12 comments on “On the Hastened Process to Elect the President of the Republic

    • The first attempt to elect a new president is on December 17. If one is not elected, then they two more attempted made. One must be elected by late March. If one is still elected after the third round, then early parliamentary elections are held and a new round of presidential elections takes place soon after.
      The president is elected by the MPs and is more or less a figurehead with no real authority.

      • Looking forward! so if i understand this right, does this mean samaras wont be in power for long? bc he wont have enough votes..?

    • Samaras and him people are(as per greek media sites) trying to buy people off so that they can get a enough votes to keep the government going.
      what I think is most exciting is thrall all the imprisoned Golden Dawn members of Parliament will be present for the voting and speaking!
      And to top it off this Wednesday Kasidiaris will be in parliament and will speak. They want to lift his immunity over the Baltakos video that was leaked by someone on rutube (where Baltakos confesses that Samaras, Athanasiou and Dendias set the Golden Drawers up).

      • yeah, this is going to be really exciting.. bc they’ll hopefully be in parliament, all of them!! :DD GOLDEN DAWN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HAILLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1. Will $YRIZA commit political Hebrew-Kari and help Samaras? I doubt they’ll do it, but it’s possible. All those technicalities like “constitutions”, conservatives and their bolshevik allies have shown they can do with it what they wish. Chances are they’re going to change the number of votes they need and forge new alliances (pay “opposition” off). $YRIZA will wait for a victory in a general election before they eventually form a government with PASOK inc. and then they’ll uphold the memorandum (as long as they can secure funding for LGBT affirmative action and citizenship for illegal invaders in return) .

    • 2015 is going to be an unpredictable year.

      If Papandreou manages to win over the PASOK leadership, the party will allign itself with Syriza. I’m curious as to how relevant PASOK will be in the next elections, hopefully they will disappear off the map along with LAOS, and DIMAR.

      The big question is if ND & Syriza will be forced into a coalition together…

      I think that will be the final straw for the system, it will be Golden Dawn vs the rest, the only true National Opposition. Once all the Greeks see for themselves that Syriza is nothing but PASOK 2, a sell-out party, Golden Dawn’s popularity will soar.

      • Syriza are just the defectors from Pasok ! and they are a right bunch of aliens from outerspace !!

  2. I still don’t get it, why can’t a snap parliamentary election just be called, instead of a presidential one?

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