6 comments on “What’s With The Games, International Money Lenders?

  1. The great thing is is that it can only get worse for the system, even just after announcing rushed elections this is already so. I again express my view this narrative of wholesale breakdown, is in fact being directed by western globalists themselves, and Greece is for several years now the microcosm of this fight-to-the-death battle between patriots and traitors, in the contemporary nation state.
    So elections now only serve to further strengthen the position of patriots, and conversely further weaken the position of traitors. Even if they all end up in one grand coalition against the Golden Dawn, this in itself will look so bad except it will actually be worse than that for them, because there is so little time for campaigning all the hollow rhetoric will be so explosive they’ll all be at each other’s throats without any hope of return to the current status quo, ever. This is only compounded by the sheer scale of the crisis which the overwhelming majority of people in Greece are now fully aware of, all the main actors no longer being invisible and everything. The swan has finally sung for the corrupted Greek political classes, though this could never have happened without the sheer tenacity and resolve of all warriors and martyrs within the People’s Association, in directing the course of events, for this you all have the utmost respect of all genuine patriots everywhere! Soon we will all be free, something we never would have even dreamed of only 7 years ago, when the global economic crisis was still practically never even heard of. The oncoming change might well be sudden and a shock for the entire world, but our patriotic vision has always been the same, therefore we can already see the light at the end of the tunnel, God be with us all!

  2. Hopefully after people see sryiza is just another party that lied to them, about their ideas and what their going to do when they come to power. of course after they do these things will the greek people that voted for them finally wake up?! i think so.. it’s only a matter of time, till these sryiza greeks join golden dawn.

  3. i am disgusted, a.b.s.o.l.u.t.e.l.y DISGUSTED from these lying zionist money-hungry international pigs, hypocrites, and their awful faithful dogs of all Greek “left and right and all the inbetween” agenta. One promises no memorandum but will Never reply where the hell they ll find the money from to pay off the “invisible money” of loans no one ever sees to the deamon big $ sharks like the IMF and keeps moaning about Merkel like as if madam MERKEL as an individual & persona is Greece’s&the whole world’s only problem (atheist&with no national identity SYRIZA),
    the other one will agree to follow the austerity policy Germany and Merkel approve of and continue the memorandum policies, promising that “there s light at the end of the tunnel”, that we ll sacrifice and suffer a little more but “growth and the end of crisis are close” (new democracy). And all of them all together keep and keep mocking Greek and European people endlessly 4 years in a row now.

    Meantime in Germany the german and austrian popular hugely profitable Zionist media such as spiegel, Republica and almost all german speaking media started terrorizing Germans over Greece as usual again, telling them that they ll have to get taxed more and send more money to the lazy, unstable, ungrateful, trouble maker thiefs -the Greeks-, terrorizing both them and Greeks by saying that if Greece doesnt complete the austerity program promises she gave, the euro crisis is back on again and due to Greece’s irresponibility the whole of Europe will suffer and collapse into a financial hell.
    All this “love talk of terror” of course, another well designed and orchestrated zionist hypocritical massive media theather of paranoia, all that to push Greece with Merkel’s Germanic surveillance onto continuing the same social/political/financial tactic of austerity no matter what Syriza promises before it gets elected, so that Syriza’s submission into EU and IMF desires at last will be reasonated and justified in the future, if Greece wishes to remain in the euro and/or the EU. How smart…
    You see…Syriza might be promising heaven on earth to the very tired and humiliated Greeks now, but somehow will be “forced” for “the good of the nation” not to put in practise everything it used to promise when new democracy had to play the role of the “bad guy”, but for Syriza, just as it was for new democracy before, it ll be a heavy-hearted-dead-end-mandatory-thing-to-do and IMF’s irrational demand that no one cannot do anything for.

    All of them are cheap and bad actors/actresses to the same play, All of them play their own act role to the same tragic&comic theather called “transformation of Europe” and anybody daring to shout out how bad and hypocritical they really are is an evil fascist, ww2 neonazi, criminal, evil dictator etc that will take power and dominate the world when in Reality thats exactly what they have planned to do.

    Sometimes you get the feeling that everyrhing the Jews and their non Jewish serving dogs accuse their enemies for is exactly what perfectly describes them themselves and their own nature, Jews like to twist and reverse things to their own benefit in a symmetrical way, all of their lies and hypocritical judgment of the enemy is their own race characteristics reversed like as if someone mirrored them, only though that their own race evil and uncontrolled addiction of global dominance is masked.

    4 years of endless terror and threats,.4 years of unbearable “democratic” opressing junta of massive national destruction..

    Terror, terror, lies, emotional manipulation, mind control, mental prison, psychological war, reversed reality and endless threthening in case anyone disobeys…

    How long will the next generations of Greeks and Europeans be able to handle all that?! How long will the once race and history proud Greeks and Europeans keep trusting their nation-poisoning lying destructive EU governments of both left and right?!
    How long will they just give away endlessly their land, homes and tax money to 3rd world barbaric invaders, baptized from their lying zionist occupied media as pitiful immigrants?!
    How long will that mind prison and living hell be that efficient and powerful till the ultimate decay and destroy?
    Can the truly weak, complexed, unfair and evil sneaky (Jews) defeat the truly superior, gentle and powerful (Aryans)?

    They say that anything that doesn’t kill you only just makes you stronger. And that’s exactly what this bacteria and self destructive disease the Jews have implanted to us will do!

    To the true and proud national awakening of all whites and Europeans! To the doubtless future Nationalistic revolution of every white western nation! Nationalists in every white corner of the earth united!
    Ζήτω η Ελευθερία! Ζήτω η ΧΡΥΣΗ ΑΥΓΗ! Hail Golden Dawn!

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