8 comments on “Coming Soon to Greece by “Order of Samaras”: A Bloodbath in France over a Cartoon of Mohammed!

  1. Don’t cry too much, the people drawing these cartoons were communists and Jews who hated Golden Dawn more than muslims.

  2. Paris is a third world nightmare. There was once a time where Detroit was called the Paris of the Midwest. Today, Paris is the Detroit of Europe. That is what happens when your left-wing and right-wing politicians are little more than a bunch of Jews babbling to one another.

    • In 2010 I went with my wife to visit Paris. One of the places we wanted to visit was Monmartre. We took the subway to get there. When we got off at the nearest station and out onto the street we were stunned. For a few seconds (maybe minutes, who knows) we were shocked by the “multicultural surprise”. We couldn’t believe what we were seeing. While in the centre of Paris practically everyone was white, when we emerged from the subway at Monmartre everyone was black!!! No whites, no Arabs, only negroes. For a moment I thought we had travelled directly to Mombasa.

      After the few moments of paralysis, we realised that a few metres away there was someone smiling at us. Someone that knew perfectly what was happening to us. That understood us perfectly. Someone dressed police style and was the only white person apart from us, the tourists. She walked up to us and asked very politely if we were looking for Montmatre. She gave us some indications and said goodbye. It is something I will never forget.

      I am hoping to visit Athens soon, and I truly hope that I won’t get the same sort of “surprise” when wanting to visit the Acropolis. Some kinds of scenarios aren’t good for tourism.

  3. Sad to say, but Edward said true.
    The worst is that this event would change nothing in the mind of the stupid leftists, most of them said that we should response with even more tolerance towards muslims.

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