5 comments on “A. Matthaiopoulos: The Unconstitutional Arc Turns a Blind Eye to Samaras’ Intervention in Justice

  1. First, I would like to respond here to HermesKid and Mk and thank them for the answers in the previous article. I would have responded in that same place but it since it appears that Mr. Tragakis once again acted disgracefully in this article, I thought it would be just as well to respond here.

    The injustice Mr. Tragakis committed here is not very different than the other video (or all the previous ones for that matter) so let me just say this: Does he really think that his instructions to not have any of this recorded will really matter in the end?! It may not be acknowledged by their own joke of a government but when the time for justice comes, are they then going to pretend that these vary same videos that are PUBLICLY AVAILABLE do not exist?! He is guilty as sin and what we have here is irrefutable evidence of that.

    If nothing else, I suppose it will be amusing watching him squirm when he is shown these videos as evidence against him.

  2. These criminals will eventually face justice. The only punishment that fits the crime is life in prison without the chance of parole.

    These recordings of Samaras were probably a product of espionage from countries abroad; and these countries we have to thank!!!

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