9 comments on “VIDEO: Samaras Goes Psycho and Begs for Salvation: “It’s either Stavros Dimas or Golden Dawn”

  1. Warning to Golden Dawn, the closer you get to victory the more desperate the New York Zionist lobby will get, the Zionists are savage barbarians and stop at nothing in their quest for total power. They will start becoming more and more aggressive until they either start assassinating GD leaders and or pulling false flag terrorist attacks to blame on GD. If all else fails harsh sanctions will be put on Greece and Greece will become a US military target along with Russia, China, Iran, North Korea, Syria, Lebanon, Venezuela, etc.

    Don’t forget what happened to Hitler’s Germany, the Zionist are criminal thugs, I hope Golden Dawn is ready and has made their alliances in preparation for this.

    • That won’t happen now. But for the horrendous murders of Giorgios and Manolis, the aim is actually to kill the present political system, to facilitate the unceasing rise of Golden Dawn, in fact. The many events and circumstances of recent years are enough for me to come to this conclusion. The only crucial factor not subject to external control, is the bravery, tenacity and unbending resolve of GD members of parliament, who are all unjustly languishing in prison. The fact the globalists are now helping us in no way affects our own long term, uncompromising aims and goals. Greece is at present a microcosm of the whole world, I believe as Orthodox Christian this is no historical accident. We can now clearly see two diametrically opposed forces in the world, are once again congregating along battle lines around the cradle city of Constantinople. The city is again the fateful place designated for one last, mega planetary battle. Our patriotic struggles, in all their forms, are contributing to this ultimate stand too, and it is good and proper that it is so, because we have a chance to finally win and potentially avenge not only decades but centuries of unredeemed national and religious struggle.

  2. It was told me that samaras’ mother is a jewess, making him jewish according to jewish law. Has anyone else heard this? Not sure what to believe.

    • From what we know, this is not true. Samaras mother is Greek as far as we know, but there have been some members of both New Democracy and PASOK who have Jewish origin Anna Asimakopoulou for example has an American Ashkenazi Jew mother.

      George Papandreou has Polish Jew on his fathers side and American Ashkenazi Jew on his mothers side, only his Paternal Grandfather is Greek.

      There are not very many Greeks with Jewish ancestors dating back very far, Kostas Simitis of PASOK is one of the few. The other partial jews in the government have this ancestry through mixing with American or other European Jews in the last century.

  3. Watching with great interest! These are exciting but yes, dangerous times.

    Here in New Zealand – a country built to what it is today by white europeans but rapidly being taken over by chinese hordes & third world refugees with their hands out – we have a JEWISH prime minister in the form of John Key. He both looks the part (check his nose & weak, rat-like features for very easy identification) AND has a jewish mother. Whilst previous opposition governments laid the foundation for mass chinese & third world immigration, John Key’s “National” (what a joke!) government has steadily been selling off all our assets and allowed real estate to be sold wholesale to the chinese. We are in the midst of a full-blown takeover in New Zealand and the average pleb is blissfully unaware of what is taking place right in front of their eyes! This little country is f^^^ed and unfortunately I don’t see much hope here unless the worldwide jewish stranglehold is both openly exposed and then forcefully smashed apart across the globe!

    My thoughts and best wishes are with all members of Golden Dawn & their families and indeed with all Nationalists and anti-parasites worldwide! Hail Victory Brothers & Sisters!

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