20 comments on “Why the Upcoming Greek Elections Will Send Shockwaves Through Europe.

  1. Great article. The mere existence of Golden Dawn as a strong political party is a major problem to the Western establishment because it exposes the fake left/right dichotomy they’ve set up all across the Western world. When people hear GD’s message and then compare it to the jokes of Front National or UKIP they begin to think about the extent to which they’re really being offered a choice in their own countries.

  2. If only GD could have lost its ‘thug’ image and spent more energy trying to awaken people to the white genocide threat. ‘They’ are going to come down hard (harder!) on us as we still have family values and our roots are strong. This hopeless pit of unemployment was the only way they could break up our families. We need our talented youth back, what serious plan does GD have for that?

    • Go away conservative. Golden Dawn’s “thug” image is a figment of the media’s politically motivated defamation. Golden Dawn’s street work is the only reason they enjoy the support of millions of Greeks, and the unbending commitment to the nationalist ideology is vital to showing the masses that it is not just another cabal of corrupt democrats. The Greeks on the street, other than communists and the high bourgeoisie, see Golden Dawn’s “thugs” are charitable and protectors of the people.

      Golden Dawn has an entire department dedicated to informing the diaspora of the situation in Greece. With better resources and political power, a program to attract talented expatriates will almost certainly be on their agenda.

      • Edward, nice reply to the obvious “troll” idiot above who calls himself “Romee” meaning illegal immigrant…!

  3. Towards the Hellens about voting-

    1. If you don’t vote don’t you dare complain afterwards on how bad things are.

    2. Some Hellens don’t know what a nationalist is. A nationalist is someone who cares about what
    goes on in their country. A nationalist is not something bad as some foreigners paint it out as such
    because they have ulterior motives against the country.

    3. Foreigners rule Hellas. The Turks are the majority of that accusation. Here are some of
    the examples-
    a. Has our beloved Cyprus been occupied for 30 years plus? No it’s not the greek cypriots
    are turkakia and they don’t want us so don’t say that if you do.
    It’s because the Turks and England have played the game divide and conquer against Helllas
    and some in Hellas still don’t realize it.
    Divide and conquer means make your enemy fight among themselves while you get what
    you want free and clear.

    b. Did you also see a so called Hellenic mayor order the tear gassing of Golden
    Dawn/ a bunch
    of Hellenic nationals giving out food to other Hellenic nationals?
    So in reality what that meant was this “Hellenic” mayor wanted to see the Hellens starve.

    c. Did you also see another so called Hellenic mayor in our beloved Macedonia wanting to
    build a statue to Ataturk- the Turk who murdered countless of Asia Minor Hellens and took
    their homes. Read up on it. The Turks also sent the Asia Minor Hellens to labor camps.

    4. About the debt- It says it’s part of the ongoing European debt crisis. We at Hellas can never
    build anything on our own. Of course not. We always have to play follow the leader due
    to some incompetent/
    mentally unstable Hellens whatever you want to call them. It’s the same as seeing a sinking ship
    and wanting to go on it. There is no difference.

    Our grandparents did not fight off the
    the Turks
    the Nazis

    so “we can follow” or to be owned.

    About the symbol that Golden Dawn displays it’s not a Nazi symbol. Compare the 2 side
    by side on the computer or even drawing it.
    It truly is an ancient Hellenic symbol.

    • This is correct. Do not listen to the foreigners telling you to “evolve” or “progress”.They are attempting to progress Greeks towards the state of being feudal serfs beholden to an international oligarchy headed up by You-Know-Who. Do not accept ANY offer from them or make ANY concessions to them, no matter how reasonable it sounds at the time. If you do, you will find that you’ve been tricked into a devil’s bargain. You will lose your national soul to the evil Zionist devils and you will be left with nothing but a Greece full of Turks,sub-Saharan Africans,and so on. No matter what they offer you or threaten you with,it will cost you more in the end to accept their bargain than to refuse.

      Greece is the birthplace of so many good values and ideas,literally too many to name in one sitting. Those in the rest of the world owe the entire modern world to your ancestors. NEVER let them try to make you ashamed of who you are.

      Victory to the Nationalist comrades of Golden Dawn. I only hope that those who have impoverished, insulted,demonized and attacked the Greek people do not escape to Israel before they are able to face justice at the hands of those they have done so much harm to in Greece.

      Those of us in the occupied regions of Europe,the former colonies, and commonwealth pray for your success.

  4. The Front National had no choice but to take loans from Russian banks, and so naturally the party has become indebted to Russia and Russian policies.

    Syriza and the Communist have taken pro-Russia stances, such as criticizing sanctions and supporting Russia’s position in Ukraine. In this regard, Russia probably sees Syriza as a possible tool, which is why Russia’s FN friends are supportive of Syriza. The problem is Syriza is also indebted to the Western liberal elites. That is seen by the fact that OpenDemocracy has been writing pro-Syriza articles for the past month.

    It is crucial for the survival of nationalism and Europeans that nationalist parties not be indebted to others, because than we lose our values, principals, and instead of focusing on issues that effect us in our own nations we’re used to represent others.

    Golden Dawn has taken pro-Russia positions too. We just need to be careful that GD maintains it’s independence, and doesn’t suck up to whomever offers GD a few breadcrumbs.

    Our people and national sovereignty are more important than anything in this world. More important then money, allies, or power.

    • An independent Golden Dawn Greece needs a strong Russian alliance to keep the Turks and NATO at bay. Without Russia the Zionists won’t allow Golden Dawn to remain in power. In case you haven’t realized the international usurers don’t tolerate independent countries anywhere in the world. Greece would immediately be put in the “rogue” nation category and targeted with sanctions and military threats. A Russian alliance is absolute necessity for survival.

      This is of course different from taking loans form Russia or becoming subservient to it, a position which Golden Dawn has never advocated.

  5. Here is a OpenDemocracy article on why people should vote for Syriza.

    Note the classic play of words, pretending the Left in Greece are the historical victims while the truth is that since 1974 the country has been led by leftist. Leftist of both the neo-con and neo-liberal persuasion.

    Syriza has received only minor criticism from German and EU officials, mainly over their position on the memorandum. So what?

    Golden Dawn criticized by those same officials. And the German articles on Syriza are merely compliments in comparison to the dark and scary articles on the Golden Dawn by those same media.

    OpenDemocracy makes it seem like Syriza is facing tremendous odds and obstacles, when in actuality no Syriza MP is in jail for political reasons, Syriza openly meets with U.S and EU officials, Syriza offices aren’t being attacked and supporters aren’t arrested for spreading political information. Syriza is also not blacklisted by the media.

    So let us not pretend Syriza is facing the system or that they’re victims. Since when is any party a victim of a system that nurtured and benefited it?

  6. Samaras I think is an Evreos. I could be wrong but i do not think I am. His loyalty is to them first not
    anything Hellenic.

      • Didn’t you say in one of the articles that Samaras stated that Thessaloniki was the Evreon capital.
        What leader says such a thing about their country? Didn’t you also say in one of the articles Samaras is giving away greek citizenship at the drop of a hat but towards the Asia Minor greeks for them to get citizenship they have to jump through hoops? Do correct me if I am wrong.
        If I’m not wrong at all think then. Add it up.

      • We can certainly understand why you would logically arrive at this conclusion. However perhaps you haven’t lived in Greece and seen the modern Greek mentality. Many Greeks today have a kind of thinking which is “I only care about me and my own family” Particularly among the wealthy, concepts of “patrida” and “ethnos” they view as concepts that are “outdated” and even outright stupid. As long as they acquire a large amount of wealth in the shortest amount of time, they would be (and are) willing to hand the evrei the entire country on a silver platter, and they will go retire abroad in a villa in the Swiss alps. They feel that as long as they have money and the children are in exclusive private schools, the demographic destruction is someone else’s problem.

        The fastest way to achieve this is by doing the Jews bidding, they only care about the end result for them personally. They understand that doing these things is what you need to do to get ahead. As the phrase in English goes “they know what side their bread is buttered on. ”

        They need not be Jews to carry things out. That said, in a country with rougly only 5000 Jews the Governments of PASOK and ND have had several Jews in them, which greatly exceeds their proportion in the population.

        Samaras is this case just happens not to be one of them. As hard as it may be to believe by his behavior.

  7. Amazing that those on the far left can cry that by some state of the matter that the far right is racist or other names as in kindergarten. Let’s take a look what’s happening around the world where unleashing (not refugees) yet fighting aged vigilantes are being let go to run amuck. Crime rate skyrocketing, rape, increased taxing of those who actually work, less benefits for the needy of their own countrymen. It’s called a caliphate and the leftist play right into it. The grand finale is the loss of life for their own countrymen and women. An ideology of extreme proportion…..Answer me this, where are the TRUE refugees, the Christain’s being slaughtered by the scores? The leftist are a known enemy even more so to these refugees cowering in fear of their very life….Shame on you and your family for deliberately acting like the one’s whom wish to maintain stability in their own land….however thank you for showing your hateful true colors to the world !!

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