7 comments on “Authentic Poll The Media Doesn’t Want You To See

  1. I know only 2,000 greeks voted in this poll but, it looks like bs to me. Gd has way more then 11,5 also the bs with syriza and the other 2nd top one, always seem to be really high? i don’t think a poll which only 2,000 people voted could even be looked at as credible..

    • I think 11.5 is a nice steady & consistent increase from the EU elections. I’ve seen others which put them in 19%, but I’m skeptical of them being that high.

      Really, all XA need to do is maintain until the leaders are out. These little increases are just bonuses. The real prize is when Syriza gets elected and the anti-systemic voters realize Tsipras is just another tool. XA becomes the obvious next option.

  2. My fellow Hellens,

    Instead of believing foreigners propaganda about our beloved Golden Dawn how about you truly look at and LISTEN for what they stand for with YOUR own ears and eyes or is it just easier for you to condemn without reason?

    What do you have in Greece as of now? Where does Greece stand?
    1. You have her national identity compromised. She doesn’t exist as Greece she exists as a state
    in a federal union correct?
    2. Most of the time she is subject to the European union in what they say correct?
    3. Most of the greeks have created an exodus to other lands and at the same time you are
    wondering why there is no strong economy?
    Do you see greeks on soup lines with this government in power?
    4. You have our beloved Cyprus occupied for 30 plus years by the Turks.
    Which translates some wanted Greece divided be arguing among herself while the Turks
    be able to squat in Greek Cyprus and that was accomplished.
    One greek shouldn’t be able to sleep at night when another greek can’t.
    This is an embarrassment for Greece. Most of us in the eksitereko are humiliated over it.
    And whats another reason why this happened? Because there is Greek Muslims in the
    greek government.
    5. Do you feel safe in your own country? No right. Why?
    6. Freedom in Greece is diminishing. I mean really since when is it illegal to be giving out
    free food to the greeks and be TEAR GASSED over it? If that politician did it to Golden
    Dawn what makes you think he wouldn’t do it to you if he didn’t like what you were doing?
    7. The national population growth of greece has been 10 million for how many years?
    Its been like that way to many years which is ridiculous. It also means that greece
    is a standstill stuck in time never be able to go foward.

    And with just some of these issues that I mentioned you think it’s going to be worse with Golden Dawn? How can it be?

    You must know how to recognize the truth in the modern world as well.

    Vote for Golden Dawn! Tell your family members that in Greece.

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