3 comments on “Bankingnews.gr asks “Golden Dawn will take 3rd place in elections, why?”

  1. I know for a while Golden Dawn has always held the 3rd largest party for a while now, I don’t get why you guys always make it seem like being 3rd is something new. Yes Golden Dawn has held 3rd even when the leader and a lot of the top mps are in prison, this is great they can keep 3rd even with them in prison but still, Soon people want to hear that one day (soon) that Golden Dawn will exceed 3rd biggest party. Just the thought of Golden Dawn being the 3rd biggest party feels great honestly.

    If you ask me, I think it’s time Golden Dawn needs to spread. I know there are areas in Greece where GD isn’t as popular. I know its probably already happening. What is Golden Dawn pre pared to do if they don’t release Nikolaos Michaloliakos in march?

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