2 comments on “Golden Dawn MPs: “We’re Coming to Parliament in Handcuffs So We Can Vote Down the Memorandum Presidential Nominee”

  1. hopefully soon golden dawn can get complete power and can start rebuilding Greece and the greek people! and soon other European country’s will follow… golden dawn.. yes! they will, Brittan.. Germany.. France.. even Russia ect, they need to start talking to gd some more.. and follow their steps. hopefully golden dawn can establish a relationship with Hezbollah, they have to create an alliance with them either now or when gd takes power, or iran.. but hezbollah i say should be first. if you think about it.. gd and hezbollah both have somthen in common, both people’s land have been invaded and occupied by zionist thugs… the threat is real, in america they want and are trying very hard to destroy us whites.. way things are going now it could happen if we dont stop it… zionism needs to be dealt with now, rather then they keep calling the shots and so far hezbollah has been in the shadows lately..

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