29 comments on “FEMEN Comes To Greece Specifically To Fight Golden Dawn

  1. I hope they will get the chance of meeting few GD guys in person which will eventually brake the jaws of these jews!!

    • Excellent your analytic statement comment G.D.

      I wish also to add that today in the 20th century they are using these kind of provocative “mechanisms” in the same way and manner they were using them in 18th century.

      Remember that The Decabrist revolution staged by the Free – Masons, headed by the Rothschilds, against Nicholas I. in 1825 failed, and a whole plan of murders and revolutions was elaborated by the Tigers.
      They “created” for the purpose a series of able Jewish agents such as Disraeli ( England )
      ( Lord Beaconfield )1805, Napoleon III,1908, Bismark 1815, Gambetta – Gamberle 1838, not counting the Jews Marshall Soult, Bombelle, Karl Marx, Ferd.Lassale, Hertz ( Hertzen ) and others..

      The next was the death of Napoleon II, in 1832.
      This was accomplished through a Jew – Bombelles – the tutor of Nathan’s Rothschild son , Lionel, and described by Disraeli in his book “Coningsby” as “Rebello”…..thus
      ” A Jesuit before the revolutions…since then an exiled Liberal leader…now a member of the Spanish Cortes…..Rebello was always a Jew”

      Rebello – Bombelles – introduced to the Eaglet a pretty Jewish dancer, Fanny Elsner, who was ordered to make such violent love to Napoleon II, that he would die from exhaustion. And she succeded in 1832.
      The same year the last son of Napoleon I , by Queen Hortense of Holland died from an “accident”.

      As we can see History always makes its necessary turnings…Is that true.?

    • Lets hope GD stand up to such degeneracy.
      Remember: Femen is fuelled by coveeage and attention. Be sure to give them neither. Id go so far as to prevent reporters who seek out Femen activities to broadcast. Road blockades, or any disruption.

  2. I like how in this article the word “women” to describe these tits-free Soros funded “feminists activists” prostitutes is in quotations. And tits-free yelling and acting hysterically in a “nude war”(as they call it) like witches probably exclusively to provoke and draw attention from everywhere. They are a huge disgrace to the female gender, every woman and girl feels humiliated from their actings.
    Only unwashed anarchist junkies in Exarchia, Greek libtards leftists and gays in Athens will recruit them, that’s right.
    Who’s to take these disgraceful -in all levels- anarchist yelling prostitutes seriously?! All that to just provoke..and certainly will draw man attention as well, in a country with many serious survival problems and issues!

    I just wish that many of the Pakistani and Afghani large and big community in Athens will be there as well, to watch some free show..and why not, rape some of them!
    As harsh and terrible I might sound, to be honest, I will truly enjoy it. Best way to punish these Soros Jew funded anti-fascist anti-christian and homoloving “activists”.
    Take them all together on a tour to countries where Isis operates to protest, problem is solved.
    Those are times

      • Thank you Helen. I am a woman myself, living in Greece, and i’m sure that every white respectable lady feels humiliated by these money-hungry, Jew funded, brain-intoxicated disgraceful hookers that work “hard” to destroy our proud heritage, race, culture and traditions!

        Recently it fell in my notice an emotional very sad but bitter true post that took me by surprise, made by a Greek woman aware of this fake story of “feminism”, sexual liberation, homosexuality exposure&encouragement, sexual perversion,  and “womens rights” on purpose implanted from the Jews to the whole of the western white world, in efforts to destroy white families and the white christian morals, traditions and culture, what we refer to as cultural Marxism. 

        I’d like to share it. Here it goes.

        “Feminism that was funded by Jew globalists, took us out of our homes and made us “burn” our femininity. We honored the “masculine pants” (meant metaphorically) we wore, sterilized our men and gave our children from the time they were still babies to be taken care of from the public educational system. But the fact is that our children did not grow and learn that “Greek education” as we used to know it. They have been well prepared to become “nation-neutral” and “tradition rejects” and today, immigrants to the richer Western countries. Anti-hellens and fugitives. The replacement of our population in a few decades is a fact.
        And you, Greek mother, progressive, liberated, citizen of the world, a fighter, now that you have become aware of the fake “feminism” they sold to you (if you have already realized it), now it is too late.. YOU HAVE CANCELLED YOURSELF AND YOUR STRUGGLES.. Neither a Hellenida, nor a mother..Keep that wisdom this death and destruction gave you, in order to pass it on to your grandchildren one day. If they are ever born, and if you will ever be able to actually meet them in some corner of this planet that they will be probably sold as work slaves in the future”

        Bitter true, very sad and shocking, but what is more annoying is that sadly it is already becoming true. 

      • MK:

        Excellent posting! Women in my life were also brainwashed for a long time via our “educational system”. After we obtained the truth (exactly what you described) they changed and no longer believe in that feminist jew funded bullshit. They are now stronger, smarter and wiser.

      • @MK: An excellent post. Whilst I am an American Born Hellenic, I have visited the Patrida a few times (and intend to do so again in the near future) and I have seen the truth in your words. Not perhaps directly, as I did not see the parents as often but I have seen the, shall we say, results of the new parenting. Many (though thankfully not all) of the youth I saw were spoiled, arrogant, and had an overall ungrateful attitude. Rather than the nobleness and strength that I expected, I saw entitlement and degradation.

        This was a profound shock to me. As I said, I am American born but I did have what is now apparently the divine blessing to be raised by traditional Hellenic parents. I had seen how most (though again thankfully not all) of the American Hellenes lost their racial identity, whether through the trash that today passes for culture or through race mixing. Thus, the first time I visited Hellas, I went in with the naive hope that things were better at the homeland. That idea lasted about a week. That was when I learned that the values, morals, and virtues that were taught to me were in fact a dying breed.

        This disillusionment was one of the major reasons I abandoned my faith in the conservative right and sought out a true nationalist movement. It took a while but eventually with Chrysi Avgi’s emergence I had my answer. I would lie be lying if I said I wasn’t skeptical at first, but I can tell you that any doubts I had were soon dismissed.

    • Υou’re welcome Mk. Indeed your findings are true and factual you are well-read and aware of what is going on! It is not by chance zionists have infiltrated their claws like a hawk all over the world! I just read online that in London Jewish patrol cars have been put on the roads to protect Jewish neighbourhoods….. as if their lives cost more than any others!

      • This exists here in New York city for decades, particularly in Jewish areas of Brooklyn the Jews have their own unmarked police cars, their own ambulances etc, it is literally a no go zone for other races, particularly the blacks who live in ghettos bordering there.

        They go on TV and speak about tolerance and diversity while they have some of the most racially segregated neighborhoods in the city. There were once many European Christian areas of the city that were homogenic, but in the 80s the Jews started forcing blacks and Puerto Ricans into the neighborhood schools even private Catholic schools and this led the whites in those areas to leave and they became less homogenic. Meanwhile the Jews have their kids go to special schools with segregated busses and to this day their neighborhoods stay completely Jewish.

      • Thank you for your reply xaameriki. I can believe what you wrote about the Jewish stronghold in some neighbourhoods in NY! I think this happens everywhere in major cities like NY, London, Paris etc.
        Let me tell you 2 little stories I just remembered. When my mother took me to register me at a local nursery school in London 1965 she didn’t realise it was a Jewish school. After the interview it came to light that we are not Jewish, the headmistress was so angry she literally threw us out! Just for not being Jews and having the gall to come to her poxy school!
        Another time, during WW1 my granny’s Jewish neighbours requested that she hide them somewhere in her large house away from the prying eyes of the German occupiers and that after the war my granny would be compensated. Granny presumed it was some financial aid. Nope, in fact what the Jews offered her was a one-off free dental service !!! (they were dentists!)

  3. Their all funded by soros guys, why would “russian activist” have english writing on them? think about it.

  4. Hey Guys check out this video posted on youtube. Panagiotaros looks like a true patriot!

    Does anyone have anymore info on this particular confrontation (ie. another video somewhere, who that author was, title of book or what this gathering was about)

    • This was a gathering in 2009 conducted by a jew, and a Dutch woman and a few others producing a translation dictionary called the “Greek to Macedonian Dictionary” they were claiming the Bulgarian dialect the skopians speak is an endangered “Macedonian Language” thus spreading the skopian propaganda that Macedonians are not Greeks but rather Bulgarian Speaking slavs with a separate language.

      • Good work, wherever there is an illegitimate historical/cultural/linguistic/border dispute the Jew is there fanning the flames on the illegitimate side. From Palestine itself to Greece/FYR, Spain/Catalonia, Iraq/Kurdistan, etc. The Jew loves dividing up nations and creating illegitimate states with made up histories to justify their own unlawful occupying military base in the Mid East.

      • I’ve seen this video but not when they were all walking out like that, If those are Golden Dawnist praise them! Oh they are great, Golden Dawn will put these anti greek groups in their place every time they think about putting together a gathering.

  5. Just an FYI on how these foreign subversives work:
    According to the Italian newspaper “Il Foglio”, and investigative reporting in the UK, every FEMEN activist (almost always a Ukrainian) who is arrested in Europe receives €1,000 a day starting from the time they entered the “target country” until the time they leave their incarceration.

    Meanwhile, in Ukraine … where the group is headquartered … (and the average Ukrainian makes €500 per month) … the FEMEN girls are paid €1,000 a month … and the leaders €2,500 a month.

    For the record, FEMEN girls are often caught on camera wearing the “Star of David … which is unsurprising … since the group is wholly funded by Jews for the purpose of anti-Russian propaganda … and luring young woman to the “extreme Sextrism” activist lifestyle … focused on destabilizing the European social adhesive (and whatever other cause they are told to rally to in the future)..

    An American-born media Mogul Jed or “Judd” Sunden, with close ties to the Ukrainian Jewish community of Krivoy Rog, is the key figure behind the scenes.

    The other key funding source is a German Jew Helmut Josef Geier … professionally known as DJ Hell. He is the label boss of International DeeJay Gigolo Records (Responsible for many of the big records to come out of the electroclash that emerged in Berlin in the mid-nineties).

    No doubt the fact that both these weird Pied Piper rabid zionist assholes are Jewish … and the fact that convicted billionaire Epstein’s underage prostitution ring consists predominantly of Ukrainian girls … is entirely coincidental.

  6. I’m glad someone has realised what’s happening. I don’t agree that it’s specifically against GD it’s a Marxist/zionist plot against the whole white race. We must fight by standing with all our white European brothers and sisters while ensuring we keep our own traditions and identities. On the other hand, GD has some members who are doing the party no favours and it would be to its advantage to have a cull. From: xaameriki – ΧΡΥΣΗ ΑΥΓΗ xrysh aygh GOLDEN DAWN news in english To: rmondrz@yahoo.com Sent: Sunday, January 4, 2015 8:36 PM Subject: [New post] FEMEN Comes To Greece Specifically To Fight Golden Dawn #yiv3090923625 a:hover {color:red;}#yiv3090923625 a {text-decoration:none;color:#0088cc;}#yiv3090923625 a.yiv3090923625primaryactionlink:link, #yiv3090923625 a.yiv3090923625primaryactionlink:visited {background-color:#2585B2;color:#fff;}#yiv3090923625 a.yiv3090923625primaryactionlink:hover, #yiv3090923625 a.yiv3090923625primaryactionlink:active {background-color:#11729E;color:#fff;}#yiv3090923625 WordPress.com | xaameriki posted: “An announcement of readiness has been made by Femen, timed to coincide with the collapse of the Samaras government, for a project in Greece. The “activism” of these “women” is not targeted at bringing attention to the grave poverty and injustice milli” | |

  7. Who funds Femen?:


    Pictures of Femen wearing Jewish stars:


    If they enter Greece, and commit one of their vile acts against Golden Dawn or a church, they should be whipped and beaten, like the Cossacks did to P**** Riot.
    Not to mention if Golden Dawn ever takes power, any of these Femen protestors should be shot on the spot in Greece for their public demonic, vile antics – Afterall, there’s a reason why Femen do this stuff in Europe and not Saudi Arabia or Iran.

  8. Methinks that posters advertising their visit and “free services” to all immigrant men should start appearing en masse in immigrant flooded areas. The posters could have a picture of a topless femen bitch and include words like “We are FEMEN! We are coming to your cities, towns & neighborhoods to seek healthy (immigrant) men to show us a good time! We believe in free love and would love groups of men to show us what you’re made of. Please make us welcome when we visit your city. Looking forward to meeting you lover!”

    I’m pretty sure they’d get some great “respectful support” from their fellow lefty immigrant hordes if enough of this “advertising” was to appear around the place 😉

  9. If they want to expose themselves like animals, let them. They will only make themselves look like fools until the police show up. The desecration of religious symbols is another matter entirely. If they so much as touch a Cross or Icon, they need to be beaten. If this so called protest group expects that they can waltz into an Orthodox Christian nation and act disrespectfully, they have another thing coming.

    It would be even better if Hellenic women themselves did this to these thinly veiled Jewish backed whores to show them that our race is in no need of their kind of “empowerment.” Feminism as a whole is nothing more than a thoroughly disproven tool of Zionist interests that has been largely discarded even by the former puppeteers. All that is really left of it are the few real life barbarians who still cling to it like the ones in this article and an obnoxious community of brain dead social justice warriors on the internet.

    If nothing else, it is rather amusing that this former puppet ideology has at least partially also turned against its creator. Perhaps someone should have informed these empowered females that criticizing anything Zionist would suddenly make their magical well of funding disappear.

  10. I hope these flat-chested retards reap physical consequences on this trip, if you want to attack men you should expect to be treated as a man would. Scata na fate vromiares!

  11. You should tell them, “Are you telling us what to say and do in our own country? Is that what your saying? Greece is not a country made up of immigrants there is an ethnicity here one has to answer to and you are looking at it. You need to go back to your lesbian bars and not bring your filth to Greece.”

    Xrisi Avgi me fovaste tipota. As an Hellen- born you have citizenship rights that you just can’t imagine the magnitude of. One of them being is speaking your mind in Hellas.

    Please do something for Cyprus. Cyprus has been double teamed by Disgusting Britain and Turkey.
    As you are going to be the future government of Greece you need to know how to answer this-
    I think Greece is thinking the cypriot constitution that disgusting Britain made is legal it’s not.

    You could say this is called legalizing your theft in Cyprus. What business does Britain have making Cyprus’s constitution anyway? Call Turkey and Britain to remove their troops or there is going to be war. Our fellow patriots have been suffering way to long there.

    Keeta ti lene————– http://www.topix.com/forum/world/cyprus/T1HFUUU4NETK544CA

    My name is Democracy there.

    Zito Xrisi Avgi! Zito!

    To Helleniko Ena
    (I also named myself that from the principles
    I believe in)

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