5 comments on “Elections Taking Place: Leftist Terrorism at polling stations with assistance of Greek Police.

  1. Golden Dawn’s website is also down, making it impossible to get their coverage of the elections.

    Hopefully people won’t be scared to come out and vote Golden Dawn. There are 3 things working against the Golden Dawn coming in third:

    1) The lack of media coverage for GD, which isn’t a big deal except that the media has been heavily promoting To Potami to keep GD from taking third place.

    2) Fear of veing attacked or harassed while voting.

    3. In the past polls showed that GD is the second choice for a lot of Syriza and ND supporters, and a lot GD supporters are former leftist and ND voters. So some of them might be less willing to vote GD if their against austerity because they want to give Syriza a strong mandate to ‘renegotiate’ the terms of the bailout. Than there are those who might vote ND because they’re afraid of a strong Syriza government.

  2. Just to update everyone, golden Dawn is tied for 3rd place right now with 8% with the River party with 75% of the vote counted! Still a big victory for us! Looks like we haven’t lost any voters amid this crazy climate in Greece for GD! Our leader and MPs in jail, the constant lying about us, and never being able to talk or give our mesg on TV!

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