13 comments on “VIDEO: Nikolaos Michaloliakos on the Nationalist Movement’s Victory following the January 25th Elections (English Subs)

  1. I thought GD would do better :/

    6.92% 426,000 in June 2012
    9.4%. 536,000 in May 2014 for EU parliament

    6.3% 376,000 Jan 25 2014

    Third place is tremendous considering what you were up against, but the exit poll had 8%…and I think we were all hoping for a double showing that would really shock the system…voter intimidation/vote fraud? A possibility?

    Also do we know how Greeks overseas voted, compared to the homeland?

    • There was a large amount of ballot tampering at polling stations, intimidation also happened with physical attacks by anarchists but the actual extent is not known yet. The ballot mutilation is the biggest issue though. Greeks overseas were not allowed to vote.

      • As XA mentioned, there was a lot of ballot rigging so GD probably got a lot more percentage. Plus the fact that were completely ignored by the media and were not funded as the other parties were!

  2. Congratulations from Serbia brothers!

    Question,how are these leftists that won towards GD?
    Will they release your guys from jail or will they continue the same scam as the last one did?

  3. Tsipras stated a few days ago that he will restore democracy in Greece again. My question is, will he release all the GD MP’s illegally held in prison and restore their status as a political party that is DEMOCRATICALLY elected as all the other parties incl his party or will his version of democracy only apply to those he agrees with like a typical marxist that promotes principles of democracy only when it suits them ???? My money is on the latter

  4. As a Spaniard, I have a question: how long may it take before GD is given the third exploratory mandate?

    Thank you.

  5. Well done to Golden Dawn from Ireland. The road is long and hard, be patient the race will go to those who play the long game. This is a marathon not a sprint, an endeavour true Greeks are expert at. The marathon for our European existence, take heart brothers we have all faced overwhelming odds time after time, like Leonidas at Thermopylae, it is our European destiny, but with each battle for our race, the cycle draws us nearer, to the final victory. Stay the course, victory will be ours.

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