8 comments on “Golden Dawns Program for a Free and Powerful Nation.

  1. All I see in these 12 points is just common sense, nothing “nazi” or “criminal” about it at all. Hope GD gets a 2 digit result on the 25th. Good luck and keep it up!!!

  2. Make sure you tell your family members and friends in Greece to vote for Golden Dawn on jan 25th.
    This remark is towards anyone who reads this and towards Golden dawn members themselves and their families.

    If you hear anyone in greece not voting you tell them to vote.

    I’m spreading the word on the internet everywhere I can.

    Imagine losing the election by just 2 votes say and that was say “2 Hellens who were stating ahhh golden dawn is going to lose anyway so why bother”. Does this make sense? Thats called having a self defeating attitude.

    That’s why it’s so important to tell all your family members in greece to vote for golden dawn.
    You don’t know what you can do unless you try.

    And also spread the word that Golden dawn can win the elections even when its leader is wrongly imprisoned.

    Tell them where to vote in greece if they don’t know also.

  3. I would like to add to the above post with this: Greeks are a caring people with a great love of family which is well known worldwide, You must know by now that your once beautiful country is in great danger of turning into a “third world” hell hole with the certainty that your children will very soon have no future and not be safe..You must all know who are responsible for this and they should, by now, be rotting in a cell!…….You really do have just one alternative and that is to Get OUT and vote for your own interest, but even more for your children…!!!! Over in my country we have the same problem but, thank God, people are beginning to wake up to the brainwashing, propaganda and lies emanating from our “controlled” media…The “controlled”, anti British “B”BC and channel 4 being extra dangerous to our country and people….You Greeks are extremely lucky to have a Party like Golden DAWN… Take care……

  4. There is a very serious and possible chance, many upset and angry Greeks without really fully and consciously understanding or believing to the whole social nationalist true spirit of GD that they will finally throw their vote to GD out of pure anger and will to punish the whole US-EU-Jew controlled hypocritical system that keeps sucking out their land’s future and their lives.
    There is also a very big chance GD will finally climb to the #3 position in national elections, for the first time in history, with ONLY promising foresees of growing rapidly much bigger, stronger and popular among all the Greeks.

    While you read and understood GD’s political thesis and agenda, now let’s take a look to Syriza’s –hidden– political agenda, that European “left” unbelievably chaotic party embodied by one of the most blatant Greek traitors, Tsipras, and all of his anarchist-thinking anti-christian xeno-loving unwashed alcoholic and junkies for candidates. (Junkies as crazy as it sounds literally..some of them enter the parliament stonned and one of them fell off the stairs the other day admitting on the cameras he was “drunk”, yep ladies and gentlemen..that’s what we are talking about..)

    Keep in mind that they keep repeating and promising to Greeks how they will tear apart the memorandum and end the German ordered extreme austerity measures the previous bad Pasok and New Democracy served with devotion to get fast as many votes as possible at the last moment, but they NEVER mention a SINGLE thing about their national and social policies! In every tv channel, debate, article or any given interview, they do NOT mention a thing, like as if a country is only ruled by its financies and that’s the only thing it should think and talk of. At the same time, none of the well-paid political reporters in every pre-election speech covered by media ever questions Tsipras and his candidates any of national religious or social interest political standpoints, so that the naive Greek sheep who see salvation to Tsipras face understand what this party stands for APART economical issues.

    Here’s some of the most basic political transforming “solutions” gathered that Syriza members a year or 2 ago did us the favor and publicly announced they will do, once finally Greece elects for the first time a revolutionary progressive leftist party like them.

    -ban of national parades (25th of March, 28th of October)
    -ban of vow Greek men give to their mandatory serve in the army
    -reduction of police and security forces
    -Build up of mosques across the country for the Muslims
    -Recognition of the Turkish Union in the city of Xanthi (Thrace)
    -Naming of Skopje “Macedonia”
    -Possible legalizing of cannabis
    -Recognition of the Turkish party DEP in Thrace

  5. Forgot to mention. One of the Syriza members, a woman named Ioanna Gaitani, who insists that we should finally give to Skopje the name Macedonia, speaks in the parliament wearing a casual t-shirt with a skeleton and has her half head shaved and the other half dyed red in Rihanna short haired-style….

    Yep, that is the kind of official dressing politicians inside the parliament should have, these are the kind of people that will govern Greece for God knows how long

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