9 comments on “N.G. Michaloliakos: On the Night of January 25th, We Will Be Victorious!

  1. “The pseudo-democrats tell you that the basis of democracy is freedom of speech. They are lying to you.”

    100% correct. You can also add “Freedom of the press” and “Freedom of assembly” to that. The mainstream press are all controlled by a single interest group and no dissenting voice is tolerated. Occupy Wall St. proved freedom of assembly is also not tolerated even if it is fully legal and peaceful.

    It’s all just illusions of freedom. In reality it is an authoritarian Zionist tyranny with the central banks and their subsidiaries having all the real power. For 99% of the people the only freedoms they have are the freedom to be a slave and freedom to die.

    • It may not be the technical truth but it is the reality. With Democracy, in theory, everyone is supposed to have the same voice. From a legal perspective, there is no denying that. The reality of course is that Johnny Nobody with his empty pockets will never have even a fraction of the influence that a CEO Goldberg does.

      Is there really any doubt why Jews push Democracy so much? I mean sure, other systems of government have fallen pray to greed. But none have been so rotten to the core with bribes and favors like the Republics of today.

  2. Aren’t charges supposed to have been pressed by now? I thought they had to press charges or release them by november last year?

    • The leader is by law supposed to be released this march, there is a law that says they can only hold someone i think for 18 – or something months without legit charges. so this march he should be released.

    • “So this march he should be released.”

      “Should” being the key word here. New Democracy is on its way out but it increasingly seems that we are going to trade one puppet government (ND) for another (Syriza). I have the gut feeling that they will try to pull more dirty tricks of some sort to keep him in longer. After all, he wasn’t exactly arrested through honest means in the first place.

      • It’s been said before and I agree that eventually people are going to wise up to these controlled parties and realize that Golden Dawn really is the truest and best option for Greece and for Greeks. Syriza will give the Greek people more of the same and that will no doubt open even more eyes and ears to Golden Dawn.

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