16 comments on “GOLDEN DAWN AMERICA PODCAST: EPISODE 18 – Honor and Sacrifice

    • There are some issues with the podomatic. We are going to work on transferring to another website, but for now, just click “download” and it should give you should be able to get the MP3.

      • All these people in these governments all these years in power are still ignoring them never do anything eventually never arresting someone though arresting only the innocent one..Is it in this way favorable and convenient for the system in terrorizing in this way the local residents and voters.?

        I definitely love truth, and since it is not the first premeditated accident that has happened in my country, relying upon your experience and loyalty, I invite you to express your opinions with absolute clear frankness and without any regard to my own convictions

      • Thank you, Ed. I was able to listen to the podcast by downloading it as you suggested; another good one. By the way, Ed, I didn’t know you were a fellow smoker. I could’ve sworn I heard you light up a cig at one point. I’ve been trying to quit but…


        Anyway I hope you and George had a good Christmas and I wish you both a Happy New Year, as well.

        Your friendly neighborhood Philhellenes

  1. I haven’t listened to the entire podcast yet, but I’ve already noticed that the recording only plays one side of the stereo audio for each speaker, plus at the beginning the audio stutters, thus making it difficult to understand what was being said. Do you think these problems are fixable?

    Guess I’ll be forced to play it in mono. I really enjoy these podcasts, so try to improve that, please. Thanks a lot for your work on covering the Golden Dawn.

      • Yes, I did say “at the beginning”, that’s a quite minor problem.

        Do you know whether you can record the audio in full stereo? It’s irritating to the ears having each speaker be heard on one side only, that is why I’ll have to convert it to mono.

      • BTW, sorry for “double-posting”, but forgot to mention that after the first few podcasts, your recordings became very good and nice to listen to without any tweaks (except for George’s occasional defective stuttering in the audio). It’s really just this episode that needed a bit better set-up. Otherwise, I appreciate your work very much, you’re surely doing more than most people to further the welfare of the Greek people (and by extention, the rest of the European people).

  2. Good episode.

    Very relevant to me as I was talking to some relatives (born in Greece) who where telling me about this political corruption.

    The consistent theme is that Greeks in Greece believe this is just normal. They’re ridiculously under travelled, and have either become simply accustomed to it or don’t understand the level of corruption. People are slowly waking up now, but it’s more so the younger generation, as Ed suggested.

  3. As expected another fine podcast by Ed and George.

    I did not attend the conference, but was afforded the opportunity by the Golden Dawn NY chapter to meet and speak with Epitideios at an informal dinner the day before. He was indeed a very modest, graceful and a dedicated representative.

    The conference was simply more than an aesthetic success as it afforded the local community an opportunity to hear a positive message from a Member of the European Parliament who proudly manifest the will of the Greek people.

    Well done!

  4. Great informative discussion gentlemen, thanks!

    Just one thing, I didn’t quite catch what exactly happened when Syriza lackeys visited London, if somebody could please fill us in with the basics?

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