20 comments on “Jewish Production “Growing Up Greek”: MTV Show Slanders Greek-Americans

  1. I don’t mean to go off topic to this post.. (sorry) but how months has it been since Nikolaos Michaloliakos has been in prison? i remember hearing that by law they could only hold him for so many months? like 18 or somthen like that?

    • He is expected to walk out of prison in March, next year. They can’t hold him in prison more than that legally and by law. He has been by all means illegally imprisoned in September 2013. We don’t know really if there’s gonna be a trial by then, they are too afraid -as you can tell- to go on trial since there is absolutely no legal evidence to imprison an innocent man with no proper trial, him and all the others.

      • Thanks Mk, This is exciting then march isnt too far… but yeah it’s gonna be interesting how this goes down. Plus i agree with Ed, It’s time – jews are smart and good at what they do, but they cant fool everyone.. its time that isreal (zionism) be dealt with swiftly and with an steel fist to their stomach. i dont know why but i have a feelen that they’ll try to make somthing else up to jail him again.. no doubt really look at the spokesmen, hes been taken a few times already. once Nikolaols come back i hope golden dawn can finally move forward, when i say this i mean that the leader with be able to lead again outside of the prison.

    • BOB..your feeling for it is very right, they will certainly try to come around, finding another ridiculous reason -illegal bullshit unheard reasons- to keep him jailed as long as possible, but that might happen because it has been proven that the current supreme judges and justice authoritoreans that dealt with GD cases are either corrupted ones who were sold out or of the very same corrupted circle of new democracy, samaras, venizelos and all the other..”democrats”, currently holding the power and enjoying “forced” popularity from all channels. No wonder why the evidence for illegal-criminal activity of the leader and all other ministers they came up with sounds so ridiculous and literally hilarious to all the other -right in the head-judges and attorneys who know How to do their job right, the difference is you wont hear that on the news.
      Once the fake and truly -illegal in all levels-super corrupted zionist controled circo of samaras and venizelos falls and is off duty, then these judges marionettes won’t have so much power any more, nor will they be able for ever to condemn and decide for Michaloliakos or GD ministers fate based in completely nonexist or falsh evidence.
      In any way they can’t keep a whole legally elected political party’s leadership based in falsh fantasy accusations jailed for ever, and do not forget that Golden Dawn leaders and members overall have Not given a single right for these scum liars and thieves for 40 yrs a single right to be considerated as criminals, thieves or liars.
      On the contrary all these anarchists, leftists and “democrats” have so far given plently of them to Greek people, bombing and kiling innocent working civilians (marfin bank), repeatedly smashing, burning down, destroying and pissing on people’s possessions, stores and cars (every year in Athens), burning down 50 old historical buildings in Athens in 1night, letting leftist terrorists get away with all, lying fooling and literally mocking systematically and repearedly Greek people, kneeling national economy and bringing the country into imf’s complete control, raising irrational taxes, causing thousands of suicides, even more losses of jobs and property, doing absolutely nothing efficient to stop the huge inflax of illegal 3rd world invaders and possible jihadists and all the social dangerous problems they are bringing, and they will not Stop doing it.
      On the contrary they will speed up causing chaos and destroying more and more till the majority of their last faithful voters..will be so fed up and upset, that there will be either some form of civil unrest or war, or a willingly complete take over of power from the voice of the fed up and angry, presented by the last pure Hellens who refuse to get sold out to the Zionist interests, Golden Dawn. Be very certain for that.

      We don’t know exactly what will happen after March, but surely they cannot keep him in jail any longer, given the fact all these 18 months absolutely no rights have been given for them to use against the leader or the whole party and most likely they will announce national elections as well, so the whole thing gets a little bit more complicated.
      I’m sure they are pissing on their pants right now, since it is so obvious that golden dawn offices across the whole country are filling up constantly with new members and the rise of Golden Dawn and nationalism did not only break down due to leadership arrests..but it has increased way more since the arrests! These filthy jews and their Greek puppets like Samaras think that by imprisoning the leader and punishing ministers overall, people will be disappointed and turn somewhere else and it will be the cause of death and decline of Golden Dawn, that they will just end with it, they will kill the burning fiery desire for a free proud nation and a Greece for Greeks out of the hearts of Greeks by imprisoning the leadership for some time, they just dont get it that you cannot jail ideas, you cannot jail the ongrowing desire for freedom and true national resist, you cannot jail the anger resulting from their crimes, you cant just erase like that what is destined to come and it sure is very encouraging that more and more young Greeks past the guilty generation of Polytechneio who see the money they used to get paid flying away are filled with rage and flock to GD circles.

      Be it they magically find new ways to keep Michalokiakos in jail for some more time or not, Golden Dawn is fast progressively growing more and more, the more they lie and destroy, the more they will be empowering us, its already there, despite all the desperate multilevel attacks GD is already ranking 3rd among people, it is way too late to erase and destroy whats destined to rightfully come and shine.
      It’s just all a matter of time

      • The main goal of the eternal parasite is to export usury and sodomy onto every country on earth. If they release Michaloliakos, it’ll be a temporary retreat, and they will go back to the drawing board to see how else they can make golden dawn go away.

        Jews are really puzzled by Golden Dawn and don’t understand why it is still persisting. They are frantically dissecting and analyzing the situation, as they like to do, in order to prevent such a phenomenon in a bigger country like France or Germany. The Jew is an incredibly analytic entity, that is why we need to do the same to them back.

    • Edward, i think thats an interesting insight into the Jewish very disturbing evil but sophisticated mind/way of thinking. This tactic of fighting back “we should do the same to them” reminds me of the jewish “eye for an eye” sort of, and it can probably be proven a very smart, fair and sufficient mind to mind war and tactic that can probably help us build a stronger immune system and stronger antibodies to the jewish carefully designed implanted disease and capability of controling our society’s defense mechanism against their extremely hostile judaic infection.

      • Of course. You can call a Jew a liar, a swindler, a bigot, or a murderer, it’s like water off a duck’s back. But call a Jew a Jew, and identify him as such, and suddenly he shrinks away swearing to destroy you under his breath. Why does he run away from what he is, when tribalism is such a basic tenet for them? Because that’s the trick to stopping their hatred and bigotry.

  2. The reason i have given too much attention and concern into this article is because i was truly suspicious that who is behind to all these might always be the Historical Jews the one that Mr Samaras took permission to eliminate and incriminate the Nationalists in my country and consequently imprison our Democratic system.
    After all as many historians have repeatedly confirmed like Dr.Oscar Levy almost 2 centuries ago:
    “We jews, are still here, our last word is not yet spoken, our last deed is not yet done……….our last revolution is not yet made”
    After all this wonderful Russian philosopher & prophet F.M.Dostoiewski repeatedly has warned us back in 1880 and Christendom…. so presently nothing is happening in an accidental way.
    “Bismark…..Beaconsfield…Gambetta …et…all…all these as a force are a mere mirage………….It is the Jew their master who is the real force. He will proffer one word and Bismark will fall”….Dostoiewsky in 1880.

  3. They also did it to the Iranian-American community for the same reason, the show was called “Shahs of Sunset”. All these shows have the same template, they’re trying to make all the communities adopt the degenerate culture of sex, drugs, and partying that only destroys lives and lowers community standards and cohesion.

  4. Good write up. I first read about ‘Growing up Greek’ on a Greek reporter article yesterday morning.

    The Jersey Shore show had a terrible effect on Italian-Australians, and even Greek-Australians to a lesser extent.

    A lot of young men where I grew up suddenly began getting messed up with steroids, & parading themselves as homosexuals (fake tans, straightening their hair, wearing unusually tight clothes, plucking their eye brows) in an attempt to ‘get chicks’. Things like ‘GTL’ became part of every day talk at clubs, and everyone was suddenly fist pumping, so we new EXACTLY where this influence was coming from.

    Although they would try & convince you all this effort was to get girls, it was obvious they where more obsessed with themselves & their own image. It’s a very sad state to see guys in their late 20s & 30s in bars where the average age is between 18-21. It’s almost as if they plan to make a career out of being a sleeze bag for life.

    Women also had distorted ideas of what an ideal man should look like, and gravitated more so towards these meat heads.

    It’s taken a good 4-5 years for this trend to die out over here, but I suspect this new series will reignite the senseless hedonism in Greeks abroad.

    I’m hoping the novelty died off with Jersey Shore and doesn’t quite have the same impact with this new series. Time will tell

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  6. The Zionist will never do a show about the Jews just like they’ll never import pornography, illegal immigrants, homosexuality.

  7. Some jackass on the Boycott Growing Up Greek page were telling me to stop blaming Jews for something Greeks are doing to themselves. So because the cast is allegedly Greek, that means that the show isn’t a racially motivated attack/caricature by its Jewish producers and viacom executives?

    The Eternal Jew had an all-Jewish cast as well, does that mean Goebbels played in part in its content?

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  9. I don’t understand why ‘Golden Dawn’ is playing the role of ‘Greek Morality Police?’ We live in a FREE country, thank goodness, and have freedom of expression. The show is an MTV Production, not a National Geographic documentary! Get over it! God bless America!

    • Shut the hell up , you drooling moron. Nobody is playing the role of “Greek morality police”, we are playing the role of “Jews lying about Greeks” police.

      If America had freedom of speech, I would be able to go to the store and buy a newspaper that would publish this article from this perspective. If America truly attacked all ethnic groups equally, I would be able to find a show that depicts Jews in a negative way specifically for being Jewish (just like Growing Up Greek does with Greeks). Free speech is only free for certain people, when you use your free speech to criticize those who are in power you get shut down, boycotted, and censored. If these are the rules, then we’ll play by them.

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