6 comments on “ETHNIKISMOS.NET: Golden Dawn has secured third place- The Channels and the Pollsters are Falsifying the Exit Polls

  1. Slow but sure true Hellenism is taking shape in Beautiful Hellas…HAIL GOLDEN DAWN…bringing light to a darkened world

  2. Currently XA remains ahead of Potami by a good enough lead to keep 3rd place.

    I can’t help but think that the vote is rigged, at least when it comes to XA’s vote. Maybe the system is throwing away XA vote, not counting them, or counting them towards other parties.

    Than again the system is rigged in less explicit ways, such as the media ignoring XA or attacking it and of course the political persecution in more direct ways such as imprisonment of MPs. I can’t help but feel sad and not understanding why Greeks are for those parties (Syriza, ND, KKE) that have betrayed them and will betray them again.

    It would be nice for Greece led by XA which is cleaned up and put on a new path, where a Greek can look at another Greek and not see political rivals, but brothers and sisters who have a common bond and destiny. A healthy Greece where people aren’t stressed by the antagonism and discord sewn by the system and media, which keeps people from looking at one another as part of a Greek family and keeps Greeks from building their own families and cohesive communities.

    • “I can’t help but think that the vote is rigged,”

      If they can do it in the US, with 300 million people, surely it can be done in Greece..

      “Bob Urosevich, CEO of Diebold Election Systems is also the founder of ES&S, a competing voting machine company. Together these two companies are responsible for tallying around 80% of votes cast in the United States. Also significant, from what we can determine about the architecture of the software, is that its basic structure was specifically a creation of Mr Urosevich’s company I-Mark.”


  3. Great news indeed! If, if only there had been a level playing field in this Election without a “Greek” zionist controlled media, this Great and caring Party Golden Dawn would, in the next few hours, have been ruling Greece! Myself and family where all rooting for you, as would have been millions across the world… Will be going to bed late as i do not want to miss anything tonight on this very special web site…

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