20 comments on “Leftist SYRIZA Voters Panicking Already As Tsipras Starts To Change His Tune!

  1. Seems like everyone is aware deep down that Golden Dawn is the only true uncompromised political party in Greece.

    • The primary reason is the transnational finance elite drysucking of Greece, no ? The left is “just” a subservient entity of them.

  2. Gee willikers! Your telling me a party composed primarily of former Pasok members ISN’T changing things as we know it? Well gosh darnit, here I was with my Guy Fawkes mask and “Change we can believe in” t-shirt ready to celebrate!

    “Well ladies and gentlemen, it seems less than 24 hours later even the leftists are having second thoughts, before they were dancing and singing, talking to each other about how progressive and open minded they are, and today they aren’t so happy.”

    Well I am sure those 24 were fun at least, right Syriza voters?

    • I tried to explain this on R.T news blogs but the lefties wouldnt have a bar of it.
      I was accused of all sorts of things.
      It was quite amusing
      I will be back there later with a truckload of salt for their wounds and a whole bunch of ammo.
      I have made defending GD on these sites a passion of mine.

      • Well Aggelos, the guardian, which is one of the most leftist mainstream media outlets even reported about how the leftists are worried and feel let down.

  3. Can someone explain to me why it turned out to be Syriza-Anel and not Syriza-Potami? I’m still confused with that one..

    • This was supposedly done because Independent Greeks is an ‘anti-austerity’ party.

      Potami is meant to be some pro-EU party, a safety valve for the Brussels elite incase Syriza stuffs up. They can get the media lap dogs to back Theodarakis if Tsipras drops the ball, and essentially become something like PASOK number 3 in the future.

      • Thanks for the explanation. But isn’t KKE also “anti-austerity” or is it the case they’re so blindly “pure” in their Sovietism they reject Syriza as “counter revolutionary” or what?

  4. How about a good laugh now?
    Watch the new circo of the Greek economy ministry, a real “revolutionary cool and progressive trendy” Syriza dude giving an interview to cnn over the new tactic Syriza will launch to pay off the Greek debt to the bankers! a real tragic and hilarious at the same time joke, Yianis Varoufakis (originally named “Yiannis” but he changed his 1rst name on his own from Yiannis to ..Yianis..which is a name that does not exist and does not make sense in Greek just to play it all revolutionary and different from the others.)

    His effort to sound like a British..lord or something while being a hilarious stupid Greek lefty worthless joke is something else! As well as his effort to compare Greece’s commitment to remain in the eurozone at all costs with the Eagles song “hotel California” and more specifically with the song’s lyrics “you can check out anytime you like but you can never leave”.

    Hahahahaha oh God, you call that a politician?! Can you even take this..joke for a dude in any shape or form seriously ? What in the world is so wrong with these Syriza leftist-right-democratic or marxist (there is no difference anymore anyway) retards? Libtards actually. The absolute definition of a libtard.

    My my, this accent is giving me cancer.
    Keep in mind that just a few days ago Syriza libtards were promising to Greek voters how they will “tear up” the memorandum and delete the biggest part of the country’s debt, just a day after they become government the ‘English Lord’ Varoufakis of Syriza now tells the world in cnn that they won’t deny to pay any part of the debt off but they will go for a negotiation, simply asking for time extension and some other requests.


  5. Those people are such fools!!! Golden Dawn has been saying Tsipras would do this for a long time now, Trust in Golden Dawn! & now we will be moving to a great transition (Sryiza voters), How long will it take for them to see the light (Golden Dawn) ? idk but from the looks it wont be too long ha. Such fools to vote for Tsipras, I hope they all feel like fools. Hopefully this is the last straw for them, it’s time they see the clear choice.

  6. All liberals are like children who have not grown up and face the reality of the world. We shouldn’t perhaps laugh too much at these Syriza voters because one day they will wake-up and become patriots and potential recruits for GD.

  7. I have a big bag of “i told you so’s” to be dished out like candy to the leftist children. Its quite funny though but not suprising in the least as to there is no pleasing them. They were all expecting some miracle 24 hrs after their shallow victory and i was waiting to see and laugh at their expressions of disbelief and disapointment when things go to hell. Wait till their daughters are raped and their homes are invaded like some parts of where most of these illegals come from and then we will see who they blame. usually everyone but themselves as usual. I await for the enrichment and the subsequent GD victory that will follow. i just hope that these inevitable crimes as a result to their immigration policies will get directed to their voters

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