11 comments on “THEY’RE THE ONES THAT TOOK DOWN THE JUNTA: A Proud “NO” from Our Comrades in Parliament -PHOTOS

  1. Bravo..Power to the Nationalist, Power to GD. Get rid of this puppet sell out government. ..Happy new year to the Nationalist all over Europe and especially to the Nationalist of Greece. …from Melbourne Australia

  2. Hi Brothers,i am Serbian and i used to be in a football hools Grobari from Belgrade,we are brothers with Paokara.It is about 6 years now that i stoped going to games so i wonder if Paok fans are on your side!
    I know that amoungst Greek club fans there are many communists and anarchists,but from what i remamber Paok and Olympiakos fans are very nationalistic!
    Since both clubs are brothers with two bigest Serbian clubs which are very nationalistic i asume that these two Greek clubs are as well!
    I used to visit Toumba stadion in Thesaloniky many times years ago and met many Paok fans which are hard core nationalists,i lost all contacts since i stoped going to games so i wonder, are they on GD side???
    And is GD doing something to recrute footbal fans in Greece??
    And how much percent you guys thing GD will get in the next elections??

    If any of you could answer me these few questions i would be very thankful!!

    Love to my Greek Brothers from Belgrade Serbia!
    Long live Hellas Long live GD!!

  3. Great news! Well done this round and strength & best wishes for the next! 2015 is the year the parasites begin to be ousted (the nicest word I can use here) and it can’t come soon enough! The uncompromising worldwide counter-revolution needs to happen now and you guys in Greece are set to honour your ancestors and once again make (and reset) great history by leading the way! All power to Golden Dawn! Hail!

  4. The humorous thing is that during this last week, the soon to be former president Stavros Dimas claimed that he would not accept votes from Chrysi Avgi, pretty much to the point of bragging about it. All that bluster over a fact that even he is too smart to believe, that Chrysi Avgi would EVER support the occupation government with their votes. But I suppose we all can appreciate the laughs from this unintentional comedian.

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