be surprised if the % was higher for foreigners in any white country, like here in the u.s. its so painfully obvious that blacks are the dominate majority in jails and prisons… anyone that denies this is either trying to steer you away from this proven fact or their just dum. also this proves that we arent “equal” as the zionist media suggests. these foreigners are just not fit to live with us, we are more civilized no doubt, they are all wild sub humans that need to live in their own land. the devil aka zionsim wants to destroy every white christian land where ever it is… they want to debase our people, to starve our people to submission to their NWO agenda. they use poverty as a tool to make us bend to their will.. but dont be fool by them, their goal is to make us feel like all is lost and all is hopeless.. golden dawn is the only true fight against zoinism, golden dawn along with hezbollah are the only true fighters. the devil is zionism, their goal is to destroy not only our people but christianity as a whole. we are living in special times, the great fall of zionsim is approaching!!!

    • And the funny this here Bob, is that in Greece blacks (usually from Africa) haven’t been heard of committing crimes like those do from the Balkan countries. They might dally in drugs or prostitution or petty theft.

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