31 comments on “Atheist Prime Minster Alexis Tsipras was Sworn in Today

  1. Bravo Vlahi. That’s towards some greeks. Arpati re vlahi!

    Call greece by it’s proper name from now on- the country of xeniata.

    I’m going to throw up.

    • Many Greeks voted for Tsipras because he seems so young, so cool and so energetic and he gives lots of promises and gives people good impressions. Tsipras has good PR.

    • What kind of infantile Show is this ??
      Suppose you are paying a visit to your friends in a foreign muslim country or in Tokyo Japan and you are obliged indebted to respect, and you should, the local Morals & Traditions.
      In today present globalized Era nobody is absolutely truly fanatic with religion ………although he is eventually baptised Christian Orthodox.
      If i was in his position i would eventually pretend for not putting under suspicions my comrades Greeks that have supported and voted me.
      At these present circumstances based to my point of view he…………. is just showing disrespect disregard.

      • To me anything Hellenic is sacred ground.
        When he says yeah I don’t want to do that he is saying that Greece is a melting pot which she is not.
        But when she joined the eu/ as in gave up her nationality what’s the difference? People think that, they were given that impression.

        Greece is not a country with the majority of greeks being greek orthodox— you say Greece is a greek orthodox country with freedom of religion—- high and low and everywhere in greece you are. Anyone doesn’t like it say I don’t care.

        Omg omg any leader of Greece needs to be Greek Orthodox. They need to kiss an icon in a greek church and do the cross and kiss a pappas hand.

        About being in a foreign muslim country (why do you go there immediately? Do you know what the turks have done to greece and Greek Cyprus?) or Japan. These things are 2 different categories in it’s entirely.
        It cannot even be compared.

  2. These idiots went and voted a Marxist Atheist Anti Greek and they think he’s going to help them? He’s going to ruin Greece like Obama(I’m sure Tsipras’ Idol) ruined the USA! After this wrecking-ball is finished, the clear choice and only ones worthy will be our Golden Dawners!!!

  3. Give the new leadership, which is a breath of fresh air a chance to lead. Mr. Tsipras is young and passionate about making positive changes in Greece. The gerontocracy that has been in power the last 35 years has accomplished little and kept Greece from social, political and technological as well as economic progress. I have not read anywhere, no reliable source which discloses his religious affiliation. What does it matter? Is Greece Byzantium? Is Greece a theocracy? Is Greece exclusively a ‘Christian’ nation? I applaud the strong message that Mr. Tsipras is sending that he supports Greece’s separation of church and state like most western nations including our UInited States. Greece is not a theocracy like Iran or Saudi Arabia. It was the will of the people that elected
    Mr. Tsipras I can only hope that he is inspired by our President Obama who has accomplished many wonderful things for the American people. We in America don’t care what religion someone is or what race or creed. We are all AMERICANS! Now that Greece in the Eurozone, with the movement of people and ideas, Greece is destined to blend, mix and integrate with many cultures and races which in the end will result into a healthier and more open-minded Greece where race, religion, sexual orientation, creed, and other factors will become second in nature and the realization that being Greek can come in many colors, religions, and races as well as sexual orientations.

    • Hate to break your fantasy Brian, but Tsipras is connected to the very same people that have been running Greece the last 40 years. His family has deep connections with PASOK through his father, a huge chunk of his ministers once operated the “gerontocracy” as you called it. Greece is not a theocracy, but unlike America it’s creation as a state was fused with the Orthodox church from the very beginning, it is even in the Greek constitution unlike the US.

      The Greek constitution also says that citizenship is based on blood descent for Orthodox Christian Greeks, not birth or geographic borders, in fact the geographic borders of Greece were not even finalized yet at that time and the state was built on the concept of ethnic cleansing within those borders, the exact opposite of the fantasy you are talking about.

      Greece isn’t like “most western nations”, never was and never will be. Because “most western nations” have not had the history Greece has, nor have they had to fight for their very existence like Greece.

      As for your statement about in America “We don’t care about race, religion or creed” well you are only saying that for one of two reasons, you are either an idiot or a liar.

      America has had some of the longest history of conflict based on race and religion than any nation on earth. Thats how the mormons settled in salt lake city Utah, or Amish ended up deep in Pennsylvania.

      And New York City has massive areas that are racially segregated, Orthodox Jews segregate themselves so much in Brooklyn that they even have their own police and ambulances. They ban Negroes from going too deep into their neighborhood and they have even gotten into violent confrontation with them several times (Crown Heights).

      We could spend all day listing examples from this country of why you are either an idiot or a liar, but we have more important things to do.

      • According to you, Golden Dawn’s ideology is one of aryan and Nazi beliefs, sadly reminiscent of Nazi Germany in Europe under Hitler. The vast majority of the civilized world today does not and will not support such racist extremism/fascism. The election of Mr. Tsipras is a new chapter in the history of Greece and we must give it a chance. He may or may not be an ‘atheist’ as you say, but why should that make a difference anyway? The only facts I know about him is that he is an engineer by profession, which of course means he is college edcucated. He also stands firm that ‘church and state’ in Greece must be separate as they are in most western countries as it is here in the United States, thank goodness. Mr. Tsipras is also a supporter of Gay, Lesbian, and Transgender rights and marriage equality for all committed couples as they are in most of the world’s progressive nations. Let’s not forget that Greece really is a mixmaster of cultures, more than you would like to believe or acknowledge. The fact is that Modern Greece was built on layers of civilization, Ancient Greek, Byzantine and Ottoman. The Ottoman civilization of at least 400 years in many parts of Greece and 500 years in others. The present frontiers of Greece were not created overnight. If one simply studies and researches the cuisine of Greece, one will realize that many ethnic dishes are shared with neighboring Turkey and the Arab countries. Dishes like Imam Bayildi, Mousaka, Bourek, Kapama, Yalantzi Dolma, Ekmek Kataif, Hanoum Bourek, Salepi, Raki, Greek/Turkish/Arabic coffee made with the ‘briki’ a corruption of the Turkish name ‘Ibrik.’ During the exchange of populations between Turkey and Greece, the Turkish-Greeks brought with them many muscical instruments such as the bouzouki which was banned in Greece by Metaxas when he came to power. Metaxas believed it was ‘Turkish’ and ‘Eastern.’ Later, they tried to ‘cleanse’ the language of Turkish and Arabic words. We must remember that Greece is located at the junction of 3 continents, Europe, Asia, and Africa. Greece is a fascinating nation which is truly a nation that is both Eastern and Western. That is the beauty of the Greece I love. My grandparents were from Smyrna, present-day Izmir. Sadly, when they arrived in Greece from Smyrna, after being ‘deported’ to Greece by no falut of their own, there were Greek people in Greece who were welcoming and loving, and other Greeks who were resentful of these new ‘Tourko-spori.’ as they called them. My grandparents were good people, very tolerant, and eventually realized that they needed to depart for America which reflected moreso a culture that they had left behind in cosmpolitan Smyrna. Smyrna, prior to the disaster had a beautiful multicultural popultion of not only Greeks, Armenians, Jews, Turks, and Levantines and even a Dutch community. The Greek population of Smyrna was nearly 100,000 people, whereas the entire population of Athens was approximately 35,000 people. If Mr. Tsipras is anything like our wonderful President Obama, that is a great compliment. Did the Golden Dawn really think that they could prevent assimilation and integration in not only Europe but globally? Mr. Tsipras is progressive and also is supportive of Gay, Lesbian, and Transgendered rights and marriage equality. I realize this difficult for many traditionalist Greeks who have been steeped in religious and ethnic narrow-mindedness, but time and progress as well as societal evolution cannot be stopped. Organized religion is losing members world-wide due to their narrow-mindedness. The Church of Greece is not being banned by the new government, they should not fear anything, as they will always have their followers. Greece is a democracy, not a theocracy. Mr. Tsipras’s win has spread shock and disbelief throughout Greece because the conservative party never expected this victory. We have just witnessed history and I want to give Mr. Tsipras a chance. I believe that new leadership, new blood, especially by the fearless Mr. Tsipras in Greece is a wonderful thing. As one who is of Greek heritage, I am excited about this new day in Greece!

      • You just blatantly ignored everything we said and changed the subject, because you don’t have any response to the facts. If you want to keep posting here you will have to refute the subject we brought up with evidence, or that will be your last post here.

        We can easily refute your other bullshit after that.

      • BRIAN
        Another thing i wish to mention is the fact that from what i may recollect you are not very well aware and informed in regard to the ideology programs of the Greek political parties. I should have to inform you that except Golden Dawn who is against globalization and current New World Order expansion and of course against current Zionism…most of the Greek parliament parties have muslim candidates threatening the Greek sovereignty of the Thraki region. I believe you also not aware of the different political movement components of SYRIZA that range in ideology from the side of International communism to the far right side of militant antifasist group actions. All these components together with the communists ( although in such a small country ) are against Xenophobia and banning illegal immigration.

      • Brian’s statement is both racist and shows the bizarre opinions of creepy white liberals who stick their noses in the air at those who don’t support genocide.

        He talks so passionately of America being a country without racial, religious, or sect divide. This is laughable. I can say this as someone living in the U.S in a very multiracial city that everything evolves around race. I mean everything. In fact, Black History Month is coming up and Wal-Mart has a whole section of black only movies which feature such pictures as Malcolm X and a cartoon about the Black Panthers. Of course films which depicts them as heroic. Meanwhile in another section I found anti-white movies like American History X and Mississippi Burning released just in time for black power activist MLK jr.

        America far from being tolerant and is the most racist country on Earth because of the fact that it is a multicultural country. Obama is a very good example of what I’m talking about.

        He was elected with the support of 90% of black voters, while over 60% of whites voted against him. Truly showing that the majority of people in America vote based on race. It’s also easy to ignore the Obama administration’s racism against whites. A president who appoints racist like Holder to key positions. Eric Holder doesn’t hide his racist views, such as believing that only blacks are victims of racism and that hate crime laws should only protect minorities. As for Obama, he can’t keep from involving himself in racial politics. I meam we’re talking about a man who was a “community activist” and member of a black only church.

        Brian either live in a bubble or has the media do all his thinking for him.

      • @Brian: First off, paragraphs are your friend. Use them. Please.

        As for that giant wall of nonsense you wrote, where do I even begin?

        Lets start with what you blatantly ignored. The whole atheist thing is bad because while it is true that Greece is not a theocracy, religion is nonetheless a big part of Greece and it played a great role for the survival of our blood, especially during the Ottoman occupation. But even if you could tolerate a lack of faith from a man leading an Orthodox Christian nation, that does not excuse the fact that he pretended to be a Christian just to get votes. He faked his faith and thus lied to the Hellenic people. That is inexcusable ANYWHERE.

        The other thing you ignore to maintain your fantasy is the reality of Syriza. Face it, they are little more than a reskin of Pasok, with many old members of that party in the ranks. The only reason they bothered to join up and take control of Syriza was merely because the Pasok name had become poison so they had to repackage their sellout policies in a “Radical™” format. And to address your desire to “give them a chance,” well. WE DID! FOR 40 YEARS!

    • Just to build on what the moderator said:

      It isn’t just the that he is not a christian and spitting in the face of centuries of faith, he also fully revealed himself as a hypocrite. Many months back, he went and visited Mount Athos, among the most Holy places in the world, pretending to be Christian. He visited the most sacred of places and used it for political campaigning.

      “It was the will of the people that elected
      Mr. Tsipras I can only hope that he is inspired by our President Obama who has accomplished many wonderful things for the American people. ”

      Wonderful things? Obama is better than Bush perhaps but he is still little more than a mediocre president. In classrooms and history, he won’t be remembered for anything other than being the first black president. And just so you know, American and European political standards are different. In Europe for example, Obama would be considered a hardline conservative. Not exactly someone for Tsipiras to look to in any case.

      “We are all AMERICANS!”

      Bwahaha! Even in my High school (which was known as an extremely tolerant leftie school), many students eventually just segregated on their own choice, with all the caucasian students settling in one area, the arabs in another, the blacks in yet another place and so on and so forth.

      Indeed, “we are all Americans!” Or at least until non whites start moving in and whites once again go into the so called “white flight.” Not including the occasional token minority, the best neighborhoods are white neighborhoods. And in general, the best days of the US are behind it. Whether you want to believe it or not, non European minorities arriving have coincided with the US’s decline. As soon as I can, I intend to get off this sinking ship. Lord knows what will happen when whites finally become a minority.

      “Now that Greece in the Eurozone, with the movement of people and ideas, Greece is destined to blend, mix and integrate with many cultures and races which in the end will result into a healthier and more open-minded Greece where race, religion, sexual orientation, creed, and other factors will become second in nature and the realization that being Greek can come in many colors, religions, and races as well as sexual orientations.”

      Except for the fact that Eurozone consists of sovereign nations and peoples who are all very different and are hating each other now more than ever thanks to people enforcing this mixed dream that you are praising so much. I hate to ruin your perverted dreams of all peoples losing their uniqueness for the sake of an insane multicultural experiment that out of touch bureaucrats are enforcing, but the fact of the matter is that even now many people are saying “No” to this insanity.

      This is our race you are talking about after all. Perhaps you will get a few foolish Greek girls to marry negroes and asians but that only makes it easier for us to decide who is truly devoted to the nation and who is just a sellout. Our race has survived numerous invasions and countless empires. The latest empire to conquer Greece is attempting to destroy us as a people once again. But we will survive and come out stronger than ever.

      As for you, go find a black women and have hideous babies if you are so inclined. Go destroy your own genetics if you feel it would benefit you so much. Just don’t expect us to follow your idiocy.

    • You don’t get it. The changes have already been made and greece is in the position now because of it. Greece is a Christian (Greek Orthodox is a Christian religion) country based in Byzantium.
      He doesn’t have that right to seperate church and state in Greece when he works for the people. He doesn’t have that right as a leader.

      No we don’t want that kind of Greece. If you are a foreigner in Greece you can live there but you must always remember there is an ethnicity there and we are it. We are the law and the order.
      Telling us otherwise is just pompous with all due respect.

      I have a feeling that you are gay and that’s why you are saying these things. If that’s true gays live in desperation and are delusional. In the US some states I should say is legalizing drug abuse (Pot smoking) and gay marriage. We don’t want that kind of “standard” as some have the delusion it is, cause in reality it’s the opposite of a standard.

    • This ‘Brian’ character is so amusing and a extreme example of what the mainstream media and education churns out daily. No one can be this retarded to believe that faggotry and other perverse acts along with bestiality have to be accepted because of ‘social evolution’ and ‘open-mindedness’. These creatures are so mentally sick that they truly believe such nonsense.

    • 1. Where my response starts off you don’t get it that’s towards brians 2:06 post.

      2. This is response to Brians 5:58 post.-
      Golden Dawn demanding that foreigners respect greeks in their own land is not racist.
      Golden Dawn is Nazi? The symbol they display is an ancient greek symbol compare
      the 2 side by side on the computer.

      You know I truly did not see your “how you are proud to be gay” upchuck post when I wrote my other post.
      See how I can guess things.

      We have every right in the world to be anti-gay without your slightest bit of permission.
      If a person thought they were an airplane why would I promote that? Whats the difference between the gays and that? Nothing. Your mental illness I don’t have to make it my reality.

      So your grandparents never said anything against greece? Yeah I believe that. You sound like a Jewish greek.

      Xaameriki I think you should delete him. He is disrespecting greeks to the highest level.

      • He’s already been blocked, he claimed he wouldnt refute the facts about America and Greek history because he said we have no “pro-social skills” and says we resort to name calling. He has all this historical and legal knowledge he was going to share with us to refute our claims, but because we presented the option that he is either an idiot or a liar, he will not disclose this.

        Honestly he probably isn’t an idiot so until he refutes our response to his initial claims we can safely assume he is a liar.

      • There ARE NO Jewish Greeks or Greek Jews. Jews who reside in Greece and speak the language only makes them citizens on paper

        ✡ Jewish people ✡ ARE NOT indigenous to Greece or European lands

  4. He’s an animal with basic animal instincts.As a human he hasnt evovled.

    How long will a radical left and far right coalition get along ammicably ?
    How does it even happen ?
    Two very different ideals working together. Its going to be interesting to watch how this pans out.
    For the worse i hope.

    Now, they have to find billions they dont have in unfunded promises.
    The public will demand it.
    Tsipras wont find it.The cupboard is bare.
    I wish them an everlasting nightmare of catostrophic proportions till their certain pitifull demise.

    • To Helleniko Ena
      Do not allow any of these libtards waste any of your valuable time or upset you in any way.
      He’s a homo and at the same time loves these forced nation-destructive multicultural hell in Greece? We can simply suggest to him to come visit his grandparents beautiful multicultural land as he said, take that delusional blabla strong opinionated chicken with absolutely no concept of the real world and reality’s consequences out of his safe home in the americas and throw him as he is to preach Tsipra’ fresh progressive liberal and revolutionary ideas to the beautiful multicultural beasts in Omonoia in Athens. He can hang out with the million of islamic beautiful multicultural community in Athens thst he loves so much and considers social progress, and exercise his tolerance and progressed ideas over homosexual “liberating” progressed life with them as much as he wants.
      Once in contact with the real world, all vulnerable and unprotected to what he claims as progress now, let’s see how much he’s gonna come over and start speaking the same type of crap he considers of social liberation and progress now.

      I can’t wait for these blablabla theoretical morally progressed Greeks and Europeans to get some nice homosexually transmitted HIV or other STD and/or get beaten & raped from these multicultural African and middle east 3rd world fellas they love and support in our countries so much.

  5. Naivety – Imbecility – Ignorance pertains the Mobus and unfortunately in that case the majority of the Greek society. Reason on that ? Not much time has passed from the moment that we have discovered that behind their uncovered real names and C.V’s normally has been covered their real life. Papandreu’s name for instance and a minority of other politicians appear in public with different names and different identity…….( Mineiko Simitis Avouri – Tourkoglou – Horemi e.t.c.)…
    And suddenly through the ladder of the greek clientelistic society a young man appears on the show. when contrary to that practice it is truly known that the Conclavio in the Vatican city normally elects the Pope only in an advanced age. The very well known role of the conventional Media private channels that fabricate and manipulate the events – the news and things as they wish cut the unpleasant events and ancestry information and make appear the more delightful daily and recent .

  6. HP I totally agree. I think they double team us with Turkey.

    I think Greece should be this way- in the schools the subjects should be taught is-

    1. Greek mythology have bus trips to the sights. They are our grandparents. Greek mythological literature will be studied like Hesoid.
    2. Greek geography especially ancient, Byzantine, modern.
    3. Greek history
    4. Greek language- the language and greek literature will be studied like the Illiad and the Odyssey
    5. Religion- ancient and Byzantine -have bus trips to.
    6. greek philosophy- study all the ancients. Have modern debates in what the ancients said.
    7. greek art- students have to name them as well.
    8. greek science
    9. greek mathematics

    I think there should be free night classes for the greek adults. I think there are some very poor war torn greeks that do not know whether they are coming or going when it comes to their history / heritage. Right or wrong I do not know though on the part of whether the reason is war torn. Have free bus trips for the adults to.

    This will be towards greeks only. And then there will be subjects like world history, world geography etcetc.

    For the foreigners there will be the curriculum of the world history etc etc and some classes about Greece.

    On Saturday nights all greeks in all of greece will train militarily. Greece will be better protected that way if everyone knows how to shoot a gun.

    On Sundays there will be events where greeks will go to enjoy each others company age appropiate though.Like a breakfast, lunch, dinner, dance, game night, debate night etc etc. But there will be a charge for this- something cheap. It’s a good way to raise money. This part will be optional the events.

    • To Helleniko Ena

      “I think they double team us with Turkey.”


      🌐 Was the ☪ Ottoman Empire and Turkish RACE ☪ (Hybrid Eurasians) one of the earliest attempts at genetically engineered mixed breeding; and was this “EXPERIMENT” financed by early Zionists❓

      • You never know but at the moment no I don’t believe they created it I just believe they have dirty dealings together against greece.

        You want to hear something funny?

        I always read about ancient stuff, history etc etc. Palestine they say their origins are from crete.
        And one ancient Roman said anciently- one of the tribes of israel the judea one is from crete.

        My point is we could be facing one of our own. And I’m not saying to feel sorry for them far from it.
        What I’m saying is we could be facing someone who has the capabilities as ourselves.

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