7 comments on “N.G. Michaloliakos:  Golden Dawn Will Be the Third Place Party Despite the Political Persecution

  1. Nikolaos tell us what your going to do if they don’t let you out? or should i say, what will GD do? btw he’s suppose to be out this march.

  2. Bob, no need to answer your question..This zionist controlled”greek” scumbag criminal regime will have to free this Great man….!!

  3. Have you considered calling your enemies anti-Greek and you and your allies pro-Greek and framing every issue and every debate as pro-Greek vs. anti-Greek?

  4. I feel so enraged and upset right now that I can’t help it! But talk things out. Tsipras (Syriza leader) the leftist probably biggest Anti-Hellenist Jew loving DISGUSTING traitor was just today walking around my town, a little town in Northern Greece (Eastern Macedonia) statistically proven to be in 2014 as the biggest town population suffering of unemployment in the WHOLE of Europe! And when we say whole..we don’t just mean Luxembourg, Paris, London or Brussels, but Albania, Bulgaria, Romania etc too. Unemployment, not poverty. 80% of Greeks of the ages of 18to35 are unemployed,sitting home, useless, growing poorer and poorer, having NOTHING absolutely nothing to do, falling month by month into annoying apathy and depression. A real necropolis!!!! Of pension aged disturbing idiotic generation of Polytechneio Greeks (baby boomers generation who destroyed our glorious country in EVERY way) sitting around, bubbling absolute crap and nonsense every single day in coffee shops, bitching like prostitutes that the pimp (Greek state) takes all of their money away now and why did their old good pimp (pasok and new democracy) treated them like that while their kids (my generation..those few youngest left still in this necropolis of pasok and new democracy immature spoiled MOST stupid and inhuman elders) are literally SUFFERING, all of them unemployed in the age of 30 and above, still living with their parents, with no money to marry or make themselves happy by giving to life offsprings and grandchildren for that enormously stupid generation of Polytechneio!! The generation of Greeks that destroyed their future and every possible chance these young Greeks had to not immigrate elsewhere, stay in their homeland, get themselves a job, have the money and capacity to marry and grow their children one day, to overall live like proud Greeks a decent life in their patrida.

    And these 70’s brainwashed cultural marxist democratic-thinking pieces of shit Greeks of the generation of Polytechneio who ve been voting for Pasok and new Democracy ALL OF THEIR LIVES not caring literally about anything as long as the money checks were coming in mysteriously at the end of the month, knowing that Tsipras and Syriza are mostly recruited from very well known ex Pasok traitors, -its important to repeat, knowing that or at least supsecting it so far- they now , today, AGAIN, gather all together with enormous enthusiasm and huge idiotic smiles on their faces in my town to meet one of the worst traitors that Greece will ever give birth to to shake hands with him and tell him all excited how much they expect him to miraculously change Greece’s unseen chaos and misery and raise their pensions because the previous fooled them!

    All that while the real useful, by far smarter and wiser and productive generation of Greeks, their children, aged 25 to 35 are unemployed, asking from these worthless ultra stupid parents some money to buy something to eat or go drink a coffee, with no other interests or hobbies, and while the real LEADERS, the real Greeks who would care less for money and self-indulging lifestyle would sacrifice all they have to save us ALL and save our homeland and the great honor to be called a Greek are by all means illegally and very disturbingly silenced, imprisoned, called names and labored as nazi, murderers, criminals, dictators, ufos, draculas and so on from all massive media and every social interaction every single day.

    Idiocy and stupidity litey meets no limits! I feel so enranged and especially with that shity shitty hugely delusional self-destroying generation of polytechneio that set this never-seen hard-to-reverse base of shameful betray and mess, no words can describe! No words!

    Being absolutely conscious and more fiery determined than ever over complete devotion and vote to Golden Dawn, seeing all these almost worthless now to live (let alone have the right to vote) old generations of Greeks shaking hands and kissing all happy like stupid the Jew loving traitors of Tsipras party, I am as much as certain and 100% sure without a doubt that the nationalistic revolution to Greece, and in extent to the rest of Europe, is a one-way street for freedom and liberation from these air suffocating most well-wrapped modern masked turrany from the filthy hateful sneaky Jews and will burn like fire with rage all these little moaning and narrow-minded idiots and traitors all over the country whether they allow our leader to be off these stupid bars they put him in with absolutely no trial and overnight this March or not!! And it is all simply a matter of time.

    Nationalists, true total conscious of the harsh reality anti-Semitic nationalists will unite and burn this colloseum of master deception and psychological hell and fight in every way possible.
    Our enemy will never back down and simply loosen up or disappear on their own!
    EU, euro and white race’s extinction will never fall unless it’s slaves choose to disobey in all, take the lead and burn it all down.

    As Greek fighters of the great revolution and disobey towards the Turks in 1821 used to say:
    “Freedom cannot be just given or gifted to you. It never will. You have to earn it on your own, and it takes some real boldness and high principles to do that”.

    Now we know that wether we like it or not, this is the blatant reality.Things are getting harsher and harsher, the world is getting more depressed, tighter smaller and perverted, every beautiful and glorious meaningful principle is dying. The Jew will never go away till there’s some strong force united and willing to die to cut their way and smash their plans of dominance over the world.
    Either we Greek and all white nationalists with the future generations fight, or we die.
    To our freedom! Hail Golden Dawn!

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