13 comments on “Kasidiaris and the Case of the “Time Traveling Prosecutor”

  1. In any other country in the world Kasidiaris would have been freed and atleast the D.A. that thought this up and signed papers would be in jail himself already! What kind of silly charges are these? Possible future crimes…..if it wasn’t so sad it would be hilarious!

  2. Haha! Maybe Minority Report was real! Maybe the Greek traitors have empaths hidden away in a basement somewhere that they constantly consult to thwart “future crime”!!! Why can’t the average person simply see how pathetic these weak & disgusting parasites are?!

  3. This is their court? The Greek napoleon dynamite (dogiakos) teaming up with the Greek Mr Bean (Samaras) are being obliterated in the information war. No matter what conclusion they come to in these bogus Jew-run courts, all of the leaks have exposed them as unscrupulous liars.

  4. As much as I sympathize with Kasidiaris on this… it’s almost unavoidable to find humor in this because it really is THAT stupid, and I’m sure that the Greek people along with many others across the world who know of this that have half a brain can see that. Samaras and the rest of these corrupt and traitorous clowns are going down. HAIL GOLDEN DAWN!

    • If only DS, if only. Unfortunately, they can get away with it cos the law has been swept away in Greece. The law is only to protect the criminal element …and we know who!!

  5. It must now be patently obvious to anyone, with half a brain, that Greece has been given away and is being turned into a third world s_it hole on zionist orders. A small but very dangerous bunch of money worshipping traitors, Samaras and his cronies, who with the help of the “controlled media”, conned the the people of Greece into voting for them….The corruption must be very deep, otherwise one must ask why are they not in a cell…!!!

    • indeed potts, oh you said the key.line
      “the corruption is very deep”,
      well the corruption in the political, judicial, media and academic world very much as well is WAY too deep!
      the communist, or marxist, or just in total leftists, however you choose to call them -they are the same shit- have officially lost war in Greece in 1949, after the fall of “junta” in November ’74 (as they called of course a very patriotic military regime that took power back then to stop the Soviet threat of communism in Greece once again) they put by FORCE in power themselves as “good democrats” of all sides and colors of the whole political democratic establishment in Greece and saved the nation from the “enemy of free speech,human rights and democracy” and “restored democracy”.
      Then Golden Dawn appeared and for the very FIRST time since ’74 they were rulling the country “democratically” they had to deal with a world and party that exposed their 40 years complete power and monopoly of the country…unrolling right now a Huge web of corruption and a system of a seriously deep running lying self-beneficionary filty corrupted substate, a subworld mafia group of Jew loving traitors who recycle themselves in power positions..all of the same circle and subworld, masked as “democrats” of a more left side or right side ideology.
      40years of a deep running corruption, destroying and progressively sucking out every good that could possibly be done from Greeks by Greeks as you can tell…are not few,
      and these democratic and leftist moneyhungry traitor monkeys were partying and enjoying a hell of a time, trashing or using the constitution laws each time to their “political career” a hell of the way it suited them each time.. so now that Golden Dawn shook their filthy hella deep disgusting waters of corruption after SO long, gaining more and more and more trust and support from the Greek people who ‘ve been for 40 whole years living helplessly in that complete bordelo of a system totally run and controled by these clowns, imagine how doubtlessly annoyed, truly terrified and pissed off they are with the presence of the once less popular GD, plus they got to do so much work to convince Greek people see them as anti-democrats, nazis, fascists, corrupted like their own shit, ufos, draculas maybe, etc.
      Let alone their leaders and masters, the Ones who decide for their political fate, the rat Jews ofcourse, are very displeased and disatisfed with them and in agony that GD does not back down and fade away, but its still rising to a real countable threat..that other Europeans will take example of and might follow.

      That is the worse possible nightmare of the Jew, they and Greek traitors of the 40 yrs filthy corrupted circle will have to face the consequences of all the decay and destruction they caused, and when it comes to the Greek “democrats” of unbelievable blatant filthy such deep orruption, prison and bars are the most “democratic” way of being handled.
      Their corruption and packs of money they get to keep mouths shut, eyes shut and proceed with whatever the Jews in NYC order to be done is unbelievable!

      Same of course happens with all EU and western leaders, but i believe the Greeks in the blatant obvious filthy deep level of corruption are something else! No law, absolutely no justice is applied to any of them, financial or of Any other nature scandals are always carefully covered and hidden, media and justice turn the blind eye.
      I’m sure we will even see them in the end crying out and betraying each other..we’d be laughing.

      Golden Dawn has a serious and long work to do with them when they rightfully and victoriously come to power, i cant wait to see them sentenced for all the pain and destroy they caused!

  6. Thank you Helen!
    You know, more and more Greeks are coming into this “harsch” realization. Until all doubts die out, it will only go worse and worse than what it is today. They’ve been lied to and betrayed repeatedly, non stop. Reality though cannot be masked and silenced any more, it is all just a matter of time.
    It’s always darker before dawn. The harder the Jew loving traitors in Greece and the whole world hit, the harscher they make reality for us, the bigger and stronger the true nationalist resistance will only grow!

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