7 comments on “Golden Dawn Joins Nationalists In Forza Nuova Hosted Conference In Milan

  1. Really nice to see, a beautiful sight, and i like it so very, very much.. Proper chaps and ladies…This great website is getting better…!!

  2. As great and strong as the Hellenic race and Chrysi Avgi are, it is not enough alone to triumph. Thus is it good to see cooperation amongst our European brethren. After all, it would be good for Hellas to be free but it would be even better for the entirety of Europe to also be free. Even when Chrysi Avgi triumphs, the battle still won’t be over. We have a responsibility to not only Hellas but to all of our brethren.

    • Well said, Anastais. I completely agree. As many nationalists as possible from all European nations should be working together in the fight to liberate Europe from those who seek to destroy us. Golden Dawn is at the forefront right now and the day they attain power in Greece will not be the end of the struggle, but it’ll be a great and glorious day for all of us.

  3. Just like how the zionist scum fund all these marxist, left – right puppet groups.. Golden Dawn when NPD and a few others i imagine well help fund them.

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