14 comments on “BREAKING NEWS: Samaras’ Conspiracy Exposed in Parliament

  1. The media had some interest in the Baltakos scandal, not sure why this is getting the silent treatment. Perhaps Samaras has more power than we think…

    Also, why do they need to lift the immunity of Kasidiaris if he is already being held behind bars?

      • Is there any legal protection offered to ‘whistleblowers’ in Greece? Kasidiaris might fall in to that category if the letter of the law is to be followed and applied appropriately. Obviously the criminal ZOG scum in power has zero respect for law, but it might be good to show the Greek people their blatant hypocrisy when it comes to legal matters even if it doesn’t get Kasidiaris off the charges.

  2. Unbelievable. Here is blatant evidence of the government setting up dissidents for purely political persecution, yet not a peep from any of the “human rights” groups. Meanwhile, these same “human rights” organizations want to force every country in the West to teach 8 year olds that homosexuality and infantile sexuality are great.

    It’s Golden Dawn, alone (except with grassroots supporters in other parts of the West) against all. The people support Golden Dawn, and never underestimate the might of the people in overcoming all the odds thrown at them by the powers that be!

  3. This is getting good! Watching with great interest from the other side of the globe. Hail Golden Dawn! Hail Victory! The new Nationalist sentiment must rise & spread from country to country to oust the filth & rot and restore order & honour!

  4. If I may ask, who is the man that keeps on saying “Don’t record that?” I have seen him many other times trying to stop Kasidiaris and frankly his interruptions and attempts to wipe any trace of Golden Dawn from the parliament are infuriating. He obviously is a man of high rank in the government, but I can never put a name on the idiot.

    • anastais,

      you are right he usually interrupts Kasidiaris and speaks repeatedly over his voice in a failed effort to keep quiet and of record from the cameras the power of Kasidiaris true words,
      but that moron actually interrupted Kasidiaris at that specific point(he said “do not record that word meaning the word “fuck” ,it is just missing from the translation) because he wanted to point out that the phrase “fuck them” should not be recorded with the excuse that it’s a “bad” swear word and no one’s allowed to talk like that in the parliament, it “lowers the level of dignity” in the political world, you see.
      Politicians and ministers should never use that type of language,
      but it’ok, -perfectly fine- for the god damn country’s prime minister to talk like that and he will of course get away with it, no matter what else he h
      says or does, the poustis Jew loving Samaras this man -i’msure- is of the same corrupted circle and a buddy with outside of the parliament.
      So there you go, Samaras and all his good mouthed buddies can talk and order others to do whatever they want, but Kasidiaris cannot even defend himself and rightfully repeat -while able to provide evidence as well-.the well behaved prime minister’s words and acts!
      They literally turned the Greek parliament to the worse, low level, corrupted, lying, hypocritical bordelo of any other parliament to the last country on this planet!
      It’s unbelievable the blanant corruption of the Greek political and judicial world, their substate subworld mafia cooperation, more than obvious without any left doubt now, you gotta be mentally seriously damaged not to despice them, hate them and laugh ironically with them!

  5. “anastais” Let me think now???Could the name be zionist, controlled, cowardly, piece of, disgusting crap….!!!

  6. Antonis “SPINELESS” Samaras
    Soon to be former Prime Minister of Greece

    Based on their body-language, who looks like their “IN-CHARGE” in the photo below …

    Look at the photo carefully; pay attention to the “poniro” (devious) look the JEW on Samaras’ right is giving his comrade who’s shaking Samaras’ hand

    Samaras MUST OBEY his Zionist Gods & Masters!!

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