14 comments on “The Green Flag of Islam Over Athens – At the Spot where Kaminis Summoned the Riot Police to Prevent Golden Dawn from Distributing Food – Photos and Videos

    • You racist, homophobic bigot!
      No wonder Greece remains backward and mired in hatred. I hope Greece gets what it deserves….a hard kick in the ASS right out of the European Community! Not only is the Acropolis and all the antiquities. archaic, but so is the mentality of most Greeks in Greece. Glad I live a world and an ocean away!

      • Ur crazy dude, So if 3-4 illegal immigrants come into Greece and Rob,Rape,Kill Natives, that makes them racist for defending their land? if the government there is anti greek then golden dawn is racist fro standing up to them? your the one that is backwards, you have no idea what is going on in greece dude so shut up.

      • Hey Steve. Go to hell you zionistsislamist. Go live in paris. Don’t blame Gd or greeks if you get shot by Islamists from Syria. After all, you liberal minded homos created theses monsters

  1. this is disgusting what’s happening to Greece and the Greek people are being invaded by is third World scum Who come to Greece not to become Greek but only to take advantage of the tax payers and their welfare system it’s an invasion paid for by the tides foundation and other groups like that are complicit in filling up Europe with non-Europeanswe must not back down and we must never surrender

  2. Arabs in Holy Hellas? Wtf?
    The Greeks should have assembled and kicked some ass!
    This is the only way to win !

  3. We know, we know the traitorism of the greeks within. That filthy mayor attacks greeks who was giving out food to the other greeks but if any part of islam comes before him he doesn’t blink an eye. What a traitor! What a filthy filthy 2 faced greek! Xilo kai poli maleesta theloun kabosi prothotes ellines. Don’t forget that Golden Dawn about the treacherous traitors of the greeks within.
    They are loyal to islam some greeks specifically from the Asia minor. Keep that in mind.

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