13 comments on “The Samaras Junta’s Latest Coup: They Aren’t Allowing Comrade Nikos Michos to Exercise His Right to Vote!

  1. I can’t even be mad at this. This action is petty to the point of being pathetic. Even if they silence his vote, there will be hundreds of thousands more to speak for him.

  2. “Junta of Samaras has gone so far as to prohibit an elected Member of Parliament and candidate of the forthcoming elections to exercise his right to vote.”

    Who cares if they are “prohibiting” anything at this stage? Half our brothers have been railroaded into jail … away from even their families (and newborn babies) … and were going to moan about this? Get out there and campaign Mihos. Get out there get interviewed (TV,Radio, print, whatever). Get out there and make speeches to the Greek citizenry. Get out there and fucking VOTE.

    Throw the fucking gauntlet down already. We are at war.

    What better way … to show to all of Greece, Europe, and the world … the injustice of Golden Dawn’s persecution … than Mihos DARING THE CRIMINALS IN ROBES … IN EVERY SPEECH, IN EVERY INTERVIEW , and LIVE ON TV (like he should have done with KONTRA) … to put him in jail … for exercising his constitutional rights … as a Greek citizen … as an elected parliamentarian … during national elections?.

    If Mihos doesn’t get out there … there is no excuse.

    • He did an interview with Kontra, he did interviews on the web, he wrote article, he made phone calls, he accepted visitors.

      BTW he also has armed guards at his door preventing him from leaving. Go let him our brave boy. Show us how it’s done.

      • @ Hermeskid
        Are you referring to interviews (from home) since he was released months back … or over the last month or so since the snap elections were announced? If the former … you obfuscate … if the later, please provide the links.

        The truth is, since the elections, we have heard nary a word from Mihos. He’s become a ghost. Meanwhile Zaroulia (who was under the same restrictions) worked with her lawyer (well in advance) … to get the preliminary judgement SHE NEEDED (by a sitting judge) … to be able to engage properly in election activities. So what happened? Did the SWAT team waiting at Mihos door kidnap his lawyer, knock out the telephone land lines, and confiscate his pen so he could fill-out the same legal petition Zaroulia did?

        As for being “brave” Hermeskid: I’ve done multiple tours … in Iraq and downrange A-stan.
        Don’t talk to me about being brave … unless you’re a combat Vet too … at which point we can compare our respective tooth to tail ratios.

      • All due respect Luc, the laws in Greece are not like the US. They don’t have uniform legal regulations. everything there varies on a case by case basis and really you are in no position to judge comparing Zaroulias case to Michos.

        All this tough talk about going to Tours in Iraq can’t be compared to the sensitive political situation in Greece now. These scumbags running Greece are just dying for some jerkoff to act like Rambo and give them a Justification for their case against Golden Dawn.

        You are correct that we are at war, but this isn’t one of your Jew sponsored tours in Iraq, this isn’t something for meatheads to fight, this is a long, bitter political struggle that is not like any conventional warfare where you just shoot towelheads and then go home.

      • ” you are in no position to judge comparing Zaroulias case to Michos.”

        That’s not much of answer is it. The fact remains that Zaroulia was able to get a preliminary judgement for her to engage in proper election activities during this snap election. And your response regarding the lack of “uniform laws in Greece” as compared to the US … is completely superfluous. Unless you’re implying that Michos asked (petitioned) for the same preliminary judgement from the courts (regarding his election privileges) … and was summarily refused … even while Zaroulia was granted hers. But if that was the case, you would have come out and said so.

        No, with all due respect xaameriki, I think you’re ready to white-wash even before the facts are known.

        2 Party members have already broken and turned informants for the criminal establishment and their Jew puppet masters. Yeah, the same Jews who sponsored the wars you mentioned. So the battlefield spans more than just physical terrain. I have no interest in blasting Michos, the party, or anyone else i the party … but I will ask questions and express concern when I think it’s warranted. Obviously this is not the forum for any such discussions.

        “Rambos” and “meat-heads” aside … if you think this is just a political struggle …. you’re in for a rude awakening.

        Tell Hermeskid 3 of his 4 links are dead. And if the extent of Michos’ election activities were purely internet based, then 70% of the Greek public was overshot.

        Were done here.

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