5 comments on “Media Labels Changing: “Radical Left” Syriza and “Far-Right” Independent Greeks Join Forces. Now Independent Greeks Is Just “Right Wing”.

  1. The entire concept of “Right” and “Left” is a farce to begin with. They originate out of the Judeo-Masonic instigated French Revolution, the revolutionaries sat to the left of the king while the monarchists sat to the right side, so “Left” became synonymous with revolutionary. Since then the words have changed meaning so many times according the immediate need of the Zionist new world order that the labels have become meaningless.

  2. As the 2 people before me have mentioned, the old “left and right” political spectrum is a joke. It is a system that is simultaneously too simplistic on its own while still being too complex a system for the all to similar political parties that run amok.

    “SYRIZA for the time being is still being described as “Radical Left” but the word “radical” is included in the party name.”

    Their name has always just been a joke to me. Adding the word Radical to a party so filled with stagnant former members of Pasok is like giving a flashy cover and controversial title to an incredibly dull book. Pretty to look at, but looking inside reveals that the material is little more than a repeat of the thousands of other derivatives.

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