6 comments on “To Another Nationalist Victory! – Article by N. G. Michaloliakos

  1. My only complaint is that it is only written. When the words come thundering out of his lungs, there is just no comparison! But even so, this is greatly appreciated.

    At this point, it is just a matter of waiting for the foundations of ND to collapse beneath them. I suppose we should thank these tools for having the elections early. The less time we have to deal with them the better.

    When their collapse comes, the remaining devout Hellenics who until now were mislead by the media will finally see who the real criminals were and who the real Nationalists are.

    New Democracy will fall. Syriza is next. And Golden Dawn will outlast and outshine them both.

  2. We all know election polls are skewed to some extent….especially against GD….which polls can we trust and would you say 11 percent is accurate?

  3. It’s blatantly obvious that GD had nothing to do with the death of the singer. How could they arrest the GD members so fast yet take so long for their trial….obviously there is no evidence and never was.

    I’m astounded by how many Greeks here in Canada are brainwashed and actually believe the media. What’s even more scary is the the ones that know the truth are afraid to even discuss it.

  4. Read it and read it well.

    Pass it on.

    “Your typical white society is composed of a small oligarchical elite of wealthy people, masons and jews at the top. There is a mass of brainwashed sheep in the middle and a small group of dissidents like us at the bottom of the socio- political hierarchy. For any one who has read or listened to the Turner diaries this should be pretty obvious.
    It also should be obvious that the mass of the public don’t really matter and are easily intimidated or bought off.
    They are merely in the way. The real contest for power is between those at each end of the socio- political spectrum and there really are no rules except that you either rule or you die! Real politics is war and not a tea party or a polite contest of ideas between gentlemen. For it to be otherwise it would require at least a balance of power in the area of military strength that would make armed confrontation too risky for overt action and there by prompt conflict in the realm of political debate.

    Hitler got away with the political contest of ideas because he had the SA and the SS as his party’s private army. It made the clash of arms option expensive and politically risky for the establishment. Having latent or real military power at ones disposal tells the opposition that you are a force to be taken seriously and respected. This is a political fact of life that goes back thousands of years and it is unlikely to change anytime soon. So how big and how well armed and trained is the Golden Dawn’s Militia?

    What about the other uncompromised white nationalist movements and parties if any?
    No military muscle= no political credibility and invites military aggression aimed at stamping out potential political competition that is independent of the establishment. The ability to project military power commands respect and prompts the opposition to listen to what you have to say as an alternative to overt violence.

    The broad mass of the public understand this at the gut level and that is why they shamelessly kowtow to their government and believe everything the government and their allies have to say.

    They obey power to avoid being punished. It really is that simple.”

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